Milking parlor in animal farm

Herringbone milking parlor — Is a comprehensive equipment for the process of milking the herd in a livestock sector, from other rooms is different angle at which the place of milking to the center aisle. That's why is called — "Christmas tree". Ideal for a small herd (200 head).Herringbone milking parlor — The most popular milking parlor for Russian agricultural enterprises. It provides a quiet movement of cows and their milking process (at the same time can be milked 60 cows). In addition, the animals quickly enter the hall and quickly leave it. The milking animals are also reduced. So it is much more time to rest or kormlenie.Dvizhenie herd is carried out continuously. If the number of goals in a herd of more than places for milking, the cow traffic is continuous. The vacant seat is engaged in other animals. All that is required of the operator — connect the milking machine to the udder that does not cause any difficulty. Animals feel comfortable, which also affects the increase in the volume of any equipment nadoev.Osnovnoe parlor: automatic milking control, system flushing and vacuum slubber eventually herringbone milking parlor helps to improve the quality of milk production. Typically investment enterprises in such equipment pays off enough bystro.Kompaniya UdmurtRegionSnab sells at affordable prices, installation and maintenance milking parlors any type. When you install any of your wishes are taken into account and a complete set oborudovaniya.Obychno herringbone milking parlor sells for: of 1 million rubles, depending on the number of milking places, and equipment.

Possible options for the number of seats:

  • 2×4;
  • 2×8;
  • 2×10;
  • 2×12;
  • 2×14;
  • 2×16;

  • 2×18;

  • 2×20.

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