Mini ekotropy open on the next cordon Altai reserve

Employees Altai reserve at the end of spring to the beginning of the tourist season will open in the northern part of Lake Teletskoye first two small nature trails, which will require a visit to the whole day, and only half an hour, told RIA Novosti deputy director of the reserve for environmental education Svetlana Schigreva.

In Altay Nature Biosphere Reserve, which is included in the list of natural heritage sites are allowed to attend all the cordons and nature trails, located on the lake. All these trails start from a cordon. There are six, the total length — 42.2 kilometers. In order to explore one path, tourists or tour group to spend the day, but visitors often limited in time. That is why the reserve staff in the last year have begun to develop a network of mini-nature trails, visits that do not require time-consuming. The first such trail going to launch in the summer of last year, but improvement was somewhat delayed.

"Altai Reserve last year began equipping mini ekotrop the cordon allowed to visit. Among the first cordon, which will be operational in the summer of 2013 mini ekotropy, will cordon" Karatas "and" Baygazan "located on Lake Teletskoye . Next in the plan — for the season to open three more mini-ekotropy in Yaylyu (central manor park), Bel and the cordon in the tract "Karagai" (Southern Teles lake), "- said the agency interlocutor.

Ekotropy Altai reserve tourists visit from May to September, so the basic training for their design and arrangement of the next summer is now in the winter.

"This year we want to continue to introduce new elements in the same style as before — use a fin (the remains of the tree or whole made Teles lake tributaries — Ed.), Stones and other natural material waste and cheap construction materials …. By the way expected that this work will be to attract volunteers, "- said Schigreva.

Ekotropa — is equipped to track certain standards by which more or less convenient to go man. However, she is in the territory permitted to visit, and has some unique sites for people (nice view, a waterfall), which are allowed to visit, there are some objects that are fun to watch. In addition, the nature trail should include cognitive element — besides impressions of beautiful views, the person receives and new knowledge.

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