Mirotochenie icons filmed in the village of Elbow (Bryansk region)


Icons, oozing with fragrant oil — world, struck scientists who have documented miraculous appearance of a video camera.

Commission scientists removed the video mirotochaschie icons in the village of Elbow Bryansk region. In front of a dozen witnesses, two icons begin to release a fragrant oil. The droplets appear in seconds.

At the local cemetery mirotochit icon revered in these parts elders of Miletus. His cross and the picture is also covered with drops of myrrh. To prove that this is not the dew, the operator removes the neighboring crosses: they are completely dry.

Answer the question of why this is happening, scientists can not.

Pavel Florensky,
Professor: "I think that with a serious attitude can deduce the chemical composition, process. But the miracle of this does not cease to be. "

Details — in the video below:

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