Mogilev opposition is going to put three pickets

March 10 a group of twelve citizens filed in Mogilev City Executive Committee to hold three pickets. They will be held in the center of Mogilev 25, 26 and 27 March. The application is submitted to the Chairman of the city executive Stanislav warts.

One of the applicants are going to put up picket lines in front of the regional department of the KGB. Two other areas for pickets during the election campaign were widely used by the action teams nominees for the presidency petition and campaign events. One of them — near the Town House of a life, exactly opposite the town hall, the second nearby — near the cinema "Rodina".

One of the applicants, the coordinator of the coalition of democratic forces Mogilev Yuri Novikov, reported that pickets have four objectives:

"First, the immediate release of the ex-presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich th Andrei Sannikov, and to stop the prosecution of former presidential candidates and activists who were arrested for participating in peaceful protests against the rigged presidential elections.

Second, demand for the immediate investigation of the facts of falsification of the presidential election.

Third, the protest against torture and inhuman treatment of detainees and arrested citizens.

Fourth: the protest against the persecution of social and political activists. "

It is planned that each picket will involve up to ten people.

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