Mogilev right KGB did not give money Lobachova. Interrogation in Minsk canceled

In the Mogilev oblast council KGB, where members of the Belarusian Popular Front party and registered in the Czech Republic, a non-governmental organization "Young Front" Valentin Lobanov came for the money to get to Minsk for questioning, he said that the money will not give.

Valentin Lobachyov"The captain, who brought me home tonight agenda, came to me and told me to try to find the money myself, and then I compensate them. I said that I will not look. Of the KGB on the speakerphone my cell, I called the Minsk investigator Oleg Borisevich, intending to interrogate me, and said that in the Mogilev KGB did not give me the money. He then said that he did not need to go. "

Along with Valentine Lobachova the KGB after money went and human rights activist Boris Buhel. It confirms the words of an activist.

In Minsk Valentine Lobachova going to interrogate a witness in a criminal case on riots December 19-20. Waiting for him at the Komsomol, 30.


activists, the KGB

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