Monarchy / Monarchy with David Starkey / season 3 watch online

Monarchy / Monarchy with David Starkey / season 3 watch online
Renowned historian and broadcaster David Starkey introduces viewers with a complex and full of intriguing history of British rulers. You'll see how inextricably intertwined in the personal stories of the royal family drama and political intrigue, as the actions that took place in the bedchamber and fields of labor, form political institutions, allowing to run the state and the current day.

Series 1 — The Return of the King / The Return of the King

After returning from exile in 1660, lord Charles II headed for restoration of monarchical rule, concluding an alliance with France and the Protestant church Parliament.

series 2 — Slanov Revolution / The Glorious Revolution

David Starkey examines the history of British rulers, has formed a unique form of government — a constitutional monarchy, opening the way to political freedom and stability?

series 3 — Board of Directors UK / Rule Britannia

David Starkey continues to teach the history of the English monarchy. As Britain after the Glorious Revolution was reincarnated from a backward country into the most powerful state in Europe?

Series 4 — The Empire / Empire

In 1714, a little-known German prince was crowned ruler of George the First, signaling the beginning of the modern political era, was to increase the role of the Prime Minister, was a standard set of political modernity we are familiar with today.

Series 5 — Survival / Survival

In 1789, in Paris attacked the Bastille and the French Revolution began. Few in England — and least of all, Lord George III, who was recovering from a regular meeting with madness — thought that it would lead to a tragic war with France.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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