More than 30 cities in the south of Brazil announced emergency mode due to rain

Flooding in Brazil.  Photo:

Regime declared emergency in 34 cities in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina because of heavy rains, said local civil defense service.
On the eve of the 12 victims reported cities.
According to GO services, the passage of a strong atmospheric front with the environment in the past accompanied by torrential rain. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded residential areas of cities. The number of victims has reached 890,000, of which 64,000 were made homeless — their houses destroyed or damaged by floods. Two people were killed, said GO service.
Stronger than the others suffered Blumenau city, the center of compact residence of immigrants from Germany — the element affected more than 280,000 of its inhabitants. Local officials say the flooding 70% of the city because of the record over the past 20 years, raising the water level — 12 meters. As a result of Blumenau was left without electricity and telephone lines, disrupted vehicular traffic.
Local authorities recommend that drivers not to travel on the route state of Santa Catarina, where in the next few days are possible landslides and undermining the roadway raise the groundwater.
Information on victims and material damage is coming.

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