Most militarized country

Hint: it's not the U.S., not our homeland, not Israel, and forgive Kim Jong-il, not North Korea. The answer will amaze you very much, but it's a surprise — deceptive.

Imagine a government with the largest percentage of the world population living in the army. The government, in which all men from 20 to 50 — the military, literally sleeping with a gun under the bed. The government, which after just 50 grants for your trunk, and am happy to build you up to the coffin to the collection and landfills. The government, to beg you to buy at least a gun (and better-rifle) at a discount. Government that can expand from 22 thousandth of two to four hours (!) 650 thousandth, and in two days 1.7-million (!) Army, well-trained, organized, and very well armed. (For example — the U.S. military — 1.3 million plus that of a reserve army of China — 2.4 million, plus 1 million reserve).

Most militarized country

Imagine a very militarized government in the world

And plus, keep in mind that virtually all of this strshnaya, armed to the teeth country from Geneva to Davos from Zurich to Lugano — high mountains, pitted tunnels, Fallout shelters, storage tools, "bins homeland", and rocket artillery support gun emplacements, embedded in granite.

Swiss Army — is not the only country in the world to have its personnel and the structure of the militia. By the same principle (in a certain approximation) built, for example, the Bundeswehr, is in fact a Russian analogue of some tremendous "cropped" divisions. That is, system — "a little fighter + a lot of regular officers and reservists unterofitserov + + training in civilian fees = deployment only when it is necessary."
Unlike the Swiss in bringing to the absolute idea of "the people and the army are one."

It looks so

Most militarized country

Military personnel in the country, only about 9,000 in the main in aviation. In the service and re-training — about 10-15 thousand at a time. Soldier called up 90 days in a so-called Rekrutenschule — Ecole de recrue. After the end of the government pays private gun fighter with 2 full magazine (rifle and / or pistol), "canned food minister," three sets of forms for all seasons, gear, body armor and helmet, with whom he falls home. He keeps it as a wish — no one will not inspect.
Up to 32 years old fighter is in the "austsug" to 42 "Landwehr", and up to 50 — "Landsturm." Private austsug, and for 10 years, is to own part of the eight charges for three weeks, Landwehr — three times for two weeks, Landsturm — 1 times in two weeks. How to celebrate 51 years old, you officially discharged from the army, pick up a rifle, a pistol and "cans" and bestow equipped with pump-action shotgun and mobilization prescription — in case of the Great zvizdets and full mobilization.

Most militarized country

The peculiarity of the Swiss army — reinforced training of officers — reservists. Those who want to become officers undergo additional fees — each rank — about 100 days in total. This, by the way, enjoy, much to the dismay of employers (especially the Banking Association) all bosses — from the CEO to the small department head. They say they're just keeping with the legitimate s / n dumped from his wife and work on picnics — stag with the shooting, but it's not quite so — there is a service. The reason so quickly that good hitting the fees can lie behind a machine gun and at the same time to talk to the right people, the higher the current or prospective employees, useful politicians, MPs, well, just a neighbor, for no one can uklonitsya from the service, absolutely no one — any student (yeah right out of the audience, a), nor the president himself, if they are men.

Most militarized country

And you know what country's military budget of 7.5 million people? — Almost 5 billion! dollars — almost 20 percent. What's on board? A lot of things — more than 800 (!) Tanks and armored vehicles (420 Leopard-2, 150 M-109). The country has a longish only 300 km 14 squadrons with more than 350 combat-yu, 120 training aircraft and 100 helicopters! The park is constantly updated, such as, for example, in the U.S. Army when the pilot is often younger than your own aircraft there is not tolerated.
Surplus stock and painstakingly renovated and restored army weapon the government sells the citizens with a significant discount, and special offers his ladies, registration is simple, and only for the new, store-bought. When purchasing a hand — not required. According to estimates, only usmotritelnym army guns, rifles, semi-automatic and hunting guns in the hands of the population — up to half a million. Plus about two million guns. Fourth place in the world on the trunks per capita and second in the percentage of the population with trunks.

The country has 10's shooting clubs, shooting ranges almost as much as a coffee shop.
Serves as a fighter? It seems well — two days off each week with a furlough, not building toilets, potatoes does not clean, do not wash the dishes, fences do not paint — all make personal office. Now sit down in general — it is not even in the guard walks! Perimeter in / hr guard and personal security office!
Yes, it's just a prazdnichek and no service! Resort!

Most militarized country

Well, the ointment we figured Grasp the tar

Let's start with the same "resort." The rise in the 5-00, and then — all the running. With breaks and eat shit — continuous war — physical training, rifle, melee, driving, equipment, climbing and again in a circle. And so to the last post. A retreat — in 24-00. And at 5-00 — rise again. They say such strain is not enough in what the army is.
Old soldier are driven so that they turn in Rambo Terminators and one vial. Example — an officer, please Darwin Award winners in 2007. At first, he learns to iznemozhdeniya own platoon to handle a gun, and later to test (as used) rushes with a bayonet on the martyred fighter. The result — shot down on full automatic.

Most militarized country

Further. Well, yes, a shooting interest, healthy patriotism, etc., but the tenacious paws homeland also available. If you fail to appear on the agenda (Session, wedding, booze, holidays, etc.) and the bullpen shines penalty for such strshnoy article that Private Suisse can put an end to his career. Its no one else, and never on the decency of the work will not take. Snow-white ticket? Are you blind, unhealthy or immigrant? Get 3 percent tax on the military. Pacifist-alternativschiki? Receive the same agenda, but raking the city of crap and a half times more often. Are you working abroad and no circumstances have forgotten / never reached fees? See above — the bullpen is your home.
Further. Measured quiet country? Myth! Second place in the world (non-combatants) in mortality from firearms per capita! In general, to be fair — is the result of over-concentration of trunks. If the rest of Europe razgildyaya, thief or suicide expect rakes the testicles, a frying pan in the loop on the forehead or neck, then in Switzerland — SIG, Sphinx, or Glock.

One day in the Swiss Army

The first days of October. The air was saturated with odors Alpine foothills, worn and cobwebs hang like a distant incessant ringing of cow bells. In the middle of all this tranquility and splendor at times hear the thunder. It is in the tank ranges nearby village of Elm autumn are teaching.

We turn off the highway onto a side road and a couple of hundred meters drive up to the stocky rectangular structure with internal parade ground and 2 outputs. In PPC 14th Tank Battalion met us three officers: Lieutenant George Klingler, Captain and Lieutenant Michael Izenring translator Alexei Gromov. Our day in the Swiss army began right on schedule. And of mandatory cup of morning coffee and croissants in the staff room.

Most militarized country


The Swiss Confederation — the government is quite tiny and tank ranges from her army of two. One of them is located in a mountain valley Vilhenalp. It has existed for more than 40 years old, but modernized with the latest electrical appliances and is considered the largest in Europe. The surrounding plain little snowy mountains mountain Toddy exceed the desired safety of 500 meters and are a beautiful natural barrier while shooting live ammunition. Will take a large hangar with mechanical shops for 20 types of German armored languid modernized tank "Leopard" and light tanks SP 2000 Swedish origin. And on the pedestal stood the British "Centurion".

Workshops are served by ordinary civilians by persons operating agreement. On one side of the hangar adjacent brick building warehouses of ammunition, on the other — open shooting range for infantry soldiers, who then loudly called grenadiers. All the buildings are compactly placed first test site for a certain distance from the tower shell Fri, stuffed with the most advanced devices for tracking the progress of the exercise. Armoured vehicles move at a distance of not less than a kilometer, but are equipped with chips, because at least some of their maneuver affects the electrical card, and a video surveillance system further increases the effect of the presence there, where there are "fighting". On the tower is constantly 6 officers on duty, but if you come, the units, the number of observers increased to 12 people. Next to ascend up the 15-meter tower with a thermal camera that captures at least some movement on the mountain paths, so anything that is living from falling into the fire zone.

Most militarized country

In a day at the range is about 20 shots. To this figure is impressed, adding that one tank shot is worth more than 700 bucks. Fire is the main battle 120-mm shells. But in recent years, due to the ensuing military campaign to save a tank gun barrels inserted ersatz smallest caliber barrel, which, of course, somewhat reduces the cost of military training.

At four weeks of autumn maneuvers armored brigades, and two of them get 49 thousand liters. diesel fuel. Total Swiss armed forces has 687 tanks and 483 units of other armored vehicles. That break a head at the General Staff in Bern, how to divide the purchase of fuel between the units to the lowest cost, but really hold classes.

Waiting for their own turn, the position of the subsequent pair comes to light armored vehicles, metal womb which can fit 10 paratroopers. They sit on low benches steel tightly to each other, between his knees clutching an assault rifle SIG 550. In camouflage fighter also sewn into the chip because of their crossing a mountain stream in the far turn of the tower that will see almost firsthand. But that's gone out banning reddish signal thermal cameras, and slammed the top hatches on the road test site, producing the first shot, surely rushed tanks, lifting into the air dust accumulation. All those in the manual as a team have invested in the ears of personal set of ear plugs as prescribed fatigued. In the Swiss army, as, in general, and in general the Swiss have, if we set the rules, all of them will do unconditionally. This disposition.

Most militarized country

The gun in each family

In the Swiss army are only 3,5 thousand military personnel: General Staff officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the special forces and military police. Other 120 thousand so-called active militia soldiers and officers, and about 230 thousand reservists make up the "muscle" mass armed forces.

This unique Swiss militia system has its roots deep in the Middle Ages and explains the historical reasons for the country's development, constantly torn apart by local wars between cantons or else constrained to fight external enemies. First military contract united cantons of Switzerland was signed in 1798, it was then, as it is believed there segodnyaschy and Swiss Army. This contract foresaw conscription for the male population of a kind of union of the country. However, it was possible to buy off the military service in the cantonal cash rich citizens voluntarily have made a large amount. In general, such as the lease transaction discussed in today's charter army.

During the second world war, surrounded on all sides of the pro-fascist regimes and having a common border with Nazi Germany, Switzerland resorted to military service hand combat weapon. The whole country was seemingly designed to the army, while continuing to work in factories, offices or farms. Real combat service carried only mobile combat units in the border areas and in the mountains. It was then elected by the Parliament army commander Gen. Gyuze realized then developed a plan to build the m
ain army depots, and defense facilities in the deepest mountains of St. Moritz, the Gotthard and Glarus.

Most militarized country

A cannon from the war and kept in the family — in Wardrobe and wall cabinets, next to the uniforms and military knapsack. By the way, in the army, as the police have the right to serve only the citizens of Switzerland.

Swiss military service regardless of the type of troops should dedicate Ratna cases from 180 to 270 hours per year. On the weeks discharged military training for intercessors homeland saved up to 80% of wages and of course the workplace itself. Army soldier receives from Solden (wages) to 6 bucks a day, the officer — 8.5 bucks.

Here it should be noted that along with skiing shooting is considered the country's national sport. As for another 270 thousand and 120 thousand reservists, active military policemen during service must provide the soldier's book with notes of firings conducted and their results. Shooting — is sacred, it is those traditions that are limited in Switzerland are not changed for centuries. Administration of a small community can not find a suitable means to repair the road, but with the success of the vote puts the proud descendants of William of Tell the construction of new and modernization of an old shooting range. And there are shooting ranges and private galleries scattered throughout the most peaceful country in Europe, many thousand. National and regional competitions in pistol shooting or assault rifles are always at a mass gathering of people.

Most militarized country

NOT FOR Russian …

At 12:00 platoon soldiers and officers on foot march down to the wood structure elmskogo shooting range, where the exercises are organizing something like a dining room. Marching boiler with porridge we have not seen. The soldiers received a piece of good cordon bleu (chicken breast with ham and cheese) with pasta and vegetables. The officers and non-commissioned officers were eating the same thing, but after their own employees and for the same tables. Fifteen minutes of rest on a sunny hillside, and now the first guttural commands raise ages and unshaven soldier, extinguished the last cigarette …

Incidentally marched Swiss units do not stroll from the Prussian drill army declined in the late XIX century. And a necessary military training takes place in recruiting schools for half a year on a three-week training camp fighters do not have time, and can be, and simply do not want to be reconstructed on a war footing. What, in fact, in their duties and does not set. About this routine day or even states: up at 6 in the morning, personal hygiene, breakfast, classes at the site, lunch, shooting, dinner and private time. Overall rebound at 24:00.

The barracks in which we visited, is small and can accommodate up to 130 people. It is divided into soldiers (up to 20 persons), non-commissioned officers and officers' rooms (up to 6 people). They are virtually indistinguishable from one another: and there, and there are steel bunk beds with thin mattresses and sleeping bags. The headboard the charge of soldiers' huge backpacks with personal belongings. Shoe racks line the walls of the corridor barracks. Toilets and showers are clean hit.

Most militarized country

About hazing in the Swiss barracks heard. Why, and time in their young men do not spend so much. That would not go into the army, and come for a few weeks and went home. In the course of mandatory exercises conducted on Saturday and Sunday at home.

With all the eye-catching with the discipline of democratic order in parts of the militia special problems there. Since designed and painted to the last detail system of exchange of penalties, and they are several orders of magnitude higher than "citizen", for at least some non-compliance with the rules of the Army hostel and a violation of the statute. Control functions performed by regular officers. The decision on the amount of the fine takes the unit commander. A rare criminal violations considers military prosecutor.

All that we have discussed with us accompanied by the officers. Assembled, clean-shaven George Klingler in two weeks, returning to the "citizen", will again become a lawyer. And while he neatly answers the questions of the journalists. Lieutenant to the benefit of annual three-week military service is completely loyal, because it not only does not interfere with his career, but gives a lot of topical memories that he will be able to apply in the practice of law.

But captain Michael Izenring long time ago, after the end of the recruit school was oriented to the school of militia officers, which took into account his main profession plainclothes programmer. Years later, the young officer made a career in the police, the army, but to become a professional soldier never wanted. By his own admission Michael, Ratna service virtually no overlap with his civilian life. Comes once a year agenda are extracted from the cabinet uniform, backpack, tool — and the apartment is no longer Michael Izenring, programmer, a loving husband and father of two children, and Hauptmann Izenring.

Most militarized country

Alexei Gromov age of seven came along with his family in Switzerland. His Russian ancestors, physicists, working under contract at the Zurich Institute. Understanding oneself and one's place in a foreign country is always difficult to pass. Having been in the 18 years of the Swiss passport, and together with it the agenda of the recruiting station, the young man decided to test himself in the army, though it has started to work at the Institute geek. The knowledge of the Russian language in the sight made him commander of the school noncommissioned officers almost polyglot. After all, Russia is considered here is very rare and difficult language. So Alex was oriented to school officers and currently serves as a lieutenant communications and military translator.

But the young man does not hide the frustration: "If you are going to the training camp, the soldiers and officers were not engaged in physical training, even though they have all conditions for this. They just serve their time allotted to them. I do not fit. I imagined to myself the other army. Simple, sure, purely in Russian. My same Swiss comrades are all in good order. "

Most militarized co
Most militarized country

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