My Horrible Histories — Man-bubble watch online

My Horrible Histories - Man-bubble watch online
19-year-olds in Vishnu Chandra bubbles began to grow throughout the body. For 36 years he has been hiding from the people, but is now ready to tell about this painful condition.

57-year-old Chandra Vishnu, suffering from a rare disease, and long concealed from the general public, has revealed itself to the world in order to save their own kids from the same fate. Because of their own illness Chandra tyschami covered with small tumors that resemble bubbles. The father of four kids, he izvestven in his own village as a "man-bubble." For obvious reasons, he rarely leaves his own house, and when I do go out on the street, he wears three jackets with hoods and wearing sunglasses, so as not to frighten the children about their appearance.

First tumor appeared at the Indian in the age of 19. For 24 years they got to the back, and by the age of 32, has already covered the entire body. Ancestors and took him to traditional healers and doctors, anointed with various creams and oils, but nothing helped. Unfortunate tried to save his wife from suffering, and commanded him to throw, but his wife refused — all these years, it is as before with his Vishnu.

Chandra decided to make his face to tell the world about their own disease and try to find her lechuschee agent. The fact that his 32-year-old son and 26-year-old daughter appeared the first signs of a terrible disease. While this is only small signs, but young people are terribly frightened.

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