My Horrible History — Deafblind Triplets watch online

My Horrible History - Deafblind Triplets watch online
We invite you to the magnificent world of Zoe, Sophie and Emma Hooker — the world's only deaf-blind triplets. Find out how their family sovladevaet difficulties of daily life.

The ability of modern medicine allow babies to nurse even with a mass of 500 g Unfortunately, almost every fifth aborted child suffers illness eye — Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), and 8% of them — languid forms.

Retinopathy of prematurity — a disease eye, arising from a breach of the retina (the light sensitive area of the eye) in preterm infants. The disease can lead to complete loss of vision.

In 1951, a connection was established between the breach of vascular growth and the highest concentration of oxygen in incubators. In the retina, metabolic processes are not means respiration and glycolysis — this means that the energy source is glucose degradation, occurring without the use of oxygen. Under the influence of oxygen is suppressed glycolysis and retina dies and is replaced by connective and scar tissue. Because relatively recently the only prerequisite for retinopathy of prematurity was listed as the highest concentration of oxygen in incubators. But restricting its use and then opening though led to a decrease in the incidence, but influenced by an increase in mortality of respiratory distress syndrome and effects of hypoxia languid survivors.

At the current time it is believed that retinopathy of prematurity — is multifactorial disease, in other words, it may appear under the influence of many factors. At risk for the appearance of retinopathy include premature babies with birth weights 2000 grams and less gestational age up to 34 weeks. Thus risk increases significantly during mechanical ventilation for more than 3 days of oxygen therapy for more than 1 month.

Among the other causes of risk include:
— Languid intrauterine infection;
— Hypoxia (ischemia) in the brain, bleeding in the brain caused as a result of complications of pregnancy and childbirth;
— One of the principal reasons may be affecting the development of ROP is a light impact on the immature retina because natural conditions the formation of retinal vessels in utero ends, in the absence of light. Aborted child enters the extra-light conditions;
— There is a theory about the genetic predisposition to the disease.

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