NATO Summit in Chicago a lot of noise — not a lot of performance

NATO Summit in Chicago a lot of noise - a little efficiencyThe buzz around the summit NATO, held in Chicago, is gaining momentum. Members of this forum have decided to address virtually all urgent problems and puzzles to be solved now. But one thing — to touch, and quite another — to proceed to the actual address them.

The cornerstone of the NATO summit — it's phased adaptive approach to the deployment of the European missile defense, which is obstructed our homeland. This is the problem of course also influenced by the fact that the highest-ranking bureaucrat who find themselves at the Chicago summit, representing Russia, is the special representative of the President of Russia on Afghanistan sovereign Kabul. This Russian control exactly gave to understand that at this stage the only point of contact with the Alliance, which looks even more promising so far, there is solution to the Afghan problem. The situation is the same with the European missile defense system, which is not a dead letter, Russian forces control more sober assessment steps contacted with Severotlanticheskim alliance.

By the way, at the NATO summit did not wait for not only the Russian president and prime minister (that was clear in advance), and some other personally invited guests. For example, we decided not to dignify his visit Chicago decided by the same senior leaders of Central Asia. Namely, from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to meet with representatives of NATO Ministers of Internal Affairs of the profits, although specifically invited the leaders of these states. Fully saying that the presidents of the Central Asian republics have decided not to encourage Russia after a not so long ago held the CSTO summit in Moscow and to show the value of foreign policy, at least, from the standpoint of security.

Such a move is also somewhat burdened members of senior management task of NATO, as in recent years they have somehow become estranged from the fact that certain countries favorites in something Alliance denied. In general, it is safe to talk about the fact that the Chicago meeting again points out that NATO is now converted into a company that is truly behind the reality and try to continue to live in a frighteningly limited field of relations with other countries of the world. Apparently, in NATO so far fail to realize that the unipolar world which North Atlantic union and trying to build and maintain by all means, it is not able to provide security on the planet, as evidenced by the string of incessant conflict, most of them by the Alliance and was provoked.

With regard to the demarche of the Russian Federation after the consensus on European missile defense and has not been found, even now inside the Alliance itself is no single position. Secretary General Rasmussen has decided to once again for the Russian Federation, "to provide guarantees of non-direction" missile, which will be located in Eastern Europe. In this provision it looks very small, it is not clear because no supporting documents to the Secretary General of NATO Russian delegation were submitted. Apparently, this is what Washington once called "legal guarantees" to Moscow. If so, it turns out that the words Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a priori, in the Alliance are valid … then generally it is unclear why NATO was useful to take any internal declarations and agreements, as Rasmussen said — Rasmussen. But the agreements and declarations are taking place, means, though Rasmussen's words — not the main true even inside the Alliance itself.

Once again, NATO has caused concern that our homeland "wrong" response to the deployment of missile defense sector euros. Samples install missiles in the Kaliningrad region at a summit in Chicago re-christened a silly waste of resources on the part of Russia. With all of this installation of radars and interceptor missiles in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, also off the coast of Norway and Spain, whose economy (Spain), by the way, she is breathing its last, for some reason, a systematization of thoughtless spending of NATO are not covered … Surprisingly, but no one in NATO does not say a word about what a "lot of money" poured out placement of missile defense in Europe, for Europe itself, which is still a couple of days back at Camp David, it was decided "not to throw in money trouble." And here — in for you! — New billion for some ghostly "interceptors". No one at the summit and did not say that, why in Eastern Europe to build a shield for modern ICBM, the occurrence of which in the same Iran (just for the sake of which this whole mess Tipo and sealed) until the project is not even in the medium term … Why such costs, that's for sure with all the responsibility can be called mindless and unproductive …

There is a need to recognize, in the West and the people who, like Moscow, can not understand why, if NATO really is building its own anti-missile shield, fear or anger Iran North Korea not to conclude agreements with the real Russia. This was specifically says Wolfgang Ischinger, which at one time served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany and was the Ambassador of Germany to the United States. He is confident that ignore the concerns of the Russian Federation can not quite like to try to show that the West is not lust to make concessions just because of the power in the Russian Federation Putin came again. Not a lot of Ischinger advises NATO to focus attention not only on the real and productive cooperation with Russia, and what is happening inside the Alliance itself. And there is more than enough controversy. Not a lot of that last for quite trivial friction between Turkey and Greece over the status of Northern Cyprus between Turkey and France in connection with the released of the Fifth Republic in the law banning denial of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, so more fuel to the fire already poured concrete at the summit Chicago new French favorite Francois Hollande. He spoke to the effect that in the current year, wants to withdraw French troops from Afghanistan without any agreements that were concluded during Nicolas Sarkozy. Meanwhile Hollande obviously gives realize that he is ready to make his campaign promises and not keep them on the brakes as often make other politicians of the same alliance.
And that's not all disagreements inside the Atlanticist. Past South American senior bureaucrat Nicholas Burns almost claimed the Alliance that Germany actively participated in the NATO operations. He openly declared that Germany, as Europe's leading economy, now takes on a very passive role, although it could be, in Burns' personal views of the sovereign, to act a role model in the middle of all the European countries in the Union. Their claims ex-official is approximately followed by: Germany even refused the active phase of the operation in Libya, when other members of the Alliance during this operation. Apparently, according to the views of Burns, Mrs. Merkel that of course is not on the other as an attempt simply to be enrolled in NATO, but did not solve the issues posed by the Alliance "major planetary chief of police." Say, we can be enrolled only Baits something, but with Germany itself the focus should not be held in any way.

While no official comment from the German administration on the expression of the sovereign Burns was not followed, but the fact that such expressions have the place to be, as tough position Francois Hollande, which marked its terms France's role in the
operations of the Alliance, and is a sign of growth of internal tension within NATO — a fact .

But while Rasmussen has decided not to escalate the situation and pretended that "NATO is quiet." But once again found a reason to turn up a reason to talk about Russia. And excuse, as expected, found at once. NATO has decided to "advise" the Russian Federation to urgently abandon the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia … Say, Georgia has long shown a friendly attitude towards these republics, and our home is still "grinding his teeth." But all of these tips Russian side has been called, closely examined, and made their own conclusions, and about the "peace-loving" Saakashvili about the recall signatures on the documents by the words on the recognition of the independence of nations. By the way, a high-ranking bureaucrats in response to the Alliance can recommend to abandon the recognition of the independence of Kosovo, because Serbia is set to Pristina way more friendly than Georgia in Tskhinvali or Sukhumi …
Not forgotten at the summit in Chicago, and the "poor cousin" of the Alliance — the Baltic States. Despite the fact that the number of South American troops in Europe will gradually decline, which caused considerable panic in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, the Baltic "brothers" Union pledged to maintain an air of so-called police. Now unblemished sky Baltic republics will guard … note: Polish Russian aircraft production (MiG-29) … It is necessary to recognize the joke from Rasmussen failed. Baltic favorites would be even quieter, if protection of their air spaces would charge by the Russian Air Force. So what? Good idea … And besides, Kaliningrad, "Iskander" to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia "covered" …

In general, the Chicago meeting "old friends" again showed the world that in this house, under the title "NATO"Has long been time to conduct general cleaning as garbage lacking not only in its black corners, but on a more prominent places. Well and responsible tenants also proryadit Alliance would not hurt himself, as the old song about Russian aggression somehow fed up considerably, even to many of those who comes into this Union.

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