Near Kiev predicting crash and train wreck

Forecasters woes threaten Ukraine, the Emergencies Ministry, "Their predictions have not come true"

Earthquake in Iran. PE predicted two clairvoyants — Ukrainian and Russian, even to guess the date. Photo: AFP

Ukraine is expected soon terrible disaster, clairvoyants promise. In edition it unusual letter to a certain prophetess from Mykolayiv region was forecast for Ukraine and the world for 10 days.

First to her story, we were skeptical, but just a couple of days the first prediction came true. So, the woman said that before August 18 in a foreign country a violent earthquake. Indeed, on August 11 Iran struck with the force of 6.4 points, and 300 people died. It is hoped that these prophecies do not come true — a terrible train wreck at the capital and the plane crash in the Kiev region.

"Today" Learn from other psychics and astrologers, to which we should prepare. The famous Russian blogger Artem Dragunov, who sees prophetic dreams after they experienced an accident, also in early July told of the terrible earthquake on August 11. Now in his prophecies flashes Crimea. "In Crimea saw PE associated with the rock, and another plane or helicopter — wrote in his page Dragunov. — And will be a terrible time in Koktebel ". Dragoons often repeats that he is not clairvoyant, but many of his dreams really do come true. So, three weeks before the event, he predicted the earthquake and radiation leaks at nuclear power plants in Japan, the terrorist attack in Moscow airport "Domodedovo" (January 2011), the death of Steve Jobs, Lyudmila Gurchenko.


Ukrainian Astrologer Vlad Ross also says that the coming days will be full of aggression, "The world is going through what is called the point of death, when Mars and Saturn are in dangerous proximity of each other. This raises clot aggressive energy, and there is a high probability of different terrible catastrophes. But, fortunately, it's more touches abroad, Ukraine survive dangerous period with fewer losses, while avoiding traffic accidents is unlikely. A high probability of a train accident or aircraft will be many accidents. I strongly recommend that in the near future to postpone the trip, even in the city. By my count, the situation will improve in three days. "

Wide of the mark

Russian futurist Danila Medvedev believes that such predictions should not believe "anyone can foresee the earthquake. If not today, then tomorrow, somewhere in the world necessarily shake. But the forecast in a specific area of the accident airplane or train is very risky for the so-called psychics. A huge chance that it will not happen. "


We reported the dire forecast MOE. "Such predictors come to us regularly. We note on the calendar that they naprognozirovali, but no one guessed, — says the head of forecasting and analytical support Sergei Voloshin. — According to their predictions, every spring we should "tear" the dam, and as soon as there was an earthquake somewhere, we are bombarded with predictions, they say, we should prepare for the same. "

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