New rules for visiting the national park Curonian Spit introduced for travel agents

New rules of National Park "Curonian Spit" in the Kaliningrad region introduced in 2013 for travel companies who must now pay a fee to obtain recreational services in braids for every tourist, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, spokesman for the National Park Olga Barboff.

"In February of this year, the order went into effect Ministry of Russia, approved the position of the National Park" Curonian Spit. "According to the document, the Kaliningrad firms obliged us to conclude agreements on cooperation in the field of eco-tourism in the park. This is done to ensure that we to monitor the dynamics of attendance spit organized tourists, whose number is increasing every year. A compiled with them environmental fee is for the resettlement of the old and new routes in the National Park, as well as other measures to improve the infrastructure, "- said the agency interlocutor.

Now the cost of a single journey by bus (up to 25 people and more than 25) on the territory of the National Park is 1.3 thousand and 2,000 rubles, respectively. In addition, every tourist in the bus over 18 years to pay 40 rubles, and 18 — 30.

According to a National Park Authority, the administration tried to impose such rules of visiting the Curonian Spit back in 2012, developing its own document with the Russian legislation on specially protected natural territories. However, firms were to contract with the National park reluctant to pay for recreational services received each brought their tourist refused and asked to charge in 2013, and some of these rules are challenged in court.

"The courts have confirmed the legitimacy of our action, but in 2012 we decided to accommodate the managers of travel companies and environmental fee was not charged separately from visitors — said Barboff." In 2013, the rules came into effect, so that in each case of violation will be treated in Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation. "

Curonian Spit — a narrow strip of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon — is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Kaliningrad region. There come not only locals but also tourists from Russia and overseas. Territory have the status of the reserve and the National Park, inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO and its environment are carefully. It is the smallest and one of the oldest national parks in Russia.

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