New sentences — new sanctions

New sentences for political prisoners in Minsk accelerate the introduction of new sanctions against Belarusian officials. This opinion was played in Bratislava, where there is a group of Belarusian opposition activists. They participate in the activities of the foreign ministers' meeting "Visegrad Four" with representatives of the countries of "Eastern Partnership" and the international security conference «Globsec — 2011".

Today's plenary session of an international security conference in Bratislava opened the Belarusian issue that has attracted the attention of not only the countries of the "Visegrad Four" and the "Eastern Partnership", but also in other EU states. Attended by the ministers of foreign affairs and defense, their deputies, politicians, analysts said. This alone shows how Belarus is now urgent for the European public, spoke of "freedom" from Bratislava Milinkevich:


"Understanding what is happening in our country, commonly occurring. And it pleases. Because with Belarus to work strategically. And not just at election time. "

Discussion topic formulated as follows: "Belarus after elections: or sanctions will work?". "And what is the answer to this question came to the conference?" — I asked Milinkevich:

"They believe that the sanctions Lukashenko appoints himself. Europe did not want them to. But it must do it, because there is a moral value, and it will follow them. And those sentences that today already, increase and accelerate the chances that they will continue to impose sanctions. Moreover, simultaneously with the United States. "

Participated in the discussion and the Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich:


"The main thesis of my speech was that we should separate short-term and long-term goals. The first — the release of political prisoners. And it needs to be addressed by combining the internal pressure with the outside.

A strategic question — the building of democracy in the country — can be resolved solely within. Mode itself can not become democratic. And because the border is also impossible to make democratic reforms. And this, in my opinion, implies the need to build and create a long-term strategy of cooperation of the international community with the democratic forces. That is, the emphasis should be shifted from trying to build a kind of road map for relations with the regime (although it is necessary to have a clear vision of how to build them) to build a strategic plan for cooperation with the democratic forces in Belarus. "

In the evening, Belarusian politicians and public figures, including another Stanislav Shushkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Kalyakin and others, have to meet with Commissioner Fule.


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