Nibiru: reality or fantasy?

Nibiru — a hypothetical planet, which flies into the solar system. By hypothesis, December 21, 2012 Nibiru will pass through the ecliptic of the planet as a bright red star and will appear as the second largest sun. The earth will quake, tsunami and catastrophic changes.

"From Nibiru aliens to protect us," "Nibiru — Planet of the Gods", "Nibiru — the spacecraft," "End of the World", "The beginning of a new era", etc. etc. — Another prediction of doom decided to name "Nibiru"? Based on the study of the materials of this kind, quite easy to conclude that the more ridiculous suggestion put forward, the greater the number of supporters who believed this assumption we observe. It is believed, because from a scientific point of view, it is even said to the ears not prityanesh.

So what makes people spend so much time and effort to find support or refute these rumors, and indeed, why the theme of doom so popularized everywhere: media, movies, books, games, etc.? About his own death, people, most of them prefer not to remember, and not to touch the subject. But the global death is great interest for all — not any wonder?

A sense of inner emptiness, the apparent hopelessness, disappointment in the world around us — are the main reasons for the high ranking apocalyptic themes. Person so tired of this world, that he finds a kind of outlet, even on the assumption that it will not be soon, that until there is some freedom, a respite from suffering. "Enjoy today, because tomorrow it will be nothing," — or, in other words, from a catastrophe tomorrow becomes less painful, more indifferent today: there is the same motivation for hard and exhausting work, and active participation in their own lives and in society. That is, there is a psychological encouragement of our natural laziness, the desire for peace.

On the other hand, this kind of speculation — is fertile ground for the emergence of all kinds of negative social phenomena: the new cults, religious-fanatic flow, manipulation, fraud, or simply filling the information gap man, a sort of useless and pointless entertainment. How many times in the history of mankind we predicted the imminent demise of all life, and that? Nothing but the material interest of traders news, amulets, ideas, etc.

The case for the existence of Nibiru more than doubtful: President of Russian society study of Atlantis, based on the legends of different peoples — Doctor of Technical Sciences, talking about mermaids as a self-evident phenomenon, research Zechariah Sitchena called famous American scientists even a book written by him, is very questionable for scientific study called "Divine 12th planet" in the preparation of which the scientist is based on the ancient Sumerian texts, and in particular, to a certain Babylonian poem, etc. Probably not enough of the many overtly harmful consequences that are derived witting interpreters of biblical texts. We eagerly gravitate to the sensation, and what it grander, the more we are impressed to be in the forefront of this farce, and then to the right and left proudly reported fresh global news, which are the only battered and primitive way of entertainment.

Determination of the presence in our solar system, the twelfth planet, even much smaller than the expected planet Nibiru, it would be possible in the time of Newton. Today, anyone who requires a basic knowledge of physics, could make the necessary calculations to determine such a substantial additional gravitational perturbations in our solar system. And with that, we just blatantly trying to present a view of Nibiru Jupiter, Venus, Antares, Sirius, Altair, etc. — All that can be seen from the ground by means of a very simple telescope technology.

Today, ironically, the greatest threat to the existence of mankind is mankind itself. We were actually at the time to be afraid of ourselves. Ecology, social relations, all aspects of modern life are far from ideal, and no longer makes sense in every way to lay down the guilt of being involved in this. If Nibiru exists, it probably would have brought us to less suffering, destroying us than we ourselves bring.

We have come to understand that the world is global, that we are interconnected, that war and terror — it's bad that huge funds we needlessly spend on weapons and pharmaceutical business that mutual aid, good relationship and love — a guarantee of a happy existence of each. But there is a problem: all that we understand the reason, we are not able to feel, and it does not give us the necessary driving force for the implementation of our understanding. In this ever-worsening situation in the world sooner or later will tighten their vise and on our body, and then this understanding can penetrate our senses with great pain and unbearable suffering. Of course, all, including myself, think that all the ills exist only in the TV or radio or in the newspapers, and they never come into my own reality. But also thought and those unfortunates whose fate we regret to learn every day.

There is another way — the implementation of the global association of individual and collective ambitions of big politics, on all sorts of disagreements over the fears and concerns, in spite of everything, literally, "I hate you all, but I have not disappeared, and I'll you together to build a new world. " The world today is a high-tech ruins, which still has the opportunity to build something really great. Everyone understands it and feeling the inside of his feelings, to change its system of priorities and values, and become truly free, free from the influence of all aspects tolpoelitarnogo management, from television and ending political games can take a deep breath in deeply and quietly go his own way, full of happiness .

Dmitry Turlayev

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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