Nibiru — the spacecraft Overseer!

Nibiru is a planet-spacecraft, which is much larger than Earth. This ship is defined as the controller of the cosmos and the inspector of the planet on which we live. I must say that the Earth has always been of particular interest and possible danger to the Cosmos. Ever since the days of Sirius, Vega and the broken planet we call Phaeton concerned about energy in the universe of Earth, so constantly maintain its energy balance. But even then it was created spaceship-guard, which looks very similar to the planet.

Sumerians called Nibiru ship is home to a higher power.

Currently Nibiru is the third and last time is approaching Earth. In this case, both the first time was like a clash dock and do not cause any disasters, except for heavy meteor showers. This time the planet — the ship is late, and with a certain loss of opportunities. Aboard the ship the devices that hold a positive and aggressive energy of the Earth.

The ship is not built for destruction, and to monitor and correct interference objects, if power given it by the object threatens the security of the Cosmos.

Unfortunately, our long-term "malicious" use of the Earth's interior in order to enrich, a long spiritual development, "unfriendly" attitude to each other, war, "civilization at all costs" have led to the accumulation of a number of aggressive energy substances. Ship Planet captures energy violations and seeks to destroy them. I am sure that scientists and intelligence agencies of many countries have developed a plan to save our planet. Sure, there are devices that reduce energy Zemli.No aggressive, let's assume that the ship-planet "Nibiru" has a team with a huge, in our understanding, superpowers, energy potential.

Then, in the human power to change things, as monitored in the first place, our life energy. We have time to love your planet, stop raping her, squeezing all of it that is possible. We can now smile more often and be tolerant of one another and forgiving. After all, if someone annoys us, it is only a reflection of our part of the psyche, we do not want to acknowledge. The ancient Atlanteans existed prayer: "O, the universal Father and Mother, help me to love myself for who I am, in fact, as pleaded, I recognize his brother and fulfill your will love …" The first commandment of the Bible reads: 'Love .. ..

Nibiru — Planet Earth?

There will be a docking or clash?
This is a big difference. And yet we can make a collision in the dock.

Atlantis priests tried by information from dreams, to warn people to change the values of life. Alas, all were deaf and dumb.

Nibiru — not the product of someone's imagination and not a fairy tale, it's alleged scientific space object. What, we might not even know. Will this object lesson or disaster strikes, depends on us too.

Faith in God gives strength, reading evangliya and many scriptures produces patience. Patience creates grace and is presented a huge open space of love. Love for all living things, is what can save us from all sources of evil.

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