Nibiru — the threat to the Earth

A story about a sensational discovery appeared in a documentary film "Apocalypse Now." Two American astrophysicist Daniel Uitmar and John Mathis reported the discovery in the solar system is one of the planet — Nibiru or Planet X. However, this news is nothing good in the world. This planet can change the motion of heavenly bodies near the earth's orbit and attract dangerous asteroid or comet that will cause a real apocalypse.

In December 2010, the space telescope WISE were given regular observations of the cosmos in the infrared range. They had registered a giant red planet, located at the boundary of our solar system.

American astrophysicist Daniel Uitmar and John Mathis of the University of Louisiana waiting for this news for 12 years. Back in 1999, they have assumed that the orbit of Pluto is a massive object that is larger than Jupiter. Finally, the obtained hard evidence.

This event is truly a landmark. It can radically change all the modern understanding of the history of our planet and the birth of her civilization.

Planet X does not see the conventional optical telescopes, because it is so far and the temperature on it is very low. However, it can be seen in the infrared. It is possible that under the surface of the nuclear processes that produce heat.

The scientists found a planet very similar to Jupiter. Like him, it is a gas giant. John Mathis noted that the size of the new planet similar to Jupiter, but its mass is 500 times higher. Jupiter is 70% hydrogen, 25% helium and the remaining 5% — a heavy elements.

Expected place where Planet X — is one of the most remote and neglected areas of the solar system — the Oort cloud. It consists of blocks of ice, gas and various minerals, fossils. Astronomers call it garbage.

John Mathis also said that at the moment the body is in an area Oortova clouds, moving it along its orbit. This means that the distance to the Earth 25,000 times greater than that between the Earth and the Sun.

The Oort cloud is called the birthplace of comets from the solar system. Once they had the right orbit in a circle. But now something disrupts them with the usual paths and move toward the sun. Why change the comet's orbit into an elliptical, directed to the sun? What power makes them do it? These questions remain unanswered as long as they came the first images of Planet X.

According astrophysics reason for changing their orbits comets was really a big mystery, but now everything has fallen into place — it's Planet X affects them their gravitational force, throwing the center of the solar system.

Moving in its orbit, the planet captures its gravitational field comet from the Oort cloud. And then, under the laws of mechanics, the massive body of the rapid acceleration of flying to the sun. It is possible that the threat to life on Earth is on the way!

Zecharia Sitchin was born in Baku (Azerbaijan) and raised in Palestine, where he received the knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew and other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, the history and archeology of the Middle East.

Having spent many years as a journalist and editor in Israel, now lives and writes in New York. His books have been translated into many languages, reworked by Braille for the blind, and featured on radio and television.

Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Nephilim Nibiru. According to the writer, the asteroid belt was
part of the planet that the Sumerians called Tiamat. Although this theory is similar to the theory of the big hit (the theory of the formation of the Moon) in astronomy, the world's leading scientists do not support the author's views.

Sitchin claims that his research coincides with many biblical texts, and that biblical texts are the transcription of Sumerian descriptions of their stories.

Sitchin has put forward its own date for the next convergence with Nibiru (2085), but the date of the most talked — about 2012, which will mark the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Nibiru (the planet associated with Marduk in Babylonian cosmology) — a key element of the theory of Sitchin. He claims that this is the 10th planet with a very elongated, elliptical orbit that passes through the solar system every 3600 years.

According to the Sumerian cosmology, Nibiru was a 12 in the solar system (ie, including 10 planets, the Sun and the Moon). Its catastrophic collision with Tiamat — the planet is located between Mars and Jupiter — formed the planet Earth, the Moon and the asteroid belt and comets. It was the home powerful humanoid race Anunnaki of Sumerian mythology, who is believed to Sitchin, survived and later visited Earth. Here on Earth, with the help of genetic engineering, they created our species (humans), crossing their genes with the genes of Homo erectus. People they needed as cheap labor for its gold mines.

Sitchin made some assumptions about the planet, which is probably a brown dwarf and still revolving around the sun in a very eccentric orbit, with an estimated period of about 3600-3760 years.

First Nibiru (Nibiru) is one of many planets orbiting a dark star or brown dwarf. This Dark Star has five minor planets, the sixth planet Earth-sized homeland, and the seventh planet or object we call Nibiru (Nibiru).

Homeland is a lot like the Earth and the place where Ennaneki Giants or Gods of antiquity live there. Nibiru generally not suitable for life and basically acts as a battle station or spaceship.

When the dark star is at perihelion (closest point to the Sun's orbit of a celestial body) in 60 or 70 pairs., Orbit
Nibiru, which is 60 pairs. from its star, has a large orbit to pass through our solar system is usually near the orbit of Jupiter, but that may change.

The orbital inclination of Nibiru (Nibiru) about 30 degrees to the plane of motion of the Sun or the ecliptic. Since Nibiru passes through our solar system, moving in the opposite direction to the other planets, it sometimes moves the orbit of the planet, as the main reason for making the destruction.

Its passage has a big impact, but is transient and only takes a few weeks or months, in most cases it disappears from sight. Nibiru fiery red in color, with a fragmentation train and flying around a few companions.

Nibiru (Nibiru) or its satellites perpetrators of such incidents as the destruction of Maldek, which is now the asteroid belt. She also cause craters or surface cracks on the moon and planets in our solar system, as well as change their tilt axis and orbits.

She culprit disappearance of Atlantis and the endless floods. It is the link between our solar system and the dark star or stars — Brown Dwarf.

Nibiru (Nibiru) was known as the winged (or horned) drive past the earthly people.
Fact: as Nibiru invading the solar system, it quickly accelerated below the ecliptic, passed behind and below the sun before going back and bottom proiti sun at an angle of 33 degrees.

Now NASA is watching Nibiru with the new SPT (South Pole Telescope Area) telescope at the South Pole.

For the first time people will be able to see Nibiru every day from May 15, 2009 as a faint reddish object. He will go straight to the earth's orbit. This means that by 2009 the only way to see it only being in the southern hemisphere.

By June-August 2011, Nibiru will be visible to the naked eye to all the people of the planet. December 21, 2012 Nibiru (Nibiru) will pass through the ecliptic of the planet in the form of a bright red star and will appear as the second largest sun. Reach earthquakes and bad weather starts. Most unpredictable happen very soon — in 2012 will be crucial.

But the worst thing, but come February 14, 2013, the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the sun. Pole move tilt of the planet will change! Great changes in the world, a strong earthquake and tsunami will be the most powerful on the world!
After July 1, 2014 Nibiru will no longer terrorize our world and move away from our part of the galaxy. NASA knows about Nibiru, but not to cause panic to hide the truth from the people!

Knowledgeable people from NASA, DoD — National Military Intelligence, SETI, and the CIA admits that two thirds of the world population will die during the pole shift from passing Nibiru.

Another 2/3 of those who survive early waiting famine and death in 6 months!

Most top-secret U.S. government agency is well aware what to expect and prepare for it. The Vatican has the same information. Population will not be prevented and will not be given a chance to prepare!

The volume of incoming information from knowledgeable people, observatories, and the Vatican is a broad stream. The most important story in the world for 3000 years quickly freed from the shackles of the rulers of the financial markets.

So there is still time to prepare and to this disaster. In any case, we should see the red planet named Nibiru in the blue sky of the earth. Will be watching this new possible accidents and keep everyone in the thick of things.

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