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The hypothesis of the existence of the 12th planet in the middle of the 20th century pushed the journalist, astronomer, historian Zecharia Sitchin, who was born in 1922 in Baku. Being a well-known researcher of artifacts in the Middle East, Sitchin believed that the Earth was created highly advanced civilization from the planet Tiamat, whose home, according to the Sumerian manuscripts, was destroyed in a collision with another cosmic body — the planet Nibiru. Nibiru — the mysterious planet beyond Pluto — rotates an elongated orbit around the Sun, approaching again in 3600 (according to other sources — in 2120) years from Earth.

While the "return" of Nibiru to Earth miraculously coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar (originally named Zechariah date closer in 2085, but later suffered a "meeting" in 2012). Sitchin and his followers believe: Nibiru Planet X is not all researchers agree with this interpretation of the ancient sources, the most compelling alternative theory developed by Michael Heiser, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What is the length of the orbit of Nibiru and why she did not appear in our time? According to Sitchin, the answer to this question lies in the Sumerian word SAR, who sometimes refer to Nibiru. The word means the Supreme SAR government and is associated with the supreme god Anu, but it means at the same time the number of 3600, and represented a large circle. In a different context, the word takes on a value of "completion of a cycle."

Based on this, as well as other supporting facts Sitchin concluded that the duration of the motion in the orbit of Nibiru is 3600 Earth years. This explains the fact that the planet Nibiru does not appear in recent times.

Can modern science to confirm the existence of Nibiru — the planet, the size of which approximately represent the average between the size of Uranus and Jupiter, with an elliptical orbit with a cycle of 3600 years and the perihelion, usually close to the asteroid belt?

The discovery of new planets in the last two hundred years of mathematical calculations required more than the creation of a more powerful and sophisticated telescopes. For example, the existence of Neptune was first established by the calculations of anomalies in the trajectory of Uranus. Similarly, Pluto was discovered by observation related to the fact that the motion of Neptune to impact some unknown gravitational force.

Following the same principle, astronomers were convinced that the strange deviation orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and to a lesser extent — Jupiter and Saturn) are caused by the existence of another, not yet discovered planet.

Scientists are so convinced of its existence, which have already given it a name — Planet X — The Tenth Planet. Despite recent attempts to refute these arguments, the theory of Planet X is still valid.

In 1978, after a decade of stagnation, the theory of Planet X took a giant leap forward. Opening a satellite of Pluto — Charon enabled accurately determine the mass of Pluto, and found that it is much smaller than expected. This allowed mathematically, with a high degree of accuracy, check deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. In this regard, two astronomers from the Naval Observatory in Washington has revived the idea of the planet X. But these two astronomers — Robert Harrington and Tom Van Flandern went much further — with the help of mathematical models, they showed that Planet X Pluto and Charon pushed out of their former polo-being satellites of Neptune. They suggested that the planet was invaded by 3-4 times the size of Earth, and that probably it was captured into orbit around the Sun, the rotation, and the orbit must have highly eccentric, highly inclined to the plane of rotation around the Sun, and its period of rotation around the sun is very high. As if the researchers used for its report excerpts from Enuma Elish!

In 1982, NASA officially recognized the possibility of Planet X, stating that there is far outside the main planets really have a mysterious celestial body.

A year later, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted in the depths of outer space a mysterious large object. The Washington Post published an interview with the principal investigator of the IRAS Laboratory Jet Propulsion (CA), which stated: The heavenly body possibly is as big as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly placed as close to Earth that it is part of our solar system, was discovered by orbiting telescope towards the constellation of Orion … The only thing I can tell you — said on this occasion the principal investigator IRAS Gerry Neugebauer, — this is what we do not know what it is.

In subsequent years, the search for Planet X gave little new information. However, scientists, apparently, were convinced that it exists, as it continues to build a mathematical model based on the available data. These data confirmed that Planet X is three to four times larger than Earth, its orbit is probably inclined to the ecliptic by 30 degrees, and it is far from the Sun at a distance of three times greater than the distance to Pluto.

In 1987, NASA issued an official statement in which it recognized the possibility of Planet X. In the American Newsweek magazine said: Last week, NASA had in its Ames Research Center (California), a press conference in which it was done is a very strange statement, it is possible that the sun revolves around the kind of eccentric tenth planet. Keynote speaker, an employee of NASA, John Anderson suggests that Planet X is here somewhere, but not near the other nine planets. If he is right, it may be that they will unravel the most interesting mysteries of the cosmos:

1) What accounts for the marked in the XIX century, the mysterious deviation orbits of Uranus and Neptune.
2) Why did the dinosaurs 26 million years ago?
3) Why is the thickness of the crust in the ocean — just 8 kilometers on land — 32 kilometers?
4) Why is the age of the earth's crust in the ocean — 200 million years ago, on the land — 4000000000?
5) Finally, the Moon — the largest satellite in our solar system (the ratio of the size of the satellite and the planet-host). The little planet Earth never "naturally" would not have appeared a great companion!

At the end of 1980 was as follows: first, in scientific journals, a campaign against the theory of the existence of Planet X, and, second, NASA began to put more resources into the creation of expensive telescopes based in space.

Campaign against the theory of Planet X led scholars such as K. Krosuell, M. Littman, E. Standish, Jr., and J. Hughes. They brought many of the most bizarre and strange argument. Krosuell claimed that this planet can not be, because the deflecting action has no effect on the spacecraft Pioneer and Voyager. However, he forgot about that, maybe Planet X is below the ecliptic, and is close to aphelion. Littman ignored all astrometric observations carried out until 1910, in order to eliminate the deviation, although there was no reason to believe that these previous data were inaccurate. Standish to make small adjustments to the measurements, thus striving to reduce the differences, which indicated the presence of a tenth planet, but, by his own admission, deviations only reduced, but did not disappear completely. Finally, Hughes tried to discredit the theory of Planet X with a complex argument, claiming that when the solar system was created, there could be enough material to create another world. Apparently he did not read the Enuma Elish, which clearly states that Marduk, Planet X came from outside the solar system!

All of these criticisms have focused on the mathematical anomalies, while ignoring other evidence established the existence of the planet X. ..

Indirect confirmation of the theory of the Russian scientist found in ancient tomes, the Bible, the books of European historians.

Roman geographer Pomponius Mela: "The Egyptians are proud of the fact that they are the most ancient people on the planet. In the Egyptian chronicles can be read about the stars, changing direction of the four, the sun, twice getting on the wrong side of the sky, which now goes …

…By Herodotus in the second book on the history of writing about his conversations with Egyptian priests (5th century BC). The priests claimed that throughout the period of Egyptian civilization (11,000 years, 341 generations) is exactly 4 times the sun changes direction, twice rising where now sits, and twice he sat down there, where now rises … "

Bible: "At the bare hill raise the flag, call them loudly, wave the hand, Let the gates are leaders! I have commanded His saints, broke my anger — and I called his heroes, those who are rejoicing about my highness! There is noise in the mountains — as if the hordes of human noise! This rokochut country gather the nations, Jehovah of Hosts called army for battle! They come from a far country, from the end of heaven: and the LORD weapons of his indignation devastate the whole earth! Wail — the day of the LORD! This day, sent by the will of the Strong, bring devastation. People will faint hands rastekutsya heart. Attack on all fears of their pain and torment, suffering, as women in childbirth! In horror, they take a look at each other, their faces will be like fire. Day of the Lord is coming — a cruel day! In it — the fury and fierce anger. Turn it into a desert land, destroy her sins! Heavenly stars and constellations will no longer shine. Rises dark sun and the moon shine stop "(translated Grafova AE).

Revelation of St. John: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, nor crying, nor pain will be gone, things have passed away. "

Zecharia Sitchin: "Evolution of humanity from the Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic) until the Sumerian civilization exactly fit into the 3.600 year intervals. Anu (God, who came to Earth from Nibiru), visiting Earth to share with people of great knowledge, as evidenced by the calendar of the Sumerian city of Nippur in 3760 BC. But, as I have often explained to his seminars, visiting Earth and Nibiru approach — not one and the same. "

Critics, on the religious dogmas do not agree with the "special" status of the Sumerian civilization, which, according to Sitchin, identified gods. Sitchin's theory is at odds with their understanding of the world and of God the creator.

Immanuel Velikovsky historian): "Memories of the disasters erased from the memory of mankind, not because no more written evidence or tradition, people just have a different way to relate to them, seeing them as a metaphor and allegory ancient."

In addition, there are a number of mysterious coincidences in the history of ancient civilizations:

Hopi Indians predicted the 2012 end of the world and the fourth 25-year period of "cleansing", which comes for the birth of the Fifth World.

Maya Indians called December 21, 2012 "the end of days."

Indians Maori (New Zealand) believed that this day will connect the physical world with the world of spirits.

Zulu Indians believed that in 2012 the world "will turn upside down."

In the 21st century the Indians ends Kali Yuga, followed by a renewal of time (the exact date — unknown).

The Incas called 2012 — the date "meeting with himself", the Aztecs — Sixth Sun, the time of birth of a new race.

The Dogon are waiting on this day the spacecraft Nommo.

Cherokee calendar ends in 2012.

Buddhists predict onset of the Golden Age.

Egyptian calendar ends in 2012.

The popularity of Planet X, Nibiru today is enormous. According to the latest facts scientists say that in December, 21 of 2012 (the end of the calendar May) Planet X-Niburu fly close to the ground with all facing the consequences. Scientists predict that two thirds of the world population will be killed by the tsunami earthquakes and volcanoes. In November 2012 Nibiru will be seen as a second sun in December 2012 will be the end and the beginning of a new era.

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