Nikita Lihavid, Mom, we do understand what we are prepared

The accused in the Dec. 19 Nikita Lihavid got a date with her mother. Darya Korsak complained to the prosecutor's office to torture her husband Alexander Otroshchenkov the KGB. Alexander Fyaduta questioned again.

On March 4, the prison outside Volodarskogo the first time since December 19, Elena Lihavid she saw her 20-gadsyna Nikita

Appointment on "Volodarka" — a conversation on the phone through a glass wall, the mother told the prisoner. "The conversation lasted only an hour and then once I realized how much had no time to tell his son and ask him", — complains Elena Lihavid.

"I think he's very thin, but he says no. Blue circles under the eyes … The first three minutes we did not say anything at all, looked at each other … Of course, I cried. And it was obvious that he was holding back tears. Then he started talking. Asked to convey greetings to you all very much and thanks for the fact that it is supported. He told me that in his case three volumes and, for some reason, in the third volume, which he recently brought acquainted, some policemen injured. To which he said he did not understand what to do with it, these are the policemen injured. He said that all of their evidence the same as a blueprint. Only different names and different times.

One inmate told him that before the elections, on December 18, released a special case.

Another said that inmates refer to it properly. They have a small camera — 4 beds 6 people. He told me that it was not very nice when transported from prison in Akrestsin in Zhodinsky insulator. So many people crammed into a paddy wagon that could not stand. And yet, in their Zhodino waited and prepared to be arrested. This is one cellmate told him that before the elections, on December 18, released a special case: it concluded with "stamped" in the chamber of the second body. More Nikita said that in fact there is no witness against him, but he understands "why people like him, prepare", — says Elena Lihavid, the mother of 20-year-old political prisoner.

Darya Korsak, woman sentenced to 4 years in prison Ales Otroshchenkov, today filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office. It seeks to examine the words of her husband, who told her that, as Mikhalevich tortured in the KGB detention center. Namely, that he nachaplyali handcuffs and made the "stretching", forced to strip and do the exercise in the cold. By the way, the KGB has already said that information about the torture that spread Mikhalevich, libelous.

March 4th place questioning activist Staff Neklyaeva Alexander Fyaduta. This is not the first interrogation of the political scientist. Evidence that the case will soon complete Fyaduta, no, said the prisoner's wife Marina

"No details are not. In questioning participated new lawyer whom I hired on as long as that lawyer is ill. But there is nothing new, all the same. The only thing that healed him there two teeth. You look, while sitting at his teeth heal … "



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