North dome of Israel, just in case?

It is clear that the IDF has placed missile defense system "Iron Dome" in the north of the country — far from the Syrian border. Have been deployed two batteries, writes «The Jewish Times»: One in Krayot, the other — in the Upper Galilee. With all this press service of the Defense Army Israel conveyed that the deployment of missile defense systems — a routine event held in accordance with a plan worked out long ago.

With the "routine" activities do not agree «The Jerusalem Post». As the, newspaper notes, the military took this step because of the escalating conflict in Syria and growing fears about the chemical weapons that could fall into the hands of "Hezbollah". After previously Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said that Israel will pre-emptive strikes on targets in Syria if the Syrian chemical tool fall to the Islamists:

"This development will be a critical moment, which will claim a different approach, including preventive operations ".

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister highlighted:

"The concept is that it is receiving chemical weapons Islamists should not happen. The moment when we realize that this may be, we have to make decisions. "

In other words, we are talking specifically about the pre-emptive strike, which means the application before the terrorists possess weapons of mass destruction.

Yossef Yak ("Arutz Sheva") Writes about the escalating tension on the border with Syria with great caution:

"In this regard, an extraordinary concern is the possibility of loss of Syrian President Bashar Assad's control of the arsenal of chemical weapons, at its disposal. If it is — Gd forbid! — Happens deadly weapon of mass destruction could fall into the hands of a number of Islamist terrorist organizations, including "Hezbollah" or "al-Qaeda".

Commentator notes that the deployment of the "Iron Dome" coincided with a message about a "mysterious explosion", thundered on January 26 at the armory "Hezbollah" in the Lebanese town of Sumac.

On DEBKAfile there was a note that the Israeli Air Force Commander Major-General Amir Eshel January 29 warned that Syria is falling apart, and no one knows what will bring the following day. Tomorrow the war could not be, said the general, but we have to be ready for it — "just in case".

Analysts panic: if the war is not expected tomorrow why the Israeli armed forces, including the Air Force, are at the highest level of readiness since January 25? In fact, the Syrian crisis is "technically" does not fit the description of a state of war. Still, the violence may spill across the border in at least some time in one form or another.

Benjamin Netanyahu's comments does not. In Israel, no one believes the official version, writes DEBKA, that the anti-missile batteries of the "Iron Dome" are located in the north in accordance with the old plan.

Israeli general Eshel ties together the situation in Egypt and Syria. In his view, the political struggle in Egypt, "leads to the collapse of the government." With all of this, none of the security forces — army, internal security police — not ready to face head-on with the opposition, consisting of "violent protesters" on the streets of big cities, including Cairo.

The two countries — Egypt and Syria — are on the brink of disaster, briefly and clearly said, Gen. Eshel, adding that no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Israel could face his fears the worst. The country will be possible in the ring burning permanent border conflicts: Syria and Lebanon in the north, Egypt to the west and south. Even Jordan, and that under the threat of the "Arab Spring."

Journalist "Reuters" Dan Williams met in Tel Aviv with an anonymous source, working in the area of the Israeli defense planning.

This power led it not only about the "non-traditional" types of weapons from Syria, and on Russian rockets and other "advanced" weapons, a "arsenal" which is held by Damascus. No such weapons in other states Near East, says a source.

The article presents data on Williams' 1000 tons of chemical substances. This information leads past Israeli national security advisor Uzi Arad, who gave an interview to a radio station. But Israeli officials have expressed concern about the completely open about the modern Russian weapons in Damascus, including anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. Israel fears that if such a weapon fall into the hands of "Hezbollah" in the adjacent Lebanon, in the event of a confrontation would weaken the defense of the Jewish country.

Gen. Eshel is not simple outlines arsenal of Bashar al-Assad as a "huge, partly modern, partly — unconventional."

According to the Israel and NATO, Syria has supplies of the different components of chemical weapons, which are stored in four places. According to the widely popular opinion, Syria has made this arsenal in order to including "compensate" Israel's possession of nuclear weapons.

And so long as the essence of the case, the Israeli Air Force began to modernize the system of early warning of missile attack. According disk imaging «Flightglobal», writes "Tape", ultimately improve the system would be able to detect 99% of the outstanding countryside on the Israeli missiles and artillery shells. Decrease the number of false positives.

Improvements have been developed Air Force Israel together with the enterprises of the defense industry. New radar detectors and will provide a more dense radar coverage of the Israeli countryside. The upgraded system will allow to strengthen the surveillance of areas under fire.

It is also reported that by the end of this year, the Israeli Air Force wants to put on combat duty batteries nine missile complex "Iron Dome."

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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