North Korea and China, a military alliance?

The current deterioration of the situation on the Korean peninsula caused a heated debate on the topic — whether China will have the military support to North Korea in the event of the outbreak of hostilities? In light of the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty between states topic automatic entry China in the conflict on the side of North Korea, not so long ago was regarded as quite a receding into the past, again acquired importance. This is an unfortunate and disturbing event is a striking example of how the problem was the current political situation on the Korean Peninsula and around it.

It is not only the problem of North and South Korea. On Saturday, July 9, Japan, Australia and the United States began joint military exercises in waters to the north-west of the island of Borneo, near which are placed the Spratly Islands (Nansha), which are a prerequisite of the dispute between China and the adjacent states of South-East Asia. In addition the United States planned to spend in the East China and South China seas joint exercises with Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam. In June 2011, during the summit of defense ministers and foreign ministers of Japan and the USA (2 +2), the parties confirmed that they should be fixed today tripartite alliances with the role of India, Australia and South Korea, in which they both, but separately are composed. The indicated solution is obvious directed against China. Naturally, the Chinese government was dissatisfied with them, and a regional arms race is starting to gain momentum with the latest in strength.

China is now pointing to the existence of a prisoner between them and North Korea in 1961, the Contract on mutual assistance and cooperation, and that is his second article, which says: "In the event that one of the parties to the Contract will undergo an armed aggression on the part of any country or groups of countries and would thus Makar, in an active state of war, the other side Contract immediately render it necessary military and other assistance by all available means at its disposal. "

With the end of the cool war political situation on the Korean peninsula has changed, and Seoul established diplomatic affairs are closely with Beijing on the above situation, many have forgotten the contract, finding it less than a dead bukovkoy. But with the new rising tensions between North and South Korea, the accident changed dramatically. In 2010, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official dealer China even specifically highlighted that the article did not cancel or modify the plan.

If you look at what is happening in the region in the larger perspective, the tensions between the two Koreas will be nothing other than the right by-product of the changes arising in Asia, and particularly in one of their driving forces. The current political situation is certainly moving toward a military confrontation between the north block which is headed by China and the southern bloc led by the United States. If South Korea will take active steps to roles in the southern block, it will certainly lead to more convergence is closely Pyongyang and Beijing. In this light, and should be considered the primary significance of the renewed debate about the automatic and uncontested military intervention China in support of North Korea.

At the same time, many experts say that the current escalation of the confrontation on the Korean peninsula, it is war not between the two Koreas-name, and war U.S. interests and China. The current development China With years of unusual magnitude and this applies to all sectors of the economy such as civilian and military, and it can not scare accustomed to dominance throughout the United States and everywhere.

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