Now 11 years old with a day or disaster submarine Kursk

Today marks 11 years since the tragedy of the submarine "Kursk"The Russians now pay tribute to Mariners nuclear submarine (NPS) "Kursk", who died 11 years ago, August 12, 2000, in the Barents Sea. The disaster claimed the lives of 118 sailors of the Northern Fleet.

Festive construction and the laying of wreaths and flowers at the memorial to the dead sailors submarine "Kursk" in the garrison Vidjaevo mark this mournful anniversary. Funeral ceremony will be held at all fleets Russian Navy, also in the military area. The ships and submarines will be flown at half mast flags in naval units and divisions will be held a minute's silence in memory of the crew of the "Kursk".

In the Northern Fleet, as told Itar-Tass in the Office of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging, "wreath-laying ceremony will be held in the water Motovka Bay of the Barents Sea to the role of a fleet commander, relatives and members of the families of the dead sailors."

In Moscow, as noted in the Defense Ministry, held a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial who died submariners at the Central Museum of the Armed Forces. In Tushino Park, on the dock at the Museum "Submarine boat B-396 ", set of commemorative events will be held in public will perceive the role of representatives of the command of the Navy, the public organization" Admirals Club ", veterans organizations, military, sailors, relatives of the dead submariners.

Repose of the souls of the dead sailors prayed, and the Russian Orthodox Church. In the metropolitan church of the Resurrection of the Lord at Serpukhov Gate memorial service will be held. At St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Epiphany sea of St. Petersburg, where the memory of the crew of the "Kursk" immortalized on a plaque, also otsluzhat memorial service for the victims, and the monument to the Seraphim cemetery will be laid flowers.

Will commemorate the Kursk submarine, Makhachkala, Voronezh, Sevastopol and other towns of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus.

According to the conclusions of the government commission, the cause of death was an explosion of the crew in the forward torpedo compartment of the submarine. Commission, who worked more than 2-years old, has set a clear time of death submarine. At the conclusion of professionals, the death of seafarers "Kursk" came in time from a few seconds up to 6-8 hours after the explosion, and at the time of detection of boats on August 13, save 23 navigator who remained in the ninth compartment, it was not likely.

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