Now a day the missile troops and artillery

Day of missile troops and artillery commemorates Awards artillery in defeating the Nazis at Stalingrad, to provide a counter-offensive of the Red Army, Nov. 19, 1942.

History prazdnichka day Missile Forces and Artillery

Celebrated day of missile troops and artillery on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on November 1, 1988 and there after the official appearance of the Armed Forces. Certainly, this branch is important for our army, and means must be marked honor to honor established prazdnichek. Only once a year, these warriors get a chance to direct the attention of the entire country. To do this, they arrange a demonstration exercises, shooting and parades.
Artillery knowingly dubbed the "God of War". Hard to overestimate the role of artillery and rocket forces to ensure the country's defense.

Russian Military History is full of examples of heroism, courage and dedication shown gunners and rocketeers. The merits of our scientists provided the country with the world leader in the development of missile technology. People of Russia and the whole world remembers the names of those glorious and memorable action.
Now missile troops and artillery — the pride of the Russian army and the military-industrial complex of the country, an important part of the system of national defense, one of the most sverhtehnologichny its spheres. On the protection of strategic national security — reliable defenders.

The first mention of the early introduction of guns in Russia belongs to the distant 1382. Then, within a few days (23 — 26 August), reflecting the assault troops of Khan Tokhtamysh heroic defenders of Moscow used not only bows and crossbows, and the mattresses were of fire and guns, says Nikon Chronicle.

Today is the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery

History of Artillery

The exact organization of artillery in the initial period of its existence was not. The main purpose was to protect the artillery towns — fortresses. Artillery was a so-called outfit. The war lasted, and the value and need for artillery dramatically increased. Due to the growing importance of artillery in battles and skirmishes, in the process of military reform carried out by Ivan IV (A severe) outfit in Russia in the middle of the XVI century took shape in the corps.

In the Preobrazhensky Regiment was created by bombarding company, it was the beginning of a permanent artillery. Artillery has undergone severe changes in the reign of Peter I and received a powerful impetus for its development. And at the end of the 18th century was entirely formed Russian horse artillery.

The stark power of the Russian artillery, combat characteristics of Russian gunners were tested at Poltava, in the capture of Ishmael, in the battle of Borodino.

In the second half of the 19th century was to flourish artillery science-intensive improved artillery school.
During the Russian-Japanese War and the First World War, the Russian artillery showed the highest fighting properties. Among the priorities of the country after the October 1917 Russian administration has advanced the development and strengthening of artillery, construction companies for the production of artillery weapons and equipment. Artillery has made crucial contributions to the achievement of overall victory in almost all the wars and battles. In 1940, the artillery dubbed the "God of War", an appointment artillery justified in the fields of labor in the process of stateliness Russian war.

For the awards shown in combat against the German fascist invaders, the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 21 October 1944 is set prazdnichek — day artillery (from 1964 — the day the Missile Forces and Artillery), which is celebrated on November 19. Date of November 19 is chosen not by chance. On this day in 1942, Russian troops launched a counteroffensive at Stalingrad marked the beginning of a fundamental turning point in the war, and the artillery in this counteroffensive has played a huge role.

Rich development of artillery lasted in the USSR and Russian majestically after the war. For example, developed a new, more modern and robust standards of weapons. And it significantly increased the power of the artillery units and formations.

In 1946 was formed the first generation missile based on the 1 st of the Guards mortars. Role in the testing of the first ballistic missiles, independent of their start-ups, development of the main provisions for combat use of missile units were his main task.

In 1961 came the final formation of the missile troops and artillery as a kind of Army troops.

Today is the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery

Radically changed equipment Missile Forces and artillery fire support means. Significantly better accuracy make it possible to use radar to detect targets, laser and infrared devices, helicopters, spotters, weather stations, equipment and other topographic binding.

The active role of the missile troops and artillery perceived in the fighting in Afghanistan and in peacekeeping operations in the CIS area, a counter-terrorist operation in the Joint Group of Russian Forces in the North Caucasus. Certainly, missile troops and artillery have confirmed the highest quality of Russian artillery in all of these local wars and conflicts fighters.

In 1997, in connection with the dissolution of the Head of the Land Forces Command, the directive of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of November 22, 1997 № 314/2/0665 missile forces and artillery of the Army were converted into missile troops Russian artillery and aircraft.


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