Nyaklyaeu Dmitrieva and do not give to part with Naumova

The leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth" has transferred the leadership of the KGB's request to allow him to say goodbye to a colleague and friend, political analyst Svetlana Naumova, who died on March 10, and the farewell ceremony is scheduled for March 12. On Friday late afternoon came the reply from the KGB: "Write to the prosecutor."

Another colleague Svetlana Naumova Andrey Dmitriev, unexpectedly appointed KGB Interrogation actually at the time of the funeral. A request to transfer Dmitrieva questioning the next day was refused.

Farewell to Svetlana Naumova March 12 will be held from 13 th to the 15-hour ritual hall Olszewski, 12. Then the dead woman kremiruyuts.


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Tell the truth

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