Official Greeting Cards

There is hardly any person checks the mailbox, which is located in the entrance of an apartment building, or on the fence of its own. Check more e-mail. Soon, these metal boxes can be removed at all, and not so long ago, maybe five years. Maybe ten years ago everyone checked the contents of the box, waiting messages and greetings.

And now a tradition to buy cards before the holidays of New Year, March 8, Happy Birthday, gradually disappearing and people send their relatives and friends virtual postcards by email. But I remember with nostalgia the days when in anticipation of the holidays, I received a huge amount of colorful cards with pleasant greetings. Many on this card can not write it, because even had to stick a great brand, so that in a few lines man tried to hand over all the good things which he wanted his friends and family. In our family, such cards were stored for years.

Although the traditions of sending greetings by mail seemingly gone, and all prefer electronic communication, but many still try to congratulate relatives, friends or colleagues old traditional way using the printed cards.

Sending greeting cards and has an important place in public institutions and commercial companies, as to congratulate a business partner — it is a way to remind myself, to show their respect, but thank cooperation.

Task to prepare and send out greeting Christmas cards usually gets secretary, but in the large companies engaged in this service protocol or a department that is responsible for public relations.

What should you look for when you prepare greeting cards for business partners and more. The first line is sent. Training should begin early. Self-respecting company or the company will not send cards purchased at retail. For such cases, use a proprietary cards made to order in a printing house, which except for the figure of the corresponding holiday (New Year or Easter) suffered another logo or brand name of the company.

It is hard to imagine a more awkward situation than a misspelled name, last name or position of the person addressed greeting card. In order to avoid the hustle and bustle, the list of people or firms with the address and names, names of directors, who must be congratulated, to make advance.

Dates of departure cards, should be designed so that they get to the destination before the holiday. In our country, you can greet the upcoming holidays, and if the card will come a little earlier, it is not considered bad form. Cards, which have come after the holidays and weekends is anyone usually are not interesting. So what about the lines should not be forgotten.

Making cards is different. Fashionable text printed on postcards all the same, and then just add the name of the person to whom it is addressed. You can print a greeting text on loose leaves, you arrange for each recipient individually. Postcard usually signed by the head, sometimes two. Postcards, signed by hand with warm personal regards usually send those whom cooperated for many years, have developed some good relationships and a custom card is a manifestation of respect and trust.

Usually greeting cards are sent to the head of the firm or company, but can be addressed and the heads of departments or divisions. Card must be placed in an envelope on which the address, name and position of the recipient. Card can be sent by mail, but we consider that during the holidays it can stay on the road longer than usual of — the load on the post office, or send a messenger.

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