Officials banned does not make sense to hold on posts

Chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation Gennady Nyavyhlas would not run for another term. The former head of the Security Council and the administration admitted that the first status prevents him banned. As a result of the recent presidential campaign, which ended in mass arrests of opposition figures, Nyavyhlas again fell into the "black list" of the European Union and the United States. And the inability to visit abroad does not allow the head of his rank to effectively address the issues of international cooperation.

For example, on March 22 in Paris is scheduled UEFA Congress, which will take place during the elections of the head of European football federation. But in the present status of Nyavyhlas get there no way out. In this regard, sports functionary expressed incomprehension EU position — say, he no longer works in the administration of the president, but because nothing zaplyamitstsa could not physically.

Sports Analyst Vladimir Dovzhenko said that the decision Nyavyhlas is not evidence of his courage — they say, found strength to admit that he could not work under restrictions on the movement:

I do not think it is the courage it so to speak, "By necessity."

"I do not think that's courage, that is to say," by necessity. " If Sivakov was the minister of sports and did not entrance, he is immediately changed. Therefore that is purely practical calculation — it makes no sense to keep a man who will not admit. Especially in the Olympic movement, at the level of sports officials.

Football — this is also a high bar. But it does not Nyavyhlas courage, he just has time to go. Yes, in principle it is nothing to do and can not, because that the Belarusian Soccer reached, I think, "towers". At least, I'm not sure there will be some growth. In general, there is nothing you do not have such a sensational, and then it goes away, it's inevitable. Become chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation — for these people it's the last place. And it has to end. It is time to think about retirement, about the grandchildren … "

Election of the new Chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation held during the report-election conference of April 22. So far no candidate has expressed a desire to take the place of Gennady Nyavyhlas, but previously as an alternative to the current chapter has called the name of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas. The very same Nyavyhlas believes that for 8 years at the head of the federation created a professional machine of employees, so that Belarusian football made some successes in the international arena. Therefore, any of its successor will be organized system, which can conquer new heights.


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