Oil spills, power lines, and hunting — the main cause of death of the birds in the Russian Federation

Death of rare birds of prey on transmission lines (PTL), a massive sea birds due to oil spills, the reduction of protected areas (PAs) with the habitat of birds and uncontrolled spring hunting are the most important problems for the Russian ornithology, RIA Novosti said the president of the Union of Russian Bird (accompanied) Viktor Zubakin.

"The problems in ornithology lot. Terms of the number of rare species of dying the most alarming situation with the death of birds on power lines. Moreover die rare large birds of prey in the steppe regions of the shock on the lines that are not equipped with protective agents. Very scale bird deaths happen when oil spills, remember situation in the Kerch Strait. Very we fear such tragedies in the northern seas, where there is the exploration and production of oil will be carried out. And another problem — the preservation of habitats of birds. became more and more difficult to create a protected area with the bird places, and because the birds can not live without habitat, "- he said on the sidelines of the All-Russian Conference on the Protection of Birds Russia.

According to him, the country has a tendency to close the already existing protected areas, especially regional significance.

"We also believe a serious problem uncontrolled spring hunt. And we believe that the spring hunting of waterfowl in the south and center of European Russia is still close. This is quite a serious factor and here we are always arguing with the hunters," — he added.

Non-profit organization was created RBCU February 9, 1993, and 20 years of combined two thousand birdwatchers and tens of thousands of Russians who are not indifferent to the birds. International Scientific and Practical Conference on the Protection of Birds Russia, on the 20th anniversary of the Union, opened on February 7 in the Darwin Museum in Moscow.

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