Olga and Sergey Bobkov Shapran were awarded the Belarusian PEN-center

Evening of March 3 in Minsk office of the Belarusian PEN Centre was awarding current Prize winners Francis Bogushevich and Prize Ales Adamovich. Medal winners and honorable mentions were awarded to Olga and Sergey Bobkova Shapranov.

The decision of the jury award named after Francis Bogushevich voiced member of the Board of PEN Vladimir Orlov:

Olga Bobkov

"Belarusian PEN Centre of Fame Award named after Francis Bogushevich Olga Bobkov for a unique recovery and study of the history of everyday life of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania XVI-XVII centuries in the book "… And wonders, and fears."

In his short speech Olga Bobkov award named poetically and historically — Fleece honey. And then told me that the entire Minsk — it neapetyya poets mysterious places, mysterious traditions and stunning city dwellers. In the book — just a small part of the mysteries of Minsk, which she could talk for hours.

"Today, by the way, March 3, among other things — the first mention of Minsk. And if that famous battle took place in Nyamiha, then all over this space, we know that flew the famous Mill of Myaneskam. And I wonder what my place of work — Historical Archive — it is somehow related to this legendary event, because you can see the next piece of the river and now Perespa, which might have stood a mill Myaneska. And next tract postal Vilnius. And next to vygbe near the beginning or end of the street named after Prince Kropotkin almost until the nineteenth century was the outpost, which took in passing such a weighty tax — stones to pave our streets of Minsk. This is also a reference to the Myaneska, to the mill, which, as is well known, grinds stones of flour. "

Laureate Award presented by Ales Adamovich daughter of writer and public figure Natalia Adamovich. She said that she was very vstseshna do so, as the winner Sergei Shapran awarded the prize named after her father's book, "Vasil Bykov. The history of life in the documents, publications, memoirs, letters. "

Sergei Shapran

Sergei Shapran lyavreatski his speech began nesvyatochnymi words:

"Of course, I am very grateful for this award, but I can not say I'm very pleased that now, after the events of December 19. I think that in the context of what is happening in the country, can not be particularly happy, no one, until this is over. At the ceremony could be present and respected Nyaklyayeu and Fyaduta Alexander, who gave me the idea of the book and documentary which thus broke my destiny. do not know, for the worse or for the better, but it was suggested to me the idea Fyaduta books. "

The award named after Francis Bogushevich installed in 1996 to authors of the best books that promote awakening of historical memory and national identity of Belarusians.

The award named Ales Adamovich was established Belarusian PEN Centre and Mass Media in January 1995 one year after the death of the writer and public figure, perpetuating his memory, and as one of the founders of the Belarusian PEN Centre, for the best journalistic work devoted to actual problems modernity. Chairman of the jury was elected a national writer Vasil Bykov. Prizes were awarded in the first two years of the four categories in the areas of: the literary journalism, newspaper journalism, television journalism, kinazhurnalistyka, radio journalism. The awards were presented from September with a diploma and a sign of the winner. The first time was during the Second International Congress for Democracy and Culture "Isloch" September 3, 1995.

Prize awarded to the authors of the best nonfiction knig.Za 16 years of existence, it received about 30 people. For these years were awarded to: Anatoly Kozlovich, Pavel Sheremet, Tsigankov Valentin, Valentine Zhdanko, Anatoly Alai, Samson Polyakov, Alexander Stupnikov, Lyudmila Heydarava, Vitaly Taras, Ryhor Baradulin, Sergey Petrovsky, Herman Kirillov, Boris Khamaida, Igor Germenchuk, Michas Scoble, Sergey Shupe Sergei Dubovets, Paul Morozov, Valery Dranchuk, Jeanne Litvin, Anna Sous Paul Seviarynets, Gennady Buraukin, Valentine Oskotsky, Terry Carlbom, Hel Olaf Jensen, Leonid Mariners Navumchyk Sergey Sergey Shapran



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