Olga Bondarenko: What have I done to our family — a crime

British law firm H2O Law announced that it is preparing to initiate a private judicial investigation against President Alexander Lukashenko. Lawyers hope that a private prosecution will issue an arrest warrant Lukashenko. The basis for the commencement of the case arrests of presidential candidates and hundreds of demonstrators, as well as evidence of torture of prisoners. Especially the statement by former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. How are the initiative of British lawyers in Belarus?

According to international treaties, the use of torture, procedures exist to bring the perpetrators to justice. This so-called universal criminal jurisdiction. It allows countries regardless of where committed international crimes of inhuman treatment to the people, to treat them in national courts. In the UK, a special associations and lawyers are already used to this jurisdiction of the country.

Human rights activist Harry Pahanyaila recalls that it took place in London on the first court hearing in the case of Pinochet, who was arrested by a court in Spain:

"If there is evidence of crimes committed by Lukashenko in Belarus, ranging from theft and possible extrajudicial executions of political opponents in 1999-2000, as well as other evidence of charges, including torture in the events on December 19 — Such procedures may be made and enforced. When the English lawyers, lawyers will come to that conclusion, and send a complaint to the court, it will be considered. "

British lawyers intend to pursue Lukashenko on behalf of the victims. Former presidential candidate Mikhalevich, which is released from the KGB jail on bail, endorses the initiative of British lawyers:

Use any peaceful, non-violent attempts to stop the torture and release political prisoners, this is a very good and positive.

"It's great that lawyers from different countries to address this issue. I hope that the complaint will be filed at a higher legal level. It's nice that the mechanism involved the UN or authorized by torture, but there is an appeal to the UN Security Council. Oh, and then we will see. I do not fully understand the legal framework that will be used. But to use all peaceful, non-violent attempts to stop the torture and release political prisoners, this is a very good and positive. "

Wife prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko Olga welcomes any steps which can release political prisoners:

"What have I done to our family — a crime. Do not they have done a crime, and then, what they do them. So I'm very positive attitude to this. If this is the case began to lawyers, then they have some hope. Let's wait for the good, positive results. Approached them Relatives Sannikov's sister, the daughter of Neklyaeva, Statkievich daughter, sister Michalevic, as far as I know. "

Human rights activist Oleg Volchek notes that the initiative in the UK joined by renowned lawyers who have international experience:

"Naturally, all this torture, humiliation they collected, were monitored. Several meetings were relatives of Andrei Sannikov and other political prisoners. I think the statement of lawyers is not unfounded, and they have experience in this type of case. The law has mechanisms to begin such a process. This is one of the forms of protection: if the national law does not allow victims to protect themselves, the effect of the international law. I do not know how they will build the content itself, but the reason I think they are. "


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