Olga Neklyaeva: The day is not questioning her husband

Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu not go in for questioning by the KGB. Instead of questioning to Mr. Neklyaeva was called "ambulance" as a politician had high blood pressure.

Olga Neklyaeva"In the morning, we learned that is will be an employee. Which has never happened before, and earlier had two interviews. I just closed the apartment and left. And we did not agree. Why a stranger should be present in our apartment? . "

Reporter"And how do you explain the guards change? Why did they not left, and now have decided to stay? New orders received? "

"They do not explain anything. They say that the sign that they have not only an order, but also to protect the apartment. And why they were not there before, and now they are, when we do not have — I do not know. In the end, we agreed that this will not happen, and we will agree in advance that I was free and could not stay at home during the interrogation. "

They say that the sign that they have not only an order, but also to protect the apartment.

Nyaklyayeu refused to leave the apartment. The conflict has led to the fact that the politician had high blood pressure and he called a "first aid". The doctor examined Neklyaeva and gave him medicine.

"Now the state of health of Vladimir Prokofyevich best, but all the same his health problems remained. He had constant headaches and more concerned about pain in the back ", — said Olga Neklyaeva.

Health problems of former candidate worsened after December 19 last year, when an hour before the rally on October Square beaten unknown. Nyaklyayeu received a head injury and briefly lost consciousness. The policy was taken to hospital where he was abducted at night the security services. Only a few days later it was known exactly what Vladimir Neklyaeva contain in the KGB prison, and he was accused of involvement in the riots.

The investigation the case is not finished yet. If Vladimir Neklyaeva again going to take under protection for questioning — is unknown.

Under house arrest of Vladimir Neklyaeva contain a month. He allowed a walk in the fresh air, talking on the phone and internet access, as well as communicating with everyone except his wife Olga.


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