On Latvia collapsed element with hail and tornadoes

On Latvia collapsed element with hail and tornadoes

During a thunderstorm on Wednesday Balozi Street Uzvaras felled at least 50 trees and broken at least six vehicles, said a spokesman for the press State Fire and Rescue Service (GPSS) Victoria Shembel.

Now Balozi work not only rescue, but also employees of local public services, as soon as possible to clear the streets of fallen trees. GPSS sent to the town of additional brigades.

From local residents received new reports of fallen trees. Challenges of broken trees GPSS also received from Riga (Jugla) and Stopinu region. Any damage and destruction of information yet.

Stuck train

Due to the fact that during the storm were damaged wires, electric trains from Riga Skulte were only to Mangano, informs Latvijas Dzelzcels.

The damage has been ascertained about 18 hours, and the line was fixed to 20.00, but the first time after the restoration of the train shuttled late.

Tornado at Sigulda

In Allazhskoy parish Sigulda swept tornado, which destroyed the roof of the eight-apartment house, knocked down chimneys and scattered to pieces in a barn farms. Accompanied by large hail storm that just melted in two hours. Fallen trees damaged homes and power lines. More than 15,000 customers "Latvenergo" in Latvia without electricity. By 20.30 the number dropped to 9,000.

Thunder showers weather forecasters promise and night, and tomorrow.

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