On the ass

Disease Society, in a word. Light sentences Russians and Belarusians hard for the same lack of evidence — it is the occupation that is shown is not just facts and metaphors. And the wrangling in the private sector — is canine influenza, a pandemic, which is not a vaccine. Perhaps we should do as a Yankee in Bryl icon: two village housewives so roared at each other with these words sabachylisya that crossed all limits of decency and indecency, and when the most offensive words ran out, they began to butt each other, leaned over and slung skirt.

Behind the back of SWAT

Thus quarrel came to an end. It is a pity that so do not do on the forums. But for the environment than the opposition is not the way?

Ass, by the way, mentally distinguished Belarusians from Russian. After all, they were sent from ancient times "on", and we — "we".

Ass — another metaphor for the internal occupation. This commenter remarked, "A cynic":

"As for the broken police — at first sight striking that they were beaten back. Skazhetse at the mercy of who was behind them? Record and look at Place when nested" defender of law and order "crowd furiously kneaded clubs — has not only the first series rear performance bonus for the blood you want, and who they can reach? So obviously blind — if one of them and suffered the 19th, it is only from their own. "

We lie on the shafts of currents
We flailed everyone who in their hands
My flail. And so, in all ages …

In social networks, a new game. Exhibited quote about political developments in Belarus and have to guess when it is written — in 2010 or in 2006 or in 2001 or in 1996 …

Deja vu, take FIVE

And maybe twenty-five. If we talk about the internal occupation of the pressure belarushchyny and the reluctance of the public to give it an adequate counter-pressure.

Someone "Woman" writes:

"And why do you think that your choice of tens of thousands more just than our choice of millions? Than you better than us? Are you smarter, dumber, more beautiful, more talented, successful, rich, poor, stsipleyshyya, nahabneyshyya?? Everywhere and has always been so: the majority dictates the minority. minority, of course, offended, she does not agree with the majority of the protesters. But this law of life. "

The debate on this topic in the press turned in times of restructuring. "Writers eat the bread of the workers and peasants" was called. In the reply by the Yanka Bryl said. And it's all in the pages of the republican state (the other is not) press.

Compare with our time. The writers extracted bread from the mouth of the workers and peasants, selected House of Writers and periodicals, their alliance driven underground, and in the press is not something that there is no debate, mentioning the names of 90 percent of the domestic writers zhestachaysha prohibited.

Everywhere and always, dear woman, do not dictate the majority of the minority (dictated by the dictator), and listens to the majority of the minority — as most writers, whose minority always and everywhere called moral majority of society.

WHAT unite the nation

Moral most stores, strengthens and multiplies the spiritual values that unite the entire nation. This happens always and everywhere, where there is no "enemies of the people" of political prisoners and canine influenza.

Those who go out on the square, they are not against the majority, they are for the state to respect the moral rights of the majority. That there was a total lie State media bureaucracy and cynicism of a nation united behind the national idea.

The nation did not join nor greaves because the table is too small for the whole nation, or knitting circle. It will bring together national idea. How did this happen and is always and everywhere in the world.

In Belarus, the authorities tried to "let go of the reins" one day, on the brief. And instantly became an independent country. And the power to instantly renewed pressure moral majority. Over the past 17 years, this pressure so vychvaryvsya and multiply, and that finally led to the canine influenza pandemic.

A very clever at I think, left a comment on the site as "Woman", perhaps, the same one:

"You know, what we lack, we lived well? Tolerance.'s That we can learn from the Americans. Indeed, they suffer and African Americans and Latinos and Chinese … and we are his, who speak in Russian, ready to survive. We Belarusian language was taught to speak well and just not used to. Net Belarusian language is lovely to listen to the performances on it — a pleasure. And what we read here on this language: angry expression, curses and threats. And we want to be someone respected ? "

15 years Dmitry Bartosik in the essay "White people," wrote that does not allow himself to speak Belarusian in public, if it is not in order.

Deja vu?

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