OSHO: Life can not understand the mind, it is necessary to live.

Osho says: "Do not try to understand the life," and he was right. Because life can not understand the mind, it can only live from moment to moment.

All attempts to understand the life of the mind is doomed to failure, because all these understanding of time. Today you understand life, a month — or in ten years — a completely different way.

Life — is the mystery and the mystery can not be understood, it can just get along.

Life can not be understood

Attempts to understand life — it attempts to mind, and the mind will never be able to unravel the mystery of life, as it (the mind) is not meant for that. Can not be all things to, to explain the unexplainable and shove nevpih @ emoe, but that's what the mind is trying to do, trying to understand what life is and how it is arranged.

Scientists with each new discovery claim that they almost unraveled the secret of life, but then followed by a new discovery, which completely negates their previous understanding. And it will be forever, because life can not be understood.

"I know that I know nothing," said the Greek philosopher, the great philosopher Socrates. "I only know that I know nothing, but others do not know and this" — said Democritus, too, the ancient Greek philosopher.

What sense is to understand life, to reveal all of its secrets? For then there will be no secrets, no interest. What sense then live a life if all pre-clear and totally predictable?

Osho said that the best way to miss life — be it a certain attitude. This is because there is a relationship we have in mind, but real life is out of mind. Therefore, when we have anything to do with life — it's just a manifestation of mind, his imagination and invention. We look at life through the filter of the mind, and life is colored by this relation, fantasized mind.

Life can not be limited to any position, concept, or squeeze it in any definition, but in trying to understand life, that's what the mind is doing.

The mind is always trying to understand life, to reveal her secret, to learn the secret, and the whole joke is that these activities will never end: the mystery will never be solved, a secret never to be opened. So the mind will never get complete satisfaction, and life will make him continue to learn, to explore, to experiment. This is also the beauty of life, its mystery and secret, mysterious driving force.

The mind also takes you away from the moment of the "here and now", thus making it difficult to enjoy every moment, each of which will never again in my life again.

Osho taught to live without prejudice to life without trying to squeeze life into some philosophy or system of ideologies, without trying to understand her mind. This was the originality of his teaching, which attracted the minds of its novelty, exhausted endless search for solution to the mystery of life. And the minds of his students are now trying to understand what it means "not to try to understand life."

This is also the beauty and mystery of life, its subtle humor. God himself jokes on himself, and it's really fun.

Life must be lived

Now that we almost understand (or at least believe) that life can not be understood, the mind tries to understand how it is — you have to live life, without understanding it. And there is no peace to the mind, and never will be …

Of this there is no escape — the mind will always try to understand something, and we can not stop these attempts, because the mind and makes himself trying. If the mind can itself off, he would have already done it.

But life can be everything. Even turn off your mind. But she does not need it. For some, this fact is unpleasant for some pleasant, but for someone — this is not a fact. And those who keep up with the idea, perhaps, once again faced with the fact that life can not be understood. Because under any understanding or concept can undermine the other side and find it doubtful.

But Osho was right — life is better to live than to try to understand the mind. What does this mean? It means to drop all speculation mind all the "isms", all ideas of life, beliefs and convictions. And life go forward, open, naked, without any preliminary thoughts about it — then you can live life as it is and not what it draws your mind.

Life is unpredictable mystery, and no one can accurately predict what will happen tomorrow, in an hour, or even a second.

If a man has eyes, and they are not closed filters mind, he sees that every moment of life unexpectedly, unpredictably, it can not prepare or use the old framework of definitions or philosophies. In the mystery of life, all its flavor, aroma, a divine miracle.

You can not understand even a specific moment "here and now", it, like life itself, you only need to live.
All labels, concepts, techniques and tips belong to the past, and therefore can not fully come to the time of the "here and now". In every moment of life is new, and those who see it, also sees that at every moment (whatever it was) life is beautiful, so the question of "how it should be lived" does not arise. At such times there is no ideas, something good or bad, right or wrong, true or false. There is no comparison with the past, no fantasies about the future. There is only time now — a new and unique that you can just get along.

Osho called this state of no-mind: the mind is disabled or missing, the filters are removed, and we see life as it is. At such moments, questions arise, do not need any philosophy, religion, concepts, tips and answers. And then to know the true beauty of life.

You can go beyond the mind and see the beauty of life, including the beauty of the unpredictable mechanism — mind. In fact you, as a soul, as a consciousness, are always beyond the mind, only problem is that the mind itself creates the illusion that you're inside. This is also the mystery of life, and it is also impossible to understand, you can just get along. That is what you are now doing.

Based on the book of Osho

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