Parable of wealth, happiness and freedom

It just so happened that in our time the happiness and freedom is associated with wealth, as many people believe that wealth and provide freedom and happiness. A little parable about this.

Near the small village held a small caravan, and a wealthy merchant, owner of the camels and upsell decided to stop for the night nearby.

Seeing the sage, sitting in the shade of a huge tree, a merchant came up and sat beside her. Struck up a conversation. Merchant and then spoke of happiness and freedom, alluding to his wealth and opportunities, thus subconsciously trying to prove to myself that the ownership of wealth — it's better than having wisdom.

Then the sage suggested:
— Now that you've decided to spend the night near our village, I'll show you our little river, stroll through the forests and mountains, at the same time and talk. We've got a fantastically beautiful place.

— I can not leave your caravan and go for a walk: what if my servants would steal something? I should be around to my wealth is plundered.

Sage with understanding answered

Then I invite you to my modest hut. At night it will rain and the cold north wind, and I have a stove, it will be warm and dry, a good sleep on the road.

The merchant replied,
— No, I still can not sleep. I can not sleep at night, as worried about his wealth — how to them what had happened. Can attack the robbers, and the weapon is just me. So I'm going to protect their wealth.

Then the sage said:

Here you have a dozen camels, servants, and a lot of expensive goods. You say you possess it all. You say that you are free and happy. But look: you can not leave your caravan, even for an hour, as much attached to his wealth. Where is the freedom? At night you can not sleep because the fear of robbers. Where is happiness? Do you think that your wealth gives you the freedom and happiness, but in fact it gives you the affection and constant fear. This is not the wealth you have, this is it has you.

Minute second thoughts, the merchant agreed to:
— In this course, you are right, but what is your freedom?

To which the sage replied:

I have no material wealth but the clothes, the old hut, bag of rice and cooking utensils. These things do not make me happy. So I can walk all day in the mountains and forests, or swim in the river, not being afraid to lose what I have. This is my freedom.

— But you do not look miserable — he noticed a merchant. — What is your happiness? Teach me this wisdom.

My happiness in understanding. This is not my cabin, not my food, not my clothes and not my body — it's temporarily gives me God. So I do not get attached to it. I can not lose these things, because I've actually never been to the real owner. What if all these experiences? Moment will come, and God will take away all that he gave. This can happen at any second. So I thank God for all that is in every moment of my life. This is my happiness. I thank God for what He does not give me any more, otherwise I would have got greedy and dependent on ephemeral things. I would have spoiled the character — I would become proud and arrogant. I could not sleep at night, and had a weapon, and then waiting for the attack. I would have to constantly monitor their wealth. And I would have stayed in the illusion, believing that wealth gives me freedom and happiness. This takes me to further and further away from realizing their true nature. I have lost myself.

The merchant frowned and was silent.
— I feel that in your words is the truth — finally he said — but how do I achieve the same understanding? How to get rid of the desire to possess wealth? How to get rid of the desire to be expensive and material resources? As I understand your wisdom and achieve the same happiness and freedom?

— If you're not what I said, life will teach you everything else — through your own experience.

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