Petersburg at risk of flooding

Forecasters predicted Wednesday in St. Petersburg strong winds and rising water in the Neva. As noted in the regional Emergencies Ministry will strengthen the southwest winds up to 18-19 meters per second. Wave height in the Gulf will reach 2-2.5 meters. Rise in water level was more than 88 centimeters.

EMERCOM Russia in St. Petersburg, warns residents and visitors to follow precautions in difficult weather conditions.

Floods in Saint Petersburg are recognized when the water level rises to 160 centimeters above zero Kronstadt tide gauge. The last flood was recorded in St. Petersburg in mid-November last year. Since its base north of the capital have been more than 300 floods. The most terrible of them, which was described in Pushkin's poem "The Bronze Horseman", took place in 1824 — when the water rose to 421 cm.

Recall that in mid-September to St. Petersburg reached hurricane "Kate", which swept through Europe. "Kate" in the northern capital waiting for: EMERCOM in St. Petersburg issued a warning: the city is coming squally wind, threatening to cause waves on the Gulf of Finland to 2.5-3.5 meters. It is true that if Europe "Kate" was considered Atlantic hurricane is reaching Petersburg, it subsided. Element was walking in St. Petersburg: roofing sheets tore off houses, falling billboards and signs, broke the thick trees. So, on the Griboyedov Canal Embankment, near the house of N 148, a tree fell into the water. Because of the storm were discontinued water transportation between St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. A storm delayed the Valaam ship with Petersburg tourists.

Note that a little less than two months ago, Vladimir Putin opened the dam in St. Petersburg. Complex structures protecting St. Petersburg Flood (GLC) — a unique multi-function hydraulic structure, which has no analogues in the world. In the case of catastrophic floods complex will ensure the protection of people, strategic facilities and infrastructure of the city from the water rise up to 5 meters.

Recurrence of such events in recent years has increased — 25% of the Neva River floods in more than 300 years of observations have for the last 15 years. While repeatedly increased frequency of winter flooding, extremely rare in the past three centuries. According to statistics, in St. Petersburg, is an average of one hundred ascents of water per year, of which one to ten — with the flooding of the city. Last October, the GLC has helped prevent flooding from rising water forecast meteorologist at 180 centimeters. After closing all the gates of the complex flood in St. Petersburg just over 20 inches.

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