Pick up at the Minsk ice hockey world championship: second attempt

We already reported that the U.S. Senate introduced a draft resolution on Belarus in connection with the persecution of the opposition and pro-democracy activists. Among the proposed sanctions — not only political and economic, but also athletic. In particular, the draft resolution calls on the International Ice Hockey Federation to take from Belarus the right to host the World Cup in 2014, when the Belarusian authorities release all political prisoners.

As the general manager of the national teams of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation Sviatoslav Kiselev, official Belarusian side of the possibility of such sanctions was not warned:

"International Federations provided option changes the venue championships, and not just in hockey. In football, you know, there was a question in Ukraine and Poland — because negatovastsi facilities for the European Championships. But this is a technical failure to comply with conditions. What are the political causes in this series are not marked. At the very least, we are ready to carry out the World Cup in 2014. All the more so in that respect we are no formal diplomatic notes or documents of any of the International Ice Hockey Federation, nor from other organizations have been reported. So what's the point to comment on what someone said in the U.S. Senate, or somewhere else? The right of any person — to express their position on a particular issue, but it takes effect only on the basis of official documents. Do not have them. "

In January, the need to carry the world championship on hockey elsewhere say MEPs. In the 16th paragraph of the draft resolution on Belarus stated: sporting events such as the World Cup Championship in 2014, can not be conducted in a country where there are political prisoners. However, the foreign ministers of the European Union at its meeting on the proposal is not approved.

Paul Znavets

Meanwhile, Belarusian okolosportivnaya public is convinced that the pressure on the Belarusian authorities through sport would have perhaps even greater effect than the limitations of a political or economic nature. According to Democratic politician and sports fan Paul Znavets, already some talk about the threat to take away the right to Belarusian hockey championship will be dealt a severe blow to the image of Alexander Lukashenko — № 1 in the president's hockey team:

"We have to put pressure on all sides — and economic sanctions, and sports, and what is possible. Definitely need to cancel the hockey world championship and participation of athletes in such events — the athletes after the first support Lukashenka! Yes, I approve of Lukashenka's actions in that instance, he built a bike route. Of course, he did not personally, because it does not build, but his order. What is the rollers, infrastructure — it's all good. On ice rinks can be argued, but it's better than to plunder the money and then transfer them to the accounts of foreign banks, to conceal billion in offshore. It's better this way we will remain. However, if the regime does not understand the elemental, it must push through the most painful point. In this case — in sport ".

Those wishing to host the World Championship — the line. For example, Ukraine repeatedly claimed the venue of the World Ice Hockey Forum, the stated intention to fight for the right to host the 80th anniversary season in 2016. In This year, Ukraine became the mistress of the world championship in weaker division "B". In the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine said that the experience will be a good excuse to wipe even more:

"Predicting something difficult, because, in principle, such issues are not we decide, but only the International Ice Hockey Federation. But This year, Ukraine holds two international championships. One of them — the junior championship in Donetsk. It will take place later this month, in March. And in April in Kyiv will play the national teams of the first division. "

Vladimir Dovzhenko

Sports Analyst Vladimir Dovzhenko does not believe in what you can achieve the transfer of the championship of Belarus. But said that this fact alone should be a disgrace to the Belarusian authorities — still nothing like this in the world was not:

"Of course, there is no absolute assurance that these sanctions — pure sport — will be held. But for the first time in the history of proposed drastic action, because before the reason for the transfer was a war, apartheid, or something extraordinary. Naturally, the authorities will at every opportunity to say that the sport — outside of politics, but in general you need possible wider sanctions administered. And in business, and at "Eurovision", and for other activities. Because otherwise do not get it. Of course, I wish the athletes, but what if, as they say, spit in the eye and say the rain comes. "


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