Planes world will take from the Russian Federation

Planes world will take from RussiaCompletely new latest generation fighters now officially released only in Russia and the United States. But because the price segodnyaschy South American F35 rolls over, exceeding 250 million, then take modern fighters 5th generation will be in Russia. And not just because of the price.

Bureau "dry" developed and released "in order" plane, which briefly referred to PAKFA and one hundred percent — Budding Aviation complex tactical aircraft. This Fighter 5th generation, carrying within himself a fundamentally new technology in comparison with all the issued and flying machines before him.

At the moment, the complex PAKFA a real client — this is India. The emerging superpower pribresti plans for its own air force not less than 250 of these aircraft-minute 5th generation. And there at the Sukhoi one real contender — this South American F35 Lighting-2. But he remains a contender on paper, but in practice the cost deters many customers. In addition, a pronounced U.S. foreign policy — it's not the products that any country would like to receive the load to their aircraft.

TSAMTO (Center for Analysis of World Trade gun) sees as potential buyers PAKFA a dozen states. Among them Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, Egypt. In short, dry 5th generation becoming fashionable aircraft. If we talk seriously, those are really fashionable highest technologies, which are presented in the latest design of a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft.

Also, as customers are prevalent in Indonesia, China, Libya, Iran, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Syria. Kazakhstan, as it can get from 12 to 24 fighters, and China — to hundreds of machines. Director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument Igor Korotchenko said of aspects. Regardless of the situation and the development of international tensions, the timing and details of the supply of fighters may vary.

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