Planet X — a possible threat to life?

American astrophysicists John Mathis and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana for the first time spoke about their sensational discovery — found a new planet in the solar system — Nibiru (Planet X). However, this news does not appear to promise the world any good. That she is able to influence the movement of celestial bodies in our orbit to Earth and pull dangerous asteroid or comet, which can lead to this Apocalypse!

December 2010. Space telescope WISE transmitted to Earth by exploration of space in the infrared. At the edge of the solar system, it has registered a giant red planet.

American astrophysicists John Mathis and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus waiting for this moment for 12 years. Back in 1999, they suggested that far beyond the orbit of Pluto should be a massive object in its size is several times larger than Jupiter. And now that there is overwhelming evidence. Worldwide sensation national space agency NASA is scheduled for March 2012.

Discovery of a new planet in the solar system — a landmark event. This could change radically modern ideas about the history of the planet Earth and the birth of her civilization.

Planet X can not be detected by conventional optical telescopes. She was too far away and cold. But it is possible to "see" in the infrared. Inside it may occur, nuclear processes that produce heat.

According to scientists, they discovered planet has a lot in common with Jupiter. They are both gas giants.

Johnny Mathis: "It is, of course, like the size of Jupiter, but its mass is greater than five hundred times. Jupiter, as you know, 70 percent is composed of hydrogen, 25% helium and a further 5 — of the heavy elements. "

Expected location of Planet X — the most remote and little-known region of the solar system — the so-called "Oort cloud." It consists of gas, ice blocks and various fossils minerals. Astronomers call all this garbage.

Johnny Mathis: "This body is now in the region Oortova cloud of comets and there walks along its orbit. This means that of our sun, it fades into the distance 25,000 times greater than the distance between our sun and the Earth. "

The Oort Cloud is considered the birthplace of comets in the solar system. When — they were right circular orbits. But something causes them to break away from the usual paths and routes into the center of the Sun. Why comet suddenly change its orbit in the Oort cloud in the elliptical and head to the sun? What force causes them to do this? Answers to these questions science could find so far, have not been obtained the first images of Planet X.

Johnny Mathis: "It was really a great mystery as to why it suddenly takes off and flies in our direction? But now there is no doubt that this planet acts on them and throws the gravitational force in the solar system. "

During the movement of the orbit Planet X with its powerful gravitational field captures in the Oort cloud comet. Next come into force the laws of celestial mechanics. Skirting the massive body car gets rapid acceleration and as a sling, takes off in the direction of the sun. Possible threat to life on Earth is on the way!

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