Planetary processes on Midgard

Earth is forced to abide by the law

Yes, indeed, all over the paramount importance of acquiring planetary processes, because they set the direction of future scenarios of the evolution of the Earth, which means life and ensuring its climate.

Natural that planetofizicheskimi processes planet implanted (sic) into interplanetary space and solar-terrestrial relationships.

Hence, the entire solar system is near-space habitat lifetime of humanity, and this medium more deeply, studying, and not the "will of the people to conquer outer space." But habitat for the solar system is the interstellar medium, ie Galactic branch, with their star sequences.

Note that one turn of the solar system — galactic year — lasts more than 200 million years.
A galactic year seasons control the content and direction of evolutionary processes throughout the solar system, and the Earth in particular. This information at the same time introduces the reader to the scope and content of cosmophysical nature that ordinary people are not in demand, but they are — real and functionally very significant.

According to satellite, probe, astronomy studies was Cosmophysical processes, limits of the heliosphere (the space filled by the solar wind) have found specific portion of the trajectory on which now moves the solar system. Specificity that this interstellar medium is characterized by rapidly increasing density of matter (atoms, molecules, ions) and energy, and, consequently, the information.
And, as observed for a further three thousand years, we will fly in "local interstellar cloud" (SYH), while also penetrating the Galactic plane of the ecliptic.
Hence it is easy to guess that, finding this "cosmic sponsor" (as part of the delivery of the solar system more mass, energy and information) in the form of SYH, we "will not be bored."
That is why the focus of planetary and solar-planetary processes more clearly goes in the direction of increasing energy intensity and variety of events, ie just the process of rebuilding climate machine on all the planets of our system. At the same time, we emphasize that the solar-system laws created and binding on all the planets, and developing technical systems zakononeposlushanie Earth is "compelled to abide by the law," a special system of targeted processes (disasters), more and more "unexpected and strange."
Yes, yes, it is. And "climate change" are not only on all the planets and the Sun itself. And, for example, if the world went to the intensity of warming warming on Uranus, then we would be equal to the annual average temperature is over 120 ° C. And no it is not "scary", this information and measuring everyday fleet operating satellites and probes. Well, on the processes of "adaptation of the Sun" to energoveschestvennym subsidies by SYH, it is easily visible, and the delay in the known 11-year solar activity, and the activity of heliophysics change scenario of the 24th solar cycle. From here begins the perceived weakness and inconsistency of reality "standard solar model".
Our star was not a "simple nuclear reactor", but something much more serious, especially in terms of its function for all life on Earth and in the solar system as a whole.
Naturally the fact that a new generation of solar-system processes severely examines life manifestations and ground universal human cognition, which is just up to this point and eased excessive ambitions of political and economic editors.
But even with all of this (or the other), the scientific "information shopping" though not full, but not empty. Here readers should not confuse technical progress (and serving its engineering) with the natural branches of knowledge, examines the state of nature.
Since the vector of interest under discussion focuses on natural phenomena, and in the future will be given to natural science, that is, will take into account the rights and opportunities of the environment's, Nature itself.
Acquainted with the interstellar environment and seeing its "legislative character for the entire solar system," let's "landed" in the tens of thousands of years in the past and move into the present moment.

The warming of the planet picks

Yes, global warming is a place on Earth, but because it (warming) is the main result of the unfolding planetofizicheskih change. In addition, we emphasize that the basic principle of the existence of evolutionary processes in the universe (and the world) is their periodization. Moreover, this process vsyudususchaya periodization is closely connected with their investment of time (on the implementation and the period) with the relevant time scales. And this period we recorded accelerated energy-intensive processes — is also the fruit of intersection (a kind of interference), batch processes, as it turns out, not only the earth but also the solar system.
See, they do not just disappear and are climate scenarios for long intervals of time.
Well, then, as follows from the question of interest, it should try to solve the problem of prioritization. Immediately it should be emphasized that once and for all established ranking natural processes do not exist, and, as economists would say, "the criteria values are extremely unstable." And, turning to the specifics relevant here, we will try to adhere to a widely propagandized and already familiar form of social anxiety — warming.

Yes, of course it is, the warming (and global and regional, and local), but it should not be forgotten that in the time it takes very uneven, and in space it — "in a state of yaw on the planet."
"Hurricane" warming in recent decades are characterized Pole.
And — another paradox — the warming is on the icy expanses, particularly the Arctic, ice is rapidly melting and shrinking in size. And, following the disappearance of the ice fall sharply polar reflectivity of the Earth, and thus increase its absorptive surface that dramatically increase not only the level of the oceans, but also the consumption of energy from the sun. Here are some general sketch of the future for a new climate machine. Yes, this is the future, but not very far — 40-50 years.

Reversal is under way

It should be emphasized — it all started in the past. According to the results of a number of geophysicists and planetofizikov Heliophysics that it is a modern, rapidly warming started somewhere in 1850 (± 5 years). But the intrigue of these studies (for the date) was the detection and recognition of the beginning of the movement from the Northern Hemisphere from Canada geomagnetic pole toward our Siberia across the Arctic Ocean.
Despite the "polupriznannost, poludokazannost" this fact bought scientists, masters of disinformation food items are wrong (not good, of course) is that the large-scale planetary processes require human referendums.
As warming and reversal of the magnetic field of the Earth is under way (in particular, the 2009 Magnetic Pole from Canada moved more than 60 km / year).
Emphasize — the magnetic field of the Earth "at rest", the shifting of the poles in the North and the South is no more than 10 cm / year.

We emphasize that began polarity reversal of the magnetic field of the Earth (when the north and south magnetic poles are reversed) was preceded by significant geomagnetic troubles — jerks (large magnetic shocks) that have been identified for the first time in 1978 (Courtillot).
Transient changes of sign of the magnetic field of the Earth called the tour — a short-term change in the polarity of the geomagnetic field, the nearest to us a tour made around 2.7 thousand liters. n. (Kuznetsov, 2008). Fundamental magnetic event — is an inversion (reversal) of the magnetic field over large intervals years (Ma), opened in 1906 (Brunhes).

Need to give some more information about the characteristics and functional properties of the Earth's magnetic field.
The fact is that, apart from the two poles (magnetic dipole) on the planet there are four world magnetic anomalies in the Northern Hemisphere — Canadian and East Siberia (in the watershed of the lower reaches of the Yenisei and Lena) in the Southern Hemisphere — Priantarkticheskaya and Brazil.
And the Brazilian anomaly is "negative", ie has a field strength of about 2.5 times less than the "positive" the three above (specifically, the intensity of positive anomalies is about 60 thousand nT, and Brazil — 23 thousand nT).

Note also that all the studied paleoinversii (geomagnetic polarity) is always accompanied by a sharp warming and fairly rigid processes recreate the climate machine, which, in turn, have a significant impact on the biosphere.

Methane attack

Now let's go back to the social (not scientific) environment information and misinformation and comments about the "greenhouse gases," especially carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Misinformation is that warming associated with increased CO2, which is indeed growing, but is a consequence of warming, not its cause.

And the information is that the functional role of greenhouse gases, particularly methane (CH4), increases (Dmitriev, 2009, Yadav et al, 2009). And the specific rate of melting ice in the Arctic more heavily dependent on the speed and extent of the transition from the solid hydrate phase to the gas.

Back in the early 80-ies of the last century, at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences were evaluated volumes of solid hydrates and gas production (Trofimuk et al, 1983).
It turned out that the Siberian shelf contains about 1015 m3 of gas hydrate, and each cubic meter of gas hydrate produces about 150 m3 of methane gas phase.
Moreover, at the beginning of 1991, in one of his works at the same institute (Dmitriev et al, 1991), it was announced that "methane attack on Earth's climate." Based on the analysis of individual tubular hydrate explosions on the island of Bennett anticipated launch of the "thermal dynamo: more meta-warmer-more methane-warmer …". What, in fact, is already happening, and more specifically:
— More than 30-fold increased rate of melting ice in the Arctic;

— Rapidly deteriorating "impregnated" with methane Siberian Arctic permafrost;

— Accelerated melting ice lenses, buried ground layer;

— Grows methanization Arctic atmosphere frequented by explosions of gas hydrate shells;

— Increasing quenching of ozone (O3) in the polar areas of the Arctic and Antarctic (known ozone hole);

methane, its gas system of chemical reactions in large numbers increases the amount of CO2 and water according to the following formulas:

3SN4 4 O3 = 3SO2 6 H2O, CH4, CO2 2 O2 = 2 H2O.

And further, it is very important — it is estimated Shchadov and Tkachenko (2004), the increase in weight amounts of carbon dioxide and water by methane gas is in these sizes: 1 kg of CH4 react with molecular oxygen leads to the generation of 2.7 kg of CO2 and 2 , 3 kg H2O.

Then, for example, one billion kg of CH4 will generate 2.7 billion kg of CO2 and 2.3 billion kg of H2O, which is enough for the regional (and therefore local) modifications of the thermal regime in the direction of warming.

These climatic weekdays Siberian expanses as landfill unfolding warming, complicating (and, of course, and expensive) oil and gas production. Therefore, it becomes more and more riskoemkim process of transportation of hydrocarbons to internal and external customers.

On this specific Siberian oil and gas resources are paying serious attention to Pentagon analysts, and more recently, the world's major oil companies.

While there are political economy explanation of the relationship, the geopolitical community has to redraw the map resursoprirodnyh risks (mode-specific mapping, calculation and evaluation of the prospects).

Experts of this profile less likely to interest mathematical models, and the "only and only practical geological risks and resources." And the strategy of concrete strongly and powerfully in the report of Dick Cheney (William Engdahl, "A Century of War." St. Petersburg, 2008, p 384):

"Oil is unique in that because of their strategic nature. We're not talking about soap powder or clothes for the rest. Energy is the basis of the world economy. And The Gulf War was a reflection of that reality. The degree of government involvement also makes oil a unique commodity. This is as true for the vast control over the oil resources by national oil companies and governments, and for the consuming countries, where petroleum products are subject to heavy taxation and regulation. "

At our level of consideration given problem geopolitical debate about the "right models and tenths of a degree of warming, the debate about millimeters rise in sea level" are a prime example vysokoskontsentrirovannoy misinformation to confuse and hide data about the actual state of nature.

================= From the discussions:


Lifts the "veil of the future" — this is not an easy and very responsible. The fact that the forecasts and projections are always an element of planning, ie is the projection operator on the will of the information coming events.
Sometimes rigid planning of the future (especially in the garments of "ancient prophecies") captures the information space of potential forecasters for many centuries (for example, the system of Nostradamus). Therefore, trying to see something in the future (more or less objective), we, as far as possible, we will use information on the status of not only society, but about the state of the environment, ie the state of the aggregate planetofizicheskih developing processes, which include life.

It should be emphasized that the major damaging effects on the species diversity of living creatures has an irrepressible and destructive activities of energy supply for humanity.

A typical example of mass attack on the life patterns produced by genetic engineering. Application point of damaging effects on the body selected genetic code, and the result is evident in the huge spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The global significance of the introduction of GMOs into the biosphere of the Earth said in the (U. Engdahl, "Seeds of Destruction." St. Petersburg, 2009, p.13):

"Their goal — nothing less than absolute control over the future of life on our planet, the power of which does not even have dreamed dictators and despots of the past centuries. Staying in the shadows, behind the current project group GMOs in ten or twenty years to reach total domination in the world of food production. "

So that unfolded in the early twentieth century work on "Quality Management of humanity" through crises and wars, in the XXI century has resulted in damage to the process of global genetic codes of species diversity of living beings (including humans) on Earth.
If you focus and narrow the information space to the analysis of the results already obtained at the output of the activity of our current technological civilization, and projecting its methods, goals and means of action in the future, we find objectionable, but very reliable conclusion.
How have long identified (Dmitriev, 1988), hidden purpose of technical progress is contained in a relentless struggle with the life process on Zemle.Nekontroliruemoe and encouraged during the technological process is already leading to the self-destruction of our civilization. But the natural and evolutionary problems of life is not limited to only the task processes. Tenacity of life processes can the hidden contours of the evolutionary process to call a new generation of processes harmful to technogenesis. Orderliness special measures

Naturally, the estimated future and generating new climate machine (and biosphere diversity) depends on the planetary characteristics, ie state geological and geophysical environment. It is in the depths of the geological and geophysical environment arise and are fixed factors klimatostabiliziruyuschie next generation processes.
Trying to meet this demand, we turn major geomagnetic characteristics of periodic processes. At the same time notify the reader that the gas-plasma membrane of the Earth (the magnetosphere, ionosphere, atmosphere) are the "body" of the relationship with the surrounding geosphere space environment.
This planetary matter-energy "clutch" just and supplies external (space) signals the depths of our planet's ever-changing space weather (the term is a good and fairly common).
It is to these (external to the Earth), the signals and adapts geosphere, which continuously generates a growing variety of new processes and their combinations, and weather patterns.
The fact that the well-established classical understanding of climate and language became unusable (referring to their practical value) with the state and the changing quality of the environment. This was in the mid 80-ies of the last century and declared academician K. Kondratyev, "There comes a climate chaos …".
He was right, and at the turn of the millennia already mentioned klimatoanalitiki Pentagon introduced and diffused the concept of "hard scenario of climate change and weather patterns," previously mentioned.

Here again there is another paradox — Nature creates new series of processes and their specific outcomes and sotsioupravlyaemaya science (encouraged by political economy system) argues with the actual reality of climate rebuild.
They deny and do not take into account the new data series, because "our models do not match your data", although the data in the first place, "theirs" — namely, climatology.
That new data on the state of the weather patterns now modify theoretical climatology.
The closest example — neither of which the mathematical simulation model should not be flooding wave of melting ice and permafrost degradation is occurring right now, including in our Siberian Arctic coast (Yadav et al, 2009).
Ideological and practical programs of inertial "conquest of nature" already gives a mockery of the very real and vital processes. And in this respect is very revealing statement modern philosopher Alexander Dugin:

"Catastrophe — this thing is mental. She is intelligent, it is not just the blind forces of nature, it is a sign, this is some act which in fact is largely due to our deeds. "

As a philosopher and mystic, Dugin's diagnosis, but the diagnosis is not enough to treat. That is why in order to find a treatment and should be taken into account in the organization of activities that information which with great difficulty and risk of extracted natural scientists (biologists, geographers, geologists, etc.).
But the claims formulated in systems of political and economic structures that "scientists do not understand anything and just sit on the conference" — is one of the major mechanisms for the creation of an information and the controlled chaos of the social mechanism for the transfer of guilt.
All transferred by the technical processes by which the world was created a stalemate situation. This raises a tough question about the state of the biosphere as a whole and the question of how a warming world community to fight progressing? After all, variety and velocity of thermal disequilibrium are consequences and planetofizicheskih change, including in the entire solar system.
That is why in the world every day suddenly there are new events for which it is difficult even to find a name. The most interesting is that, in terms of professional address the problem of climate biggest flaw is contained in the research methodology.

The fact that the present is not the obvious measured and calculated climate change and on other planets.

Also increases speed and energy-intensive, large-scale conversion and a variety of geosphere and their interactions. It is already well settled, the term "space weather" is still polurabotaet in the sense that the standard way professionals are hesitant to admit that with the acceleration of evolving climate system (Space Physics), changes in the whole solar system. And the fact that professionals can not (or will not) recognize and take into account this fact, mankind will not be easy.

In the living body, the solar system is no single set of natural laws for our Earth not. And no one took our planet perform their functions in the family planetofizicheskih other planets. A man-made laws planetofizicheskim insubordination on the Earth is to the special measures law-abiding.
Maybe these special measures are in the world for the first time, then what will mean in reality our forecasts are not hard to guess. But it must be emphasized that the most acute and fatal accidents occur without the involvement technospheric processes and "economic progress." Field weakening security

Yet nature is not without a system of priorities. Let's focus on one of them — the polarity reversal of the geomagnetic field.

This process (repeatedly occurred on Earth) acquires new events, namely the events of the next generation at a given historical period of human life and activity.

So, the two poles of the magnetic field on the magnetic axis (not to be confused with the rotation axis of the Earth) and represent the geomagnetic dipole.
The field strength at the ends of the dipole, in general, is an equal. But the fact is that the opposite poles of the dipole uneven, with the acceleration of moving towards each other.
The magnetic axis of the Earth is now "rolled into the ring," and converging poles lose their strength (goes depolarization). Hence there is a "regular feature of danger."
Geomagnetic field weakens its magnetic protection, and accumulated radiation material (for example, in the ionosphere and in the adjacent space) is already beginning to increasingly "sleep" in the near-surface atmosphere.

A living example of this — a negative Brazilian (aka the South Atlantic) anomaly successfully promotes the precipitation of radioactive material in the lower atmosphere. In this case, on the eastern coast of Brazil sometimes for weeks registered increase of background radiation in the 80-90 times.

So do not be surprised obscheplanetnoy information about increasing thunderstorm activity. It is also noted a significant increase in the power of lightning discharges that affect large systems elektroproizvodstva and power, as well as increase the number of large grozopozharov.
Naturally, as the number and energy of storms come first regions with increased network faults and zones of vertical energy flow mezhgeosfernyh: region where Australia and the south of Indochina, the storm centers of Africa and Madagascar, the Caribbean area, and thriving centers of thunderstorms in South America (especially eastern " Radiation "the coast of Brazil.)
The beginning of more frequent registration of new lightning and ominous states (Japan, the island of Honshu, 08.09.2008), when localized to the low clouds (90 m above the surface) were recorded unique and long (up to 1.5 min.) Hard X-ray fluxes radiation and gamma-ray pulses of cosmic energy (20 MeV).
Gamma-ray pulses recorded and grozometricheskimi stations in the Tien Shan, in Africa and elsewhere. Particularly unusual thunderstorms occur in Brazil and Madagascar.
Moreover, the lowering of geomagnetic dipole to grow and atmospheric role of galactic cosmic rays (GCR). GCR will enhance the intensive destruction of the stratospheric aerosol, which ultimately leads to an increase in surface air temperature (Valet et set., 1993).
It is also significant that the distribution of natural radioactivity in surface air will be very uneven and, according to some estimates, the maximum radioactivity in surface air (in the hundreds) is expected in Africa (Kuznetsov, 2008).

Studies have shown that a particularly important player in the control of the Earth's global temperature variations on the stages of indigenous climate change plays a dusty atmosphere. And, as shown by measurements paleotemperaturnye most dusty atmospheric states correspond to the most cold, glacial periods the state of the Earth.
And all subsequent studies have shown that the most transparent atmosphere of the planet correspond to the warmest periods.

Now a set of natural processes klimatopreobrazuyuschih moving toward greater transparency, but a big leap of volcanic activity can change the atmosphere in the direction of cooling.

In the sequence of messages submitted by readers indirectly recommends the preparation of consciousness and way of life in a wide range of acute weather and geophysical changes. And the accuracy of scientific predictions, mostly disturbed by human activities combined. This amount consists of the technological and psychological processes. Additionally be considered fast growing energy and the instability of the totality of natural processes.

Klimatopreobrazuyuschie processes of course, structured and in general it can be represented as follows:
— Launch new climate-centers: Western Pacific (coastal areas of Japan, China) is characterized as a "warms Centre" of the North Atlantic (between Scandinavia and Greenland) is characterized as a "cooling center";
— And it seems to be true because there is "Siberian oval" maximum warming in the Northern Hemisphere, and the record cold and snow storms recorded in Europe, USA, Canada;
— The disappearance of ice in the Arctic (somewhere in the years 2030-35.) Will receive an additional solar energy, which will lead to a change in planetary circuit cyclones, anticyclones, and it will change the dynamics of the hydrological cycle (which, in fact, already beginning to follow) and the wind pressure;
— Is expected to further modification of plasma-atmospheric processes in the form of increased frequency and geographic distribution of new storm processes (with the example above, the generation of X-radiation and gamma radiation in the surface atmosphere during the passage of storms);
— Not a zero probability of catastrophic new hybrid processes in the areas of vertical energy flow, indigenous to the thickening of the fault network in the earth's crust and the areas of deployment of large-scale power systems engineering (on development and energy transmission). Unlimited nature of the program

Trying to further consider the "future scenarios of the world", we note that, of course, these scenarios are closely connected with the general outlook of the solar system.
The idea of planetary development of a single world — more than a crazy idea. A scenario is "the only man in the universe" ripens, it is natural to self-destruction "of the man."

Self-explosion isolationism of our civilization is everywhere and rapidly. In sotsioprostranstve it clearly shows fluctuations finansoseysmiki and varied wars generated by these fluctuations.

In Nature shows a new phase of her work (increasing the scale, diversity and energy disasters) and the "show of force" in the legal field (increasing the "interference" in the management of life processes — the examination of species diversity in the composition of our biosphere).

Omitting features Solnechnosistemnyh prospects touch available (I think) terrestrial technological progress and the natural systems and states. Hybridization of the causes and the deployment of new energy generation disasters (as stressed by contemporary philosopher Alexander Dugin, in the quote above) comes with the obligatory participation of humanity caught in the relentless struggle with Nature (enslaving her) on the underlying causes of technogenesis.

Naturally, the parallel transfer of existing scenarios from the present to the future will be. When Nature recreates something, it does not indulge in dummy variables (the most often done by people), and change the basic characteristics of the environment, up to changes in the physical properties of space. Well, yes, but where is the evidence? In turn, I ask: "Where denial? '.

To be honest, people have built their power on a narrow set of characteristics and laws of Nature. After all, the Unknown is much more than the known.
A person can feel the happiness of its limitations and set unreasonable ambition, but the nature of it, why? She lives and evolves in its limitless programs.
Free will, as a creative gift Universal Life is reality, strict and unambiguous. And of mankind there is no ban on the deletion themselves "from the Book of Life."
But in making this decision there has been a serious discrepancy in the form of the two poles of the human mind, "life-affirming" and "zhizneotritsayuschie" totality of human communities. And this sotsiodipol active, determined and the result of its interaction depends on the answer to the question: is there a future for humanity?
For example, Fidel Castro is convinced that species extinction on Earth threatens basically humanity. Hence the answer to the question of the future of humanity, which would make sense, depending on the development of common to all species of life programs evolution.

Impeccable herald zhizneotritsateley is Henry Kissinger: "By controlling oil, you control the state. Controlling the food, you control the population. "
Currently solved (with some success), the problem of global control of the genetic code, the response to this control is a global and total genetic default (Treasurers, 2008).
And, in the case of this scenario, the future of mankind is prohibited, as in the placement of the natural genetic code of the human species will undergo self-destruction — the species suicide. "Pulse of the Future"

We happen to live in a difficult but interesting and important time of great change in the world, to avoid that hardly anyone can. Accelerating global warming, the sprawling social and political conflicts, economic crises, the appearance is not to diagnose disease — all of this together shows a very important: in the life processes on the planet, we have reached the threshold of a new reality.

To what extent the changes occurring on the planet depends on the person? Can we make a difference?

The universe and our bodies are formed from the ever-changing energy fields. These fields interact, and create our world. People are like communicating vessels — the exchange energy, health and disease, and thereby create a common energy field. It, in turn, spreading like ripples on water, impacts on other people, the environment, the state of the elements, climate, and other processes. It is no accident since ancient times, it is known that in the areas where the "holy" people are much less climate and social upheaval. "Saints" people, matching his consciousness with the laws of nature, keeping your inner world in concentration and purity, and are able to balance the space around them.
Now and in the scientific community say about the impact of mental and intellectual activities of any man on the ecosystem level. In our country and abroad are plenty of social-psychological experiments involving human energy field. There are reports that ionizing radiation above the surface of the human body in the tens and hundreds of times more powerful than the background radiation environment.
"Our thoughts and feelings play a significant role in shaping the new reality — says scientist AN Dmitriev. — We have nothing to hide within themselves — all generate our feelings and consciousness, goes to the outside world in the form of special electromagnetic pulses, and thus affect the quality of the environment. This is the case of our volitions, emotions, thoughts — all the things from which is constructed the interior of each. And this inner space is inseparably linked with the space outside.
Time for doubts mankind no longer exists. It is possible that the fate of humanity and all other species on this planet is dependent on the choice of the present generation of people. Everyone needs to look inside himself now, impartially and rigorously assess the quality of its interior space — part of desires, thoughts and feelings — and continue to follow him, like his apartment, winding, running light and air and holding a general cleaning. Only high-quality, pure consciousness is able to withstand the chaos and any elements. And if this is a consistent collective consciousness, then we will have a serious chance to safely cross the reality of the future is to be built. "
Recently, people's interest in what is happening on our planet changes appears wider. Increasingly, these issues are heard in the media and on the Internet. Unfortunately, information often comes from incompetent sources, so contradictory and not credible.
How seriously and deeply reflected the topic in general programs of scientific research? On this and many other questions we asked the professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Alexei Dmitriev.

— Alexei, now at different levels discussed changes on Earth and in the solar system. Often to arbitrary interpretation of the new information. The science deals with these issues seriously and deeply. What happens in reality?

— Affected your topic is very high-tech and really difficult to understand. Scientists are not the first record the development of significant changes, not only on our planet, but in the whole solar system, and in their responses, I will insist on the fact that increasing the influence of cosmic forces on Earth. Changing his eleven-year cycle of activity, the sun stood still in the process of sunspot expected us, Venus is almost completely changes the atmosphere and the range of luminosity, and Jupiter, interacting with its satellite Io plasma and accumulates, it may soon light up like a second sun. Saturn, on the contrary, "wind down" and loses the inner rings, sanding the surface of the planet. Uranium tenfold increased its elektroproizvoditelnost and temperature. Began its transformation and Earth — as a structural unit of the solar system, to obey the laws and requirements of the space of the evolutionary process. What is happening now can be called a planned reorganization work, the evolutionary progress and the results of which we can not understand or cancel.

— In recent years the world has increased markedly catastrophic. The extent to which these processes contribute to human activity?

— Humanity, guided uncontested economic model violates the natural structure of the home planet: we take out and redistribute the "living flesh" of the Earth — its life and energy, minerals. Everywhere are energy technological anomaly: we build nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power, create test sites for nuclear weapons. Concentrated in mega-cities electricity is also a huge geophysical anomalies. Radio, TV, cellular saturate near-Earth space by electromagnetic waves — and around the world formed a dense cocoon of very low and very high frequencies. In other words, technospheric process destroys the communication and interaction channels Earth interplanetary cosmophysical.
Despite this transformative process on earth continues, but he is more irregular and catastrophic. Cosmic energy is uncontrollable breaking through a barrier created by our energy, promote more frequent hurricanes, supergroz, earthquakes and other natural disasters. There are other circumstances which should be aware of the need to raise the level of human responsibility.

— Today, at least talk about the impending change of the magnetic poles of the Earth. This topic generates a lot of speculation and fear. Please help us to sort out this issue.

— The phenomenon of geomagnetic reversal, is one of the natural components of the adjustment mechanisms of the Earth to solnechnosistemnym changes. There are two options: a geomagnetic excursion — a temporary displacement of the magnetic poles and their subsequent return and geomagnetic reversals — complete reversal, when the North and South poles are reversed for a long time. Land has already been through both. The geologists are even able to determine the approximate number of inversions, and to map the movement of the poles, moving on strict paths. There is evidence that the last time the poles have changed 10-12 thousand years ago. This event is consistent with regional flooding of land, some were linked to the event of the Flood.
Now scientists are securely fixed speed of the magnetic poles, but a foregone conclusion that we are waiting for, excursion, or inversion, they still can not. Many data suggest that the process began in 1850 ± 5 years ago and now accelerates unevenly. There are two comprehensive geophysical observatory, one of which is in Canada (Resolute Bay), and the second — in Siberia (Cape Chelyuskin). They register the Cavity dynamics and highly sensitive magnetometer measures the intensity of the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field. Who recorded a slow decline of this voltage. If this continues, and with the acceleration, then after 4-6 years it will be possible to speak with confidence about the future of inversion (full polarity reversal).
This was also indicated by changes in weather patterns and climate. Of the sixteen klimatostabiliziruyuschih parameters, which for thousands of years, "obey" the planet's climate, eleven have undergone a complete transformation recently.
There is also indirect evidence of the process of movement of the magnetic poles closer together. Even the military has had to take this into account: reoriented long runways to correct for the dispatch of aircraft wiring, being repeated magnitosemki their interest areas, etc.
The overall composition of the changes in the geological and geophysical environment affects the biosphere as a whole. According to some researchers, the behavior of animals and birds also shows that the geomagnetic field is changing — they have changed their migration routes, as guided by magnetic field lines. Changes and the state of the people. Meteozavisimost official medicine is considered as a diagnosis of our time. There is a growth of unusual mental states, are increasingly recorded cases of loss of spatial and temporal orientation, disabling memory. However, people wake up some new skills, are born endowed with extraordinary qualities of the children …

— If, however, begin reversal of the geomagnetic field, what long-term effects can be expected of mankind? Which threats are most likely?
— Polarity Reversal creates a sharp decrease in intensity of the geomagnetic dipole. Growing imbalance of the Earth's magnetic frame, so that is already a sharp increase of radioactivity, including the near-surface air. Precedents already exist. For example, in the world as a result of the Brazilian anomaly negative magnetic field (which is 23 000 nT, which is much lower than the voltage of other magnetic anomalies — 58000-60000 nT) is a rash of radioactive material from the Earth's radiation belts. In recent years, devices are periodically fixed radioactivity in the 80-90 times higher than normal! And can you imagine a picture almost everywhere … If we add to this the entire amount of projected changes, such as a sharp increase in the intensity of thunderstorm processes, including the redistribution of land and water bodies, increasing diversity, the number and energy meteokatastrof, etc. — will be clear: we are waiting for abrupt transition to a new life. And stand it not everyone can.

— With that in this case, trust the person, society?

— All the money goes to the technology, life, nature study is not enough. So the answer is as yet tentative …
If we are going to tie their "bright future" in the first place to the material well-being, the Technosphere material and energy control will increase. After all the material comfort and prosperity require further technological progress, and hence further races consumption. All this inevitably leads to the destruction of the laws of geological-geophysical environment — the basis of the climate, and in the end of all life on Earth.
It is no secret that the interaction between people are not only using the five senses, but also the subtle energy level. A person other than the physical body has its own electromagnetic field and gravity-spin. An extension of the organismic field — this is the experience we have in life psychic energy.
It is the psychic energy is the guarantor of life. Focused and conscious control, it applies to natural processes, to the point, which may even cause or prevent earthquakes. (Of course, this feature modern outlook sharply denied.)

— It turns out that the improvement of human rights and increase its role in the world and in space due to the quality and quantity of mental energy?
— Yes, but keep in mind that my answers will only indicate the direction in which to contemplate the man of himself. Soon, everyone will just have to solve the problem of the quality and quantity of their mental energy.
Purity of our inner world is directly related to the degree of responsibility for what happens to us and around us. Our thoughts and feelings play a significant role in shaping the new reality, they can be much easier Earth evolutionary transition in the further development of the solar system. The more people who join in the cosmic processes on the Rights of literate participants, the more evolutionary equilibrium foci appear on the planet.

NB! Siberia, scientists project that has a good chance in the prevailing climatic situation. Its territory is located in the zone of the East-Siberian world magnetic anomalies, which increases its intensity. They contribute to the life process. Therefore we can talk about the possibility of this in the beginning of a global change is not only a new favorable climate, biosphere and the environment in which perhaps even the emergence of new forms of life.

Transformative processes started and go, and the Earth is involved in them, despite the difficulties encountered. In chronicling the events included developing and we are with you. And it's time to take for granted: "If you want to change the world? Start with yourself! "

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