Plus — minus

Mikhalevich all turned into kanspirolyagav. At least among commentators on the site "Liberty" conspiracy buffs take a firm second only to those who congratulated the policy to act.

Feat Michelson

In this case, without exception replica kampramatchykav have no power, for there is no affirmative purpose. Why are they written?

History is deeds, not words. What and reminded Michalevic who publicly refused to cooperate with the KGB and keep them "secret." I am looking for something similar recently to compare, and find none. There were only words. Therefore, do not make history.

It is now said enough. The fact that the agent or agent Michalevic (once friends gave him the nickname Michelson) did it on purpose! There's no need to do anything, especially deliberately, so as not to hurt those who are sitting. And the windows Neklyaeva not necessary to demonstrate that it does not hurt. And anyway …

If there are no actions, but only the words, then the words go around the circle, run against each other, and the whole policy of turning into bickering. Remember, the last time with someone who is just in the democratic camp NOT quarreled publicly. Just canine influenza pandemic. And no end in sight. And then there was the deed, and it became evident to all that sabachannyu price. And it became clear that only moral actions will lead to the desired changes. At the very least, without them there would be nothing.

In my opinion, the most balanced comment about all this leave someone "Opinion":

"Those pieces of" pakayalnay notes ", which released the KGB, personally I have not caused any emotion — Ales it wrote all that, actually, he spoke in the debate live on. In the film (which starred art in civilian clothes. — S. D) is also not particularly look at that — and so it is known that Michalevic not an extremist, not a boor, not the "leader" of people on the area and constructive intellectual. And a fortiori valuable his openness and the fact that people are not afraid and did not break. "

Indeed, the "break off" the KGB man with a mild-mannered, bespectacled and with a nickname like love endlessly repeat a character, "is worth a lot."

Meanwhile the name of the soldier who put in a cage mosaic Yamelku Pugacheva and stopped him irrational disorder, was Michaelson.

Gaddafi and MUDAFI

Where conspiracy theories into a useful game, so it is in literary criticism.

Here's a phrase I heard in the vicinity of the legendary Krevo, where the other day an elderly rural people thus adkamentavav TV news (Russian, BT about Libya says almost nothing): "They Gaddafi, we Mudafi."

Literary mysteries sometimes razgadvayutstsa on this here intuitive-associative level. I remember when the current avtakurfyurst came to power, someone anonymously wrote the poem "Luke Mudishchav president." Professional work. I remember the ending: "Our president Luca Mudishchav chlenavoz sits in the black." Brilliantly. But the name of the author and do not manifest in these the devil knows how many years. And suddenly from the depths of the people, by the intuitive-associative level of Krevo man says: "We Mudafi."

But the most controversial (for me personally) comments these days belongs to Galina, who responded to a newspaper interview with one character's "Washington post":

"And yet there are those journalists who are willing to listen to any nonsense of the Belarusian dictator. Take his journalistic Boycott."

Boycott Galina invited to join the existing sanctions. Question: to take or not to take the interview?

Take, but with notes — where the character tells a lie. Probably, "Washington post" does just that. But in the United States and Europe, and without an interview about our reality will write what they see and what to think. Harmful effect lies only applies to BT viewer. Not only did he receive a portion of the charismatic deception, the fact that a newspaper interview — the propaganda success of power. It's not you, "Voice of Petrozavodsk" or even "Lithuanian Courier".

So, do not take. Subscribe to the Galininaga boycott.

It is true that most "minus" comment also belongs to Galina, to all appearances, the same.

Nechama NOT Ham Ham

The author calls Constantine Sevyarinets:

"Do not hold a negative emotions — it is injurious to health, and it should be protected. Dispose of all the negative emotions against dictator Lukashenko. May he get what he deserves. Hama in this case should be answered very rudely."

There is not even a good upbringing (though it, too). In the broadest sense, all our anti-regime always lead to disastrous results because of our inadequate dyspazytsyi same. In order to adequately respond to the dictator, or need large material strength or fortitude and internal culture. In the first case you find yourself with the enemy on equal terms, in the second you — Guliver in the province of Lilliput. There is a third option — Guliver among giants.

Galina calls her character "the devil incarnate." It should be borne in mind that the devil — is embodied irrationalism. And when we start talking to him, "his tongue," we zbivaemsya on irrational thoughts and actions. And once again a big score lose.

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