Polish cities attacked marten

In Polish cities through established work kennels for pets, rare to find stray cats or dogs. The authorities carefully monitor to abandoned or have lost pets do not go in the street, creating a threat to local residents.

However, after solving one problem always comes another. Functions vagrants, consisting in small hunting and garbage dumps study, are successfully performed marten. These small, but agile and intelligent animals flourish in urban environments and, judging by the speed of their spread, are going to live near people for long.

According to experts, urban residents have to put up with the presence of martens in their immediate vicinity. No one knows how many of these animals live in a particular place, as they are almost impossible to catch, and even harder to find. We only know that in cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Szczecin account already in the hundreds.

According to the researcher Marten life in cities of the Jagiellonian University Vezhbovskoy Isabella, "the cause of the growth of their population are favorable conditions that have arisen in recent years." "We created the urban ecosystem, the ideal habitat for animals like marten," — she said.

Most often, they settle in basements and attics, which often can create a lot of noise, playing or conquering territory. In addition, the location of their settlements quickly appears very unpleasant smell. Sometimes small predators sneak into houses and apartments where to find something to eat can also create a serious mess. Martens and the drivers do not like, because these animals often gnaw in range cables and wires in cars. Experts advise to cover the bottom of the cars parked on the street grid to agile hunters could not get to the important parts.

Faced with the problem of unwanted neighbors city residents seemed to find a way to deal with them. As you know, martens are afraid of larger predators, sometimes even domestic cats. To discourage newcomers resourceful Poles appealed to the local zoo with a request to get rid of the waste products of lions and bears, which they then laid out on the roof and in the basement, thus venturing martens. After a while it appeared that the exiles will soon return to their homes, because, by their very nature are true once the chosen home. "Martens is very territorial, quickly tied to the environment and fight for his place," — emphasizes Vezhbovskaya.

Zoologists point out that the presence of martens just need to get used to and do not fear them. Besides small predators bring some benefit to the city. Usually they eat small rodents, birds and their eggs, in an urban environment, they successfully hunt rats and pigeons, adjusting their population.

"Knowledge of the people living in the cities of wild animals is small, and therefore the shape of marten, runs across the street is still a surprise," — concluded Vezhbovskaya.

Scientists involved in the issue, began questioning residents of cities, in the future to develop training and educational programs. The purpose of Zoologists — to teach citizens to peacefully coexist in the neighborhood of small predators.

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