Pollution of rivers will lead to disaster

Pollution of rivers will lead to disasterThat throw off contaminated wastewater into the river only after cleaning them, everyone knows. But often there are situations when the construction and launch of sewage treatment plants is economically viable enterprises. And in some cases it is associated with many difficulties (such as in the pharmaceutical and polymer industries).

University of Minnesota, in particular Dr. Jessica Ward, conducted special studies. Their goal was to determine the relationship effects of bisphenol A (BPA) on the river inhabitants. Was chosen for the control of two types of fish: black and red Shiner Shiner.

They are most often found in rivers located in the United States. To make it more clear, BPA — an organic compound. It is used in the production, including the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics for baby products (bottles). This material is already banned from use for such purposes in the 11 U.S. states.

The consequences of the use and pollution of rivers

Such studies were carried out in the past. Honors last was that the effect was not found in the individual in isolation, but in the entire population. To do this, a number of selected representatives from each species. They were placed separately in two containers. Water that has been poured there, contained bisphenol A.

They were kept under these conditions for 2 weeks. And on the 15th day of the two populations combined. They then tracked the slightest change the appearance of the fish, the deviation in their behavior when choosing a partner, etc. And here they are waiting for an amazing discovery.

Despite the fact that in natural conditions the representatives of these two species do not interbreed, after exposure to BPA that barrier no longer existed. That is the concept of an attractive partner changed radically. In hybrid individuals.

It would seem that in this so terrible? But imagine if interbreed will not so closely related species of fish. This will lead to disruption of the ecosystem, redistribution within environmental chains. Which in turn will have unpredictable consequences.

The impact of BPA on humans

Scientists came to the conclusion that the human body is a substance affects this way. It is a violation of the endocrine system, which controls the production of hormones. As a result, human figures are shifted its rating scale beauty of the future partner, its behavioral characteristics.

The worst in all this is that polycarbonate plastics are not limited to use. The production of goods offered body-life.ru, is a chemical compound was used.

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