Prediction of Leonardo da Vinci

Prophecy of Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian Renaissance artist. Maybe next predictions when it comes to a neutron star ("will come from the sky one"), shifting the Earth's axis, and the catastrophic consequences caused by the gravitation of star — changing topography, capturing part of the earth's crust, atmosphere and hydrosphere of the planet.

Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in the works of the fire from the sky, "People will feel that they are in heaven see the new disasters, they will feel that they fly in the sky, and in the fear of leaving it, escape from fires, erupting out of it …" .
943. Will be great winds, which shall become easterly winds western and noon for the most part, mixed with a run winds will follow him to many countries (the impact on the attraction of the star atmosphere of the Earth, so that the entire planet will begin strongest hurricanes).
942. We'll see how the trees of the great forests of Taurus and Sinai, Apenina and Atlanta running through the air from east to west, from north to south, and they will be in the air a great many people. Oh, how many vows! Oh, how many dead! Oh, how many partings of friends and relatives! And how many will be those that will not see their region or their country and who will die without burial, the bones scattered in different parts of the world!
910. Many will die from crushing the head, and the eyes of them for the most part will pop out of their sockets …
875. Many, too quickly releasing breath, lose sight, and soon all the senses.
Perhaps in predicting № 910 and № 875 Leonardo da Vinci predicted deaths due to a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure as a result of the capture of the Earth's atmosphere of a neutron star.
1011. The great mountain, though far from the sea coast, driving the sea from its place …
1007. Most of the sea to escape the sky and will not return for a long time (the capture of the hydrosphere of the Earth).
1017. Many terrestrial and aquatic animals rise up among the stars …
923. Rapidly fall to the ground one who gives us food and light (high solar activity).
924. Trees and shrubs of the great forests turn into ashes.
951. After all, the earth turns red glow from the many days and the stones will turn to ash.
912. Aquatic animals will die in boiling water.
1009. Many will be those that will grow on its own ruins …
982. People will sleep and eat, and live among the trees born in the woods and fields.
996. Dead people will go through their own guts.
895. Many will gut their home, and will dwell in their own guts (hunger).

Puzzles without otgadok

Among the prose works of Leonardo is mysterious "Prophecy" is a kind of game of riddles and clues. Rather, he prepared them for the entertainment of the court or a secular society. Leonardo gave a verbal description of the phenomenon, the true individual characteristics, which, if possible, at odds with the substance described. At the same time the most mundane thing turns into its opposite. Student also had to learn a thing and call it by name. The task of da Vinci is and was, on the one hand, as much as possible to separate things from the description of the signs to actual appearance, but on the other — do not break the bond between them.
Here, for example, Leonardo da Vinci encrypted riddle "On zapelenutyh babies": "The maritime city, I see you, your citizens, both women and men, tightly bound by strong ties of the hands and feet of people who will not understand your speeches, and you can ease your suffering and loss of liberty only tearful complaints, sighing and lamenting Intermedia themselves, for the one who contacted you, you would not understand, or you do not understand. "
Something similar has been written about them sucking children: "Many Francesco Domenico Benedetto and will have something that does not just eat one next door, and it will be many months before they can speak."
"Oh, how many will be those that will not be allowed to be born" — as he wrote about eggs, of which hatched chicks.
Many puzzles have encrypted prophetic meaning. Researchers believe that some of them managed to solve the puzzle. For example:
"It will be in the air rush sinister feathered race, they attack people and animals, and will eat them with a great shout. They filled his belly with red blood" — a prediction, say experts, is very similar to the creation of the Aircraft, aircraft and helicopters.
"People will talk to each other from the most distant countries and respond to each other" — that is, as not a prediction of the invention of telephone, telegraph and radio?
"A lot can be seen scurrying for large animals in a fast run to the destruction of his own life and a quick death. On the ground will be visible to the animals of different colors, carrying people to destroy their lives" — cars and all sorts of armor.
"Many will be some who will move one against the other, holding a sharp iron, they will not cause other harm to each other, but fatigue, because as far as one would bend forward, so the other will recede. But woe to anyone who gets on balance between them, because it eventually will be cut to pieces "- two-handed saw.
"Many will be some who will flay his mother, turning her on her skin, using the terrible beast" — agricultural machinery. The same applies to the other saying, "we'll see how to turn over the land upside down and look at the opposite hemisphere and open holes savage beasts."
"Animal skins will lift people out of silence with great shouts and curses" — sports balls made of leather.
But the prediction of potential disasters associated with warming: "The sea water will rise to the high mountain tops to the sky and fall back to the home of people.'ll See, as the largest forest trees will be carried by the fury of the wind from east to west."
But there is a Leonardo da Vinci and such mysteries, to whom the researchers lost. Maybe you can explain it?

* Asunder … Come out of the land animals, clothed in darkness, who with amazing swoops will come on to the human race, and it is brutal bites, with the shedding of their blood will be devoured.
* People will walk, and do not move, they will speak to those who do not, will hear someone who does not speak.
* There will be ruined countless lives, and in the land will be made countless holes. Then most of the people who were left alive, thrown out of their homes priberezhennoe their livelihood on the free birds and land animals, does not care about him. People will throw away from their homes, those provisions which were intended to sustain their lives.
* Will the time of Herod, for the innocent babies will be taken away from his nurse, and die of the great injury of the hand of cruel people.
* Many of these people will be, which will hide themselves, their children and their supplies in the depths of dark caves, and there, in the dark, they will feed themselves and their families for many months without any artificial or natural light.
* Will be seen both in the air at a great height huge snake fighting with birds.
* Most of the male will not be allowed to breed, as they are taken away from the testes.

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