Predictions 2008-2179 gg.

Ilya Klimenchuk — Head of the Interregional public organization to promote cultural and spiritual development of people "Holy Russia" and the Center for Studies of heaven "Most Holy Trinity covenant." "The Book" 250 prophecy "- a collection of predictions made and recorded by the author from 1987 to 2011 in different materials, publications, and presentations.

2008-2014, the breakthrough in science and medicine, the discovery of a cure for cancer and AIDS, the end of the Iron Age, the transition to the golden age, the beginning of the events described in "Revelation." (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008, partially fulfilled).
2008-2014. Find a cure for cancer and AIDS. This medicine will give us a Virgin. And iron, which will be part of medicine, according to the books of the biblical prophets, also symbolizes the clash, the end times. Therefore, the period 2008-2014., For which would be defeated cancer, AIDS, and iron deficiency anemia, can be regarded as the beginning of the events described in the Apocalypse of John. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008, partially fulfilled).
2008-2014. The beginning of the events described in the Apocalypse of John. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2008-2018 The opening of drugs prolonging human life to 140 years. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008, partially fulfilled).
2008-2024, the "collapse" of the existing world order. Antichrist — the name of the most influential financial interests in the world and for the people of the majority (two-thirds of humanity) that supports them — a society in which people are only interested in money. The main problem will be the hypocrisy of the authorities. Will stop production, because it would be "unprofitable". To find the bread, you will need to lie. (Described in the book "Holy Dome" in 1999, partially fulfilled).
2008-2024 years. The revolutionary breakthrough in medicine. Baltic States, Northern Europe and Ukraine will play a leading role. Here the Apostle Andrew priugotovlyaet way to Christ, which is the salvation of spirit, soul and body of people. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008, partially fulfilled).
2008-2024 years. The harvest of the Lord, "separation of grain from the chaff," the disappearance of the Earth's material and spiritual theft era radical reformation of the earth, he approved the spiritual values of the Sacred Spirit. (It is said to travel to Bulgaria in 1999)
2008-2024 years. There will be a transitional period of New Reformation, when the "grain separate from the chaff", ie love of peace and sincere friendship separated from power and greed. And the day is near when the Macedonian visionary Vanga predicted would "clean Russia" will be a real friendship in Russia. Russia, the purity of relations will march around the world. (It is said in class "Iron" in 2000)
2008-2024 years. Home association of church denominations and different faiths. New discoveries and new tests on the proportion of humans (Pluto in Capricorn). The same aspect, but in a different map, formed in 2012-2015. (Saturn in Scorpio). This interference will create conditions on Earth recently (end of the world). It is known that impulses stars of Capricorn and Scorpio is tectonic changes (volcanoes, earthquakes, radiation). (Set out in the "Principles of Natural XXI century", Moscow, 1998)
2008-2024 years. Among the people who will purge. This preparation for a new life has begun. In the Gospel, she is called "separate the grains from the chaff." Here grain and new life — selfless, sincere relationships between people, selfless people. Tares — greed and "korystniki." A new and better humanity involves the true power, the beauty, the good, joy, purity, knowledge and faith. Sweeping up trash — mutual suppression, jealousy, ingratitude, malice, sticking, implementation, lies, unbelief. Jesus Christ according to the Gospel, described the transition to the "golden age" in the world: first, there will be impostors declaring themselves "gods." The most compelling of these will be the Antichrist. Then go to war, earthquakes and confusion. Simultaneously, the Gospel will be preached to the Gentile nations. Preachers are persecuted because of what the world will fall to new diseases. Of the Holy Spirit will speak face new prophets. At this point comes the Apocalypse: doctrine and superstition cast out of each other as children and parents, come drought predicted by the prophet Daniel, Jerusalem surrounded the troops, that is, true doctrine is violated, until end of the Antichrist and the Gentiles. And people will go to the mountain on earth will reign sadness and bewilderment. Between people will fear and expectation management. Then, the Anointed One, to come into the Most Holy Spirit to God's power and glory, free thanks to God, trusting to the end. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2008-2024 years. A new era of reformation and development of the world of medicine, the "separation of grain from the chaff" (see "Zwingli Reformation" — the basic premise: the spiritual power has no support in the doctrine of Christ, while the secular power is due to them). The dissolution of the church hierarchy — "institutions" of the Papacy and the Patriarchate. (It is said to travel to Bulgaria in 1999)
2008-2038 years. The new doctrine, new prophets, Russian spiritual brotherhood, the treatment of cancer and large-scale festival of spiritual art go to Russia at the same time like lightning, described in the New Testament and the Indian scriptures for coming time. This lightning will continue from 2008 — to 2038 and will be the Apocalypse, ie the end of the era. Apocalypse — a periodic phenomenon, anticipating changing earth aura and consciousness of the coming of a new era. (Described in a letter to the journal, "Russians" Bogdanovich in 2001)
2010-2014. Training of military operations in the Mediterranean. Since the end of 2010 a new war clouds gathered. The world will be on the verge of war. In the first war to be stopped. But the second time the aggression may be stronger than peace. Holds the key to the plight of the Albanian mafia. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2010)
2011 Failure to scientists with experience — nuclear tests, experiments with genes and the new, not yet widely known types of radiation and energy sources will lead to major disasters, which we will start to see in 2011, (It is said in a private conversation in 2002 ., partially fulfilled).
2011 Sun "will move" will begin intensive melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice, the characteristics of Earth's rotation will change. (Set out in the letter and Wieliczka Bozidar Angelov in 2010).
2012 Great things happen when the year of iron (according to the years of the Dragon Oriental calendar — 2012, 2024) will give birth to a month of iron (month of Aries — March-April) and the day of iron (Tuesday). Then the "twin twin kill." It is known that the United States and Belgium (Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, NATO office) impulsiruyutsya stars of Gemini. (Contained in a private conversation in 2008)
2012 Iron identifies important events. Metal "hardware" bear a cure for cancer, military events and intellectual development under that name. Aries month and year of the Dragon, as well as people born in this combination of characters also meet Mars and iron. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2012 Main fatal to humans will occur in April 2012 and November 2012 This is the time when the "iron iron bear," and "twin twin kill." These events will be the impetus for change in the mass consciousness of the people towards spirituality, starting with November 2014 (as contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2010)
2012 will come to understand that the message of Jesus is ahead of all knowledge, its adoption promotes creativity, building and expanding the boundaries of any scientific method. The time will come believers scientists. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2012 According to Scripture, the time is divided into gold, silver, bronze and iron age. The end of the iron age in which we are, and symbolizes the end of time. At this time, the country's iron, which include North Korea, South Korea, Albania, Israel, Italy, Syria, Turkey, acquire special pressure, which can lead to a new war. (It is said to travel to Greece in 2003)
2012 U.S. hit by floods, radioactive contamination and economic decline. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2012-2018 years. A great deal of spiritual struggle. Russia will take on the role of the world "washerwoman." "Religion" is not the Antichrist Ecumenism (religious association) and the newly established religion — it is not needed. "Religion" Antichrist — the consciousness of the inhabitant. The global financial system, global information systems (Internet, TV), the global road system, the global political and entertainment industry (which, by the way, are all the many modern priests and church) — constitute a single anti-Christian faith, "household ecumenism", "real life" . While we looked for false teachings and excommunicated from the Orthodox Church of decent people, unknown to us, and most importantly — very convenient for us, there were innovations disease in which the Antichrist and adopt its fragility and evil power. By religion it is a Mohammedan ("with shades of Buddhism"), because, according to Jewish prophecy, "Messiah" will come in the last Temple of Jerusalem, which is now owned by Muslims. (Described in the book "The Fellowship of the North — white robes Holy Russia" in 2010)
2012-2024 years. Although the old and gone, the earth in the last days will not be destroyed. Mankind will enter into a new, higher state of planetary mind which can be described as spiritual. Revive the spiritual medicine. Science and even sport become spiritual. Russia will give this example. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2013 Vertical Putin-Medvedev and supporting clans will change. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2013 The Russian authorities will begin to prepare for open war with the people. King Herod, backed by the rabbis and once ruined thousands of innocent lives, in our time — Vladimir Putin. A police-criminal power is growing stronger, "compress" Russia. But it will take time, and the facts will prevail over deceit, the truth will win. It will change "business as usual." About Herod remain empty chair. Remembering his methods, no one wants to go with him, "the company." Former colleagues renounce his empire. And Herod himself defeated amid the apparent "huge support". White clothes and mean that a person should rely on the truth of life, preserve the spiritual values regardless of the opinions of philistine "majority." Only then will he become a man of God. (It is said to travel to Ukraine in 2009)
2013 people will start to see dead relatives, both living and talk to them personally as the living. From this point you can not hide anything. Many secrets of history and modern life be known. (Letter to the Heads of State of 31.08.2006, sent to the heads of state of the leading countries of the world in September 2006)
2013 The emergence of new infections, of which is not immediately able to find a cure. Earth will become a "hot", the drought will intensify. There will be new diseases legs, breathing skin. Later came the eye disease and new cloud judgment, which will affect primarily nizkoduhovnyh people. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2013 defeated Russia in the Caucasus. South Russia oppose Moscow. Don Cossacks formed a republic. Caucasus to coalesce with the Cossacks. Russia will lead to the disintegration of the church interference in politics (Babylon in "Revelation"), the formalism to the common people, the total hypocrisy of the authorities, who imagines himself "the emperors and patriarchs of Constantinople", and continued emphasis on greed and the "race to the enrichment" (the false prophet in the "Revelation"), covering two-thirds of the society. (Contained on the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2013 begins "Ural dispute" in Russia on the future of Siberia and the Far East. "Territorial polyarchy" eventually will be eliminated. Because of the coming world of heat, the population of the equatorial and southern countries will settle Russia: Siberia will become the Asian settlement, as it should again. As a result of this process, China will become more orthodox. From 2040 to open the doors of Tibet. (Contained on the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2014 In recent times avarice openly rebel against the truth. Victory of truth, heavenly doctrine, orthodox Christianity will develop. In the final battle will be no winners, but Christian countries, who will speak on the side of Russia, to approve. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 World dissected on race, nation, religion, the state before the merge, will pass through the war and the active movement of people. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2014 Start of mass discovery of spiritual sight, the resurrection of the dead. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 will be significantly altered the gene pool of humans that allows people in the future to own all the psychic abilities and effects. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2014 to 2012 will not be the "end of the world" because of the disaster — the world will continue to evolve, but in 2014 will start rising from the dead, and this is a more serious problem for the transformation of the world's community. (Contained in the article "The prophecies of the Sacred Spirit" in 2010)
2014 human gene pool will change because of the use of new radiation and radiation leaks at the artificial objects. Because of this more and more people will begin to see the spiritual vision. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2014 major changes in Russia will take place in December 2014 and January 2015., Marking the transition to a new country — Holy Russia. This will contribute to the global environment. Up to this point, Russia offers natural and social upheavals, which will be the result of improper political system, as well as unwarranted stubbornness on the part of intelligence agencies merged together and the church. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2014 intensive melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice to inundate the western coasts of continents. California coast will be flooded, and Texas. U.S. suffer from radioactive contamination (due to accidents at nuclear power plants), and economic decline. The development of oil fields in the U.S. will be unsuccessful. Because of the oil water leaves the ground. This will lead to shock during rotation, a shift of tectonic plates and increased volcanic activity. Additional heating and accidents lead to poisoning of nature that will cause massive mutation and disease. Hit island states. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008, partially fulfilled during the earthquake in Japan in March 2011)
2014 Coronation of truth in Russia. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2010)
2014 people turn inward. This will be a turning point in history, when will recover the lost "links" of knowledge of the true faith and life. (It is said to travel to Bulgaria in 1999)
2014, millions of people will affect fertilizer poisoning, radiation, hydrogen sulfide, chemical poisons and related diseases and infertility. Attempts to deliver will increasingly lead to mutations. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 The beginning of the resurrection of the dead — the mass opening of the spiritual vision. People will begin to see the "invisible" world. In the spirit of rebirth, resurrection or rebirth described in detail in the ancient scriptures. The individual human aura is opened and after cleansing goes into an infinite and eternal "aura", called the Most Holy Spirit. At this point, there is a "replacement" of individual thinking on cosmic consciousness. Opening personal aura — a painful process that requires further clarification of thoughts and feelings with complete abandonment of selfishness. In the east, people with an infinite and free "aura" called "twice-", or "raptured." Their consciousness is merged with the Spirit of God, and so on forever. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 Start time believing scientists, which will begin with the opening of a cure for cancer. This medicine will be made on the basis of the juice of herbs, infused with a special gland on the field of action, as yet undiscovered by science. Cancer — a deadly disease, and its treatment requires not only scientific knowledge, but also a strong belief in the salvation of all those involved in this matter. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 Home Education Baltic Union — Union of the Baltic countries, fastened Varangian past: the north of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and (Norway). (It is said in a private conversation in 2009)
2014 The beginning of the end times on Earth, establishing a severe drought. Scorching heat, as a metaphor of human jealousy and volcanic fire, as a way of a higher power, God purge our minds in the crucible of universal law. This is the time and the beginning of large-scale disasters of drought, and then begin a general resurrection of God's Spirit. "Message Rupite" when in 985 under volcanic ash killed the whole city was in a baptism of fire, which is repeated in December 2014 Since then begin a general resurrection — a mass opening of the spiritual sight, which would be a consequence of natural and social upheavals. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 Since 2014, people will start to see dead relatives both living and communicate with them in person. At this point it will be impossible to hide anything, and many secrets of history and modern life be known. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2014 begins the resurrection of the dead, the biblical prophets predicted. People will begin to meet on the streets of their deceased relatives. But will it not, that the dead bone suddenly "come out of the coffin." — From 2014 to begin mass discovery of spiritual vision. It will become a social phenomenon. Starting this year, nothing will be impossible to hide. People will begin to see with spiritual eyes spiritual beings and their "dead" ancestors. Public consciousness enters a new phase of rethinking and radical restructuring of all spheres of life. Many leaders, especially those who are now on the side of falsehood and evil, ever leave us. Therefore, 2014-2015. time will change in leadership in many European countries, in America, as well as in Russia. (Contained on the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2014-2018, the Flag of Holy Russia and its subsidiaries will not made by Christ — the image of Christ's face on a white canvas. Christ in white snow-capped mountains of Tibet, the Himalayas, the Carpathians, in white snow, dressed in the north, clear Russia will come again to earth. Russia will take him first. The arms of Holy Russia will become an icon of the Virgin "Burning Bush", as comes the drought. (It is said to travel to Ukraine in 2009)
2014-2022, the time when the spiritual light people will start to see each other as the stars and shiny balls. Many take the UFO people visiting us from the future. About human spirit shines as the light of a star. Of the Holy Spirit — is the eternal and infinite God's luminous star inspiration. (It is said to travel to Bulgaria in 2003)
In 2014 Andrew in the modern era is an important mission: The Russian Navy will play a big role in future military events — between Greece, Albania and Turkey. (It is said in a private conversation in 2000, in 2007, in confirmation of the words on the windows of the apartment on the 11th floor was placed a large flag of St. Andrew).
2015 will be the Balkan alliance between Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia, with its capital in Petrich. New forms of Macedonia. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2015 Reunion of the Slavs. Russia will support Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Greece. Start a revival of socialism in Russia — but the flag of the Holy Trinity. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2015 Renewal of the natural processes of the merger, but under the banner of God the Savior. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2015 Home "reshuffle" the emphasis in science, religion, in the well-established theories and concepts. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2015 The start time of the baptism of fire and the establishment of a "golden age" in the world, for which all the apostles came back to Earth. Apostle Andrew paved the way for Christ, as He commanded, — baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity — the God of Heaven, the Holy Spirit and Anointed. Andrew preached in northern Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltics and Ukraine. Today, St. Andrew — it Likhachev, and commanded the edge — a series of "Literary Monuments", the editorial board of which he headed, working in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). The first important time for the new results will be seen in 2015-2016., And they will be connected with the revival of northern Russia and the Christianization of the peoples of Asia. (Set out in the letter and Wieliczka Bozidar Angelov in 2010)
In 2015 formed an alliance between the Slavic countries, as well as Romania and Moldova on the basis of the Orthodox faith. (Contained on the blog "Pure Russia in 2011)
2015 Russia will return to farming. Improve the nation, people will become calmer. The country is flourishing agriculture and medicine. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2015 convergence of the Slavic peoples. Russia to return the ancient name — Holy Russia. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2018 When the Arctic and Antarctic ice will begin to melt hard, moved the capital of Russia in Vladimir. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
In 2018 Russia will come true and eternal religion, which is characterized by the absence of bigotry, attempts to "chained" to the cash drawer and educate believers. (Described in the book "Holy Dome" in 1999)
2018 will find a cure, prolong human life up to one hundred and forty years. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2018 Upcoming 21 for Russia will be a time of transformation of all sectors, the age of qualitatively new and great discoveries. Leader of Russian spirituality and science. In Russia, the devices will be created for new radiation can cure cancer, AIDS and other diseases. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2018 Russia will return to the old Russian way of life, to the collective farms, returns Saint (North) Russ. Will Novgorod Veche. First revived northern Russia, the land of Novgorod and Yaroslavl, whose role will increase. (It is said in a private conversation in 2007)
Russia will rise again in 2018, provided only three benefactors: harmony, purity and peace. (It is said in a private conversation in 2001)
2018 Solovetsky earth will shine a bright light as a spiritual "republic." From there on Earth comes Petro Andreev White Brotherhood, founded in the lands of the Novgorod Republic monk Zosima and Germany. Brothers of the Apostles Andrew and Peter impulsiruyut through St. Petersburg (Karelia) and in St. Andrew the Russian fleet, which should perform the task of baptism in all countries. At the same time, Orthodoxy change, given the demands of the time, and adopt a new, Indo-Slavyanka Bible. (It is said in a private conversation in 2009)
2018 to establish peace and mutual understanding between Orthodox Russia and Georgia. Georgian state exalted. Its name change (Iberia). Then change the name and the Russian Federation (Russia). (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2010)
2019 will be the Slavic Union. It will begin with the Union of Russia and Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. In April 2010, a mistake was made, which resulted in Poland have tried and are trying to get to "unite" with Russia. But should be combined with allies on a harmonious, open the script and not the competition for "Byzantine" destructive scheme. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2010)
2019 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which form a corridor between Europe and Russia will be a strong economic recovery. This will contribute to the alliance with the Northern Rus and Scandinavia, pharmaceutical development in these countries. Formed Baltic Union. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2019 It all comes back "to normal." Beginning in 2019 returned to Earth "golden age", as described in the ancient Indian books as "Time of Truth": people of this age are friendly, gentle, full of self-control and forgiveness, respecting one God and one supporting teaching. They follow the equation, their soul has good skills. Thriving labor, trade does not exist. Life passes in one accord, love and happiness. In the future, the decisive role in this process is vested in northern Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic states. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2019 Although the Russian church and dissociates itself from Buddhism, it is no secret that now Siberia being developed by the Chinese, and that, anyway, — of the Most Holy Trinity Christianization of Asia — a future challenge Russia. (It is said in class "Iron" in 2000)
2019 Edge commanded — north of Russia, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Ukraine, and the center of Europe in the Carpathian Mountains, where most of the Apostle Andrew preached. Hence the world of the most important changes will come when many people will the true gift of Providence. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2019-2024, the country Capricorn combined in the future offensive in their "golden age" after the Second Coming. This — Bulgaria, India, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Russia, Estonia. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2020 final peace between nations sign is above the seven heavens, God. Therefore, in the ancient scriptures of God and His messengers are called "eight." "Eight" is also known as yet of the Eighth Ecumenical Council, who will sign a final peace in the world. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2022 will be the flowering of art, culture and science. God comes to Earth as a patron of science and art, as a healer. He is as pure mnogosolnechny light mastermind musicians, poets, philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians and physicians. In Lira, Heaven, on which he played, seven strings. He heals the body, mind and spirit by associating us to purity, harmony and peace. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2022 will come a time of miracles and major spiritual discovery. Biblical and modern prophets directly pointed to the spiritual foundation of science, medicine and society. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2022 Russia (Russia) will be Marian, magnificent, majestic, restored, Vishny, kilns, sacrifice, complete, healthy, true, heavenly, new, updated, celebratory, transfigured, Holy Trinity, Holy, holy, illustrious, catholic, intimate, rescue, clean. This will contribute to the following geographical "sources": Archangel, Baltic, Barents, Varangian, Vologda, polar, Karelian, Ladoga, Lapland, Murmansk, polar, Pomeranian, Sami, Northern, North Sea, Solovki. People in Russia will be grateful, blessed, God, inspired, eternal, good, nice, peaceful, innocent, repentance, righteous, enlightened, educated, simple, forgiving, perfect calm. This will happen when the dust broom vymetut greed and jealousy. Ideals of Holy Russia will be purity, harmony, peace. (Described in the book "The Fellowship of the North — white robes Holy Russia" in 2010)
In 2023 Hungary will be the flowering of science: Hungarian scientists made important discoveries in the field of multi-dimensional physics. Hungary shall be exalted, and will be in Europe one of the major powers, along with Switzerland and Finland. Hungary will enter into closer relations with Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania, which are also experiencing a recovery and support Russia. (Contained in the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2023-2035 years. for people to live in is an important affinity with their stars, which means merging with nature in the universal scale, based on the universal law — faith, purity, kindness and mutual assistance. In schools and universities will study the ancient doctrine of correspondences and spiritual identifications. A significant convergence of ancient Indian philosophy and go Russian science. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2024 — the beginning of the era of the universal mind, the New Jerusalem in Russia, the beginning of the "golden age" (contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
In 2024 Russia established an era of peace and prosperity. Will sign a final peace on Earth. Russia will become an international spiritual center. After the wars, earthquakes and active movement of people to change the public opinion. An era of universal intelligence, unity, spiritual revival and revision in this regard the world of government, known as the Apocalypse of John in the New Jerusalem. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2024 The Earth will come "golden age." It will be the second coming of Christ. Higher link humans, located on the Phaeton, leads humans to God. Senior managers — our prehistoric ancestors, the people themselves in the higher spiritual state, is the story of the earth and the cosmos. To establish a dialogue with the history, we should desire for spiritual knowledge, which allows open heavenly vision, which allows to see our ancestors, leading to a harmonious combination of medicine, science and the arts in the Most Holy Spirit. As the world comes one faith — fused together in the universal mind of the scientific, medical experience and art under the banner of piety and forgiveness. Tight and the spiritual world will merge together in the mind, as the ancients. After top executives humans arriving from Phaeton, open the way to communicate with other galaxies and spaces. Our space race ancestors live nearby — in spaces of higher dimensions, where people at the present stage of development do not have access to. Science does not solve the issue as long as we did not raise the spiritual and the family volemsya space brothers, united with their origins (about 2250). Residents Phaeton resemble the appearance of the angels — the inhabitants of Heaven: behind them have wings, and about goals — light halos. Phaeton littered crystals like snowflakes and ineyu. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2024 at Holy Russia will "golden age." After 1991, Russia began economic reforms not only as preparation for the Second Coming, the spiritual evolution of the people to the true faith. In the 2008-2024 years. God will harvest and destruction of the "weeds" that are sown in people's feelings, Satan and his servants: material and spiritual theft disappear from the Earth. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", M., 2008)
2024 came the "golden age". The main features of this time will be the unanimous respect and reverence for the one God in the people, following the common doctrine. Each person will see in your soul temple, full of the Sacred Spirit. It will be a time of unification in the Most Holy Spirit in all spheres of life: science, art, medicine and daily practice. In these circumstances there will be no need for self-worship, politics and business. The era of the Sacred Spirit — this time of transformation of all aspects of human life, the establishment of a new state of constant union with God, and on this basis — the new co-creation and activity. This is a time of new knowledge and the disclosure of the ancient history of mankind and the new mysteries of space, major archaeological discoveries, expanding scientific outlook and education on the basis of faith as a spiritual union with God. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2024 A time of God's fraternity in the world. White clothes — it's not just clothes of the Russian North. This garment of time since the era of crime in the world and in Russia, in particular, is replaced by the era of the Sacred Spirit. By 2024, Russia will become the spiritual leader of the world, the basic and common faith of the Most Holy Trinity is the belief. A time of the Most Holy Trinity, which opens the return of humans to the heavenly life and approval of the New Jerusalem, as in the Scriptures as "white robes." (Described in the book "The Fellowship of the North — white robes Holy Russia" in 2010)
2024 Russia (Russia) will be clean, harmonious and peaceful, that is, white. Epithets white varied and profound, because white symbolizes fellowship and harmony of colors and lights of the rainbow, integrity and strength. Here white epithets used in various comparisons that can be upotrebimo and Holy Russia: diamond, amethyst, white stone, birch, water, waterfall, blizzard, clove, pigeon, goose, day, rainy, pearl, snowy, star, clover , lace, swan, lilievaya (lotus), moon, mother, medical, blizzard, molniepodobnaya (Russia "visible" "from the east and to the west" (Matthew 24:27)), dairy, sea, cloudy, clear, fish- , silver, tear, snow, salt, pine, taiga, curd, foggy, tundra, crystal. (Described in the book "The Fellowship of the North — white robes Holy Russia" in 2010)
2024 Russia (Rus) established himself as God's kingdom on earth. It begins with 2024. Will understand that Russia — the country is the people and the country, and not a small group of people held at all crook resources that belong to God and to all the people, everyone — in his part. (Contained on the blog "Clean Russia" in 2011)
2025 time of spiritual thinking, more developed consciousness of man as intelligent species in the universe, while "Wonderland" clues of many mysteries and discoveries of new, nadvremennyh laws. This knowledge will flow directly from the spirit of the law, the universal religion. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2025 Development of a new physics — ultrafiziki, preliminary formulation of the laws on which the multi-dimensional universe. Will open new sources of energy, the work will be based on the laws of multidimensional spaces. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2027 Future of Russia — Holy Russia, the desire to his roots — the ancient heritage of Tibet. (Described in the book "The Fellowship of the North — white robes Holy Russia" in 2010)
2028 posthumous excommunication prophet Nicholas Roerich from the church is an error which will be corrected for the Second Coming. Together with the Blessed Virgin, St. Sergius of Radonezh, numerous Russian saints, Nicholas Roerich, as well as the Bulgarian seer Gospel Pandev Gushterova are patron saints of Russia and all Orthodox countries. This is certain. (Described in the book "The Fellowship of the North — white robes Holy Russia" in 2010)
In 2030 formed an alliance between India, China and Siberia on the effect of stars in the constellation Capricorn, and based on the teachings of matches. All religions will disappear as unnecessary. In India and Tibet, Libra is considered the most auspicious sign in a position to spiritual growth and improvement. India, China, Tibet, Japan and Siberia also combined this constellation. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2035 In the eyes of the people to open the auditory receptor. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2035 is a new, perfect design "bell" body, which will lay the basis for a "volume" musical system than today. Each sound will be "interweaving sound atmospheres", and the tool will be called "heavenly." (Described in the book "Holy Dome" in 1999)
2035 convergence of northern Russia and Scandinavia and Asia. The peoples of Indochina, Scandinavian, Slavic peoples are the three branches of the early mortality. Russia will make the unifier of the people under the banner of God's ancient teachings. (Described in the book "Saints dome" in 1999)
2040 When the Earth returns to the "golden age", the entrance to Eden Paradise will be opened along with the ancient mysteries of the world's origin and history. (It is said in class "Iron" in 2000)
2040 awareness in the community and put into practice the secrets of the Holy Trinity. The great mystery of the Trinity is eternal and infinite God. Inhale and exhale as one with the person, so in the Creator God are one inhalation and exhalation, making up a whole. Infinite thought of God's world is God's breath. It is also called God's freedom, universal mind and God's Son. Infinite sense of God's world is God's breath. It is also called the Most Holy Spirit and inspiration. The universe breathes through the Sacred Spirit and the mind of God. Breath of the universe are one and live in the same Creator, as the prayers and hymns, which are the world of God's purity. (Set out on a journey to Bulgaria in 2008)
2040 will open the door and the secrets of ancient Tibet. — From Tibet began ancient history of mankind. Tibet is under the influence of the constellation of Libra. In the Himalayas, according to ancient sources, is the Garden of Eden, Paradise on Earth. After Adam and Eve left it, the garden is strictly protected. Moses in the "Pentateuch" describes his guards as "cherubim and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life" (Genesis, ch. 3:24). (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2050 A new physical concept of light, thoroughly studied and described a new phenomenon — ultraelektromagnetizm or inner electromagnetism. People learn to generate this field by physical methods, and manage its evolution, that bring together the scientific and spiritual knowledge. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2050 will open new sources of energy associated with topological spaces higher dimensions than the three-dimensional. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
2050 Case "breakthrough" in the science of parallel spaces. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2050 Scientists discover "immaterial" science. Discoveries will be made in the art space-time transitions, when it will be transported to any part of the universe at speeds exceeding the speed of light. Will open new fields and developed their application to travel in space. Such aircraft, described in ancient Indian books, to travel both in the ether, and in the past. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
Beginning in 2127 the most interesting events in the life of humans. Reset all time cycles. In 1950 began the era of Aquarius Heaven. Ages of the world is 2154 years old. It is easy to see that the "cosmic midnight" will begin with 2127 From this moment begins the countdown to the new morning or in the spring of mankind. (It is said in a private conversation in 2009)
2150 The future of the book will look like shiny, iridescent balls, looking at that, you can instantly get the information you need. The ball is perfection, truth, understanding and image of God's Word, Creation. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2179 — contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2179 Thanks to a radical change in the gene pool (application noyh types of radiation, new diseases) people will be able to unite humanity with intelligent communities, located in multidimensional worlds. (Described in the book "Fundamentals of Natural Science XXI Century" in 1998)
The appearance of the moon in 2179 is documented in Tibetan sources who report that the Earth was once one satellite, then two, then one again — new. During the appearance of the moon the Earth was stationary, inverted — changed the place of the pole so that the sun stood still, and the satellites move in the opposite direction. Then the rotation of the Earth has resumed, leading to the disappearance of the oceans and build new mountains. Tibet itself, "ascended to the heavens." He is now at a great height, terminating the dried seabed where there are remains of an ancient tropical fauna. This happened after the explosion, a nearby star. In this case, the earth fell a rain of tektite and silicon debris band which stretches from western Asia to Australia. Investigate them, scientists concluded that between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, was the celestial body. Moon went on to Earth. Former satellites launched into space removed. One of them took the elongated orbit around the sun and was inhabited planet Phaeton, which returned to Earth once in 3,600 years, is standing next to Jupiter. Residents Phaeton — ancient humans who left Earth during the cataclysm. Perhaps in ancient times was called the Phaeton satellite, or steam Sun Star. Contact with the people of this planet will be set as the development of hyperspace, since the second half of the 23 century. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)
2179 Communication with another inhabited planet in the solar system. This is the third planet from Earth, moving in a highly eccentric orbit, whose name sounds like "Phaeton." The history of cosmic cataclysm involving Phaeton seen in the scriptures and mythologies of the world. In Hebrew, Sumerian, Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Egyptian and Greek cultures, information is maintained. They can be found in African and South American sources. The various peoples of this story is slightly different, but the basic plot is constant, the main character, the Phaeton to the Greek version, — the light source, the son of the sun god, brings its shine too close to Earth — so that is brighter than the sun. He also scorches the earth rays, bringing disaster to mankind. Large space to intervene and remove errant light. The order of the heavens is broken, and restores the balance of the universe while on Earth raging fires and floods. In ancient times, the sky had two suns. Each had its own solar system planets revolved around the Sun this Mercury, Venus, Earth, around the second star — Mars, the Moon, and other minor planets, later became the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune revolved around both stars, but closer to the Sun. A nearby star was small and was located in what is now the asteroid belt — between the modern orbits of Mars and Jupiter. During the catastrophe star split into hundreds of thousands of parts, which are then shaped asteroids. (Contained in the "Book of Prophecy", Moscow, 2008)

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