Predictions Elder Ioannicius

Most of the predictions of the Old Man of Ioanniky was featured in the TV show, but a lot of left-overs. The following is a prediction Elder entirely.

— Poverty will increase, sin will increase, because commanded sky, and the earth will only execute. Why is it commanded? Yes, according to our sins. <…>

— Father! And in the near future, this is how you think that Russia will do? The Russian people?
Mankind has prepared for death itself, to itself. Will disaster in places — it just …

What we're seeing now — it's just the beginning, but still can not be called the beginning. Every day there will be more and more, and more … To places … Complete this pestilence, rampant. Soon will bury people, and then can not and will bury. And the city will choke in his stench. The water will go, ground and underground. With tremendous speed. And there will be people that life is good. Will be on the earth distress of nations, and tight … People! Not of the Russian people, and the people of all. And here these povybrasyvayutsya jewelry, and under the press, and under these locks in a safe, put the bread and water.
As long as they sacrifice long as liturgy, while Earth will vegetate.
When the servant of a "curse" would go down and the confidence of the peoples … This will take half a year and a half later, the Orthodox churches will close. That is when the heaven is shut up, as it concluded before Eli …

— Father! You can still here you ask? .. Do you think the government of our country is, it still wants to become better people, or does not it? ..
— According to our governor. What we are and ruler.

— Is not it end in?
— Enough! When the Lord will turn the time. When to grief, then all up to God. Because in the crush, already tight rein, we come to church, to God. Pray those who did not think to pray. And do not go, and flee! Has not yet come, a little … But the tenth year is fast approaching.

— And after the current leader will be someone else? Better, worse?
Do not expect the best, cute. CORRECTED. How to escape place as the basis …

— Do not be lazy, as long as the liturgy is. Time comes, would go and not go, because it will not …

Time rushed to an end. And deceive those who want to "live", count on great deals on great … Now, now, just how to be saved, how to please the Lord and how to Eternity, eternal blessings ..

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