Prison sexual violence as a factor in re-

Society Even 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Belarusian prisons, there are roughly the same pattern as that for almost a century ago — their internal order, its own internal hierarchy, their leaders, their rogue. According to experts, is interested in the preservation of castes before the prison administration. This makes it easier to regulate the behavior of prisoners. When he speaks about human rights, he can always say, 'Why do not you be lowered? "

According to a UN / UNDP Antonius Broek, the problem of violence, particularly sexual violence, is one of the most pressing in the prisons of the former Soviet Union. According to research conducted in Russia, sexual violence experienced more than 40% of the prisoners. As for Belarus, said the expert, then this can only guess on the testimony of former prisoners. Research on this topic in the country have never been conducted.

In Russian prisons have experienced sexual abuse more than 40% of the prisoners. In Belarus, such studies have never been conducted.


I lost my self-esteem

35-year-old Oleg served three years in prison for fraud. Violence and abuse knows from his own experience. According to him, representatives of the administration humiliated prisoners used violence. It was that one prisoner rape another, and an administration that is filmed on a mobile phone. It is believed that the humiliation in captivity for re-done.

In addition to "dive", says Oleg, there are other, less serious factors that can break a man or his health.

A former inmate recalls how once inmates beat him all night, making this variety of "attractions". They, however, had the good sense to do without sexual violence, although the proposals, as Oleg heard sounded. After that, he felt trampled, humiliated. Although Oleg happened in the past to fight, but by the prison beating is nothing wrong with it did not happen.

"I lost my dignity, — he said. — I went through the various fears, and then became very hard."

90% of what is happening on the orders of the administration to get a reading. Rape can anyone, even the healthiest sports.


Prison male sex — a widespread phenomenon

According to a former political prisoner Tim Dranchuk, prison male sex — a fairly common phenomenon in the present. And it is not always violence: in jail and in the zone a lot of gay prisoners.

Dranchuk"In prison, as in the wild, missing those who are lesbian orientation. Nevertheless rape can do for no reason. This practice is exactly Volodarka. 90% of what is happening on the orders of the administration in order to obtain

Those people who are now in prison, have been tremendous processing that only 10 percent can survive.

testimony. Rape can anyone, even the healthiest sports. Different as testosterone, sexual desire has nothing to do with it. The same law of thieves in jail is now used not criminals, and the administration, to obtain certain evidence. Through the criminals can make a person confess to not quite the classic sexual intercourse. And not necessarily with a man, there are different options. A person is recognized, and then held a meeting of the "authorities", after which the prisoner can officially rape, or "delete". I personally know of such cases. I repeat: the initiator of all this — in any case, not a criminal world. It's all coming from the administration. "

On the political front, said Timothy Dranchuk, during his year of his release in 2006 "in this category treated properly in the criminal environment, and among the administration and the prisoners."

The same opinion is shared by another former palitzek — Valery Levaneuskiand:

Levaneuski"Political generally respected. However … if there is an order, pressed them too. I'm sure that those people who are now in jail, they were enormous processing that only 10 percent can survive."

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