Project to change your life


As we approach the end of cheap oil, and climate change is becoming more alarming concern, more and more people around the world understand that the profound changes await the human civilization.

To adapt to these new realities, it will inevitably be forced to re-develop real skills for life, which have been replaced in recent decades because of the abundance of cheap energy from fossil fuels.

Faced with such problems, many people feel powerless. This is natural, as one becomes aware that we are unable to influence global issues. But the truth is that people in all corners of the world are already busy putting together specific projects, making a real difference in their personal lives and in their communities. More and more people are beginning to grow their own food, build local networks for stability and independence, and most importantly — are taking part in projects such as moving out of town.

Possibl project shows real-life examples of people of all ages, various economic, rural or urban, climatic and other conditions, of which it is clear that no matter who you are, no matter where you live, you can do something .

The video: Chelle Lindahl, who lives near the town of Canton, NY, talks about how she uses an efficient wood-burning stove Rocket Stove, that anyone can make himself to heat your home. The oven is not only an effective (wood burn it completely, leaving only ashes), but also economic. The video shows a small bag of ashes — the result of the oven for 5 months — that is almost the heating season. In addition, a woman uses solar panels to provide electricity to the house and tells about other aspects of the autonomous lifestyle.

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