Projects anthem Vitebsk offer to public hearing

Competition to create the anthem of the regional center, announced in August last year, has not ended. Following two rounds of the jury selected six texts and music options, which are supposed to be written by the choir and broadcast on the screens in the squares of Liberty and Victory.

During the last meeting of the jury on March 3 Vitebsk city executive committee chairman Victor Nikolaikin stressed that the competition continues — and may still be willing to offer samples of their work.

In the first round of the competition was attended by 23 works of poets and composers in the second — 30 pieces. However, until selected to participate in the final competition of the six options on the jury had a claim.

Unexpectedly offer the individual members of the jury, that, contrary to the terms of the tender, the text of the anthem of Vitebsk was Russian language — because, they say, will be more clear for visitors from Russia. But protested against the artistic director of the theater "skein" Viktor Klimchuk and Head of the Department of the Belarusian literature VSU poet Olga Rusilka.

Under the terms of Executive Committee, each product has a fit "of Vitebsk status as an independent administrative unit of Vitebsk region, which has his identity and historical and cultural value "and" reflects the peculiarity of Vitebsk, in the context of development Republic of Belarus. "

Among the options there are texts that clearly are similar to the national anthem:

We — the glorious Vitebsk proud people,
We live in a great fraternal family.
We were, and are, and we will always
At Vitebsk native land.

And verses that clearly require additional work on the rhythm and rhyme:

Bright Vitebsk — the city of the Dvina!
You svetsissya stars inspiration and life
At the Crossroads of Faith and Good.
You Belarus — are you my song!

Participants of both the first and second round of the competition to create the anthem was Vitebsk Constantine Seviarynets, father imprisoned politician:

"In the first round I sent a text only. In the second round — is the music. However, the final version of my missed — probably just because my last name Seviarynets. "



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