Prophecies about the future of Russia

John of Kronstadt"Russian people have ceased to understand what Russia! It is the foot of the throne of God."

Matrona of Moscow — blind holy woman accurately predicted all the events that happened in Russia. For a year or two before the war, she said, "War is about to begin. A lot of people will die, but our Russian people win. Knew that Russia will go through times of unbelief, but predicted that the Lord will not leave Russia, and better times "The believers will be small. People under hypnosis, not himself, a terrible force to take effect. Earlier, people went to church, wore a cross and houses were protected images lamps. Life will be worse and worse. Grievous. There will come a time when you put in front of the cross and bread, and say — your choice!
If people do not repent, then die and disappear from the face of the earth. But Russia has existed and will exist. The Lord will not abandon you and will keep our land! "

Holy man Seraphim of Sarov in the early XIX century predicted execution of the royal family, the revolution and the war, millions of victims, but said that Russia has a great reputation. He said: "It will be a time in Russia, when the angels will not have time to take showers dying." In 1903, the grave of the elder was opened, and he was canonized. According to the prophecy, one hundred years after "finding his relics", that is, in 2003, Russia will revive:
"God through suffering would lead her to great glory." But it will happen after a national repentance. Seraphim from the letter: "Slavs as loved by God for the fact that by the end preserve the true faith in the Lord. And will honor the great blessings of God, is all-powerful language on earth, and another kingdom more omnipotent than Russian-Slavic not be on the earth. "
From another letter written by his own hand Seraphim of Sarov NA Motovilov: "Russia will merge into one great sea to land and other Slavic tribes, it will be a huge ocean of universal folk, of any Lord anciently spoken by the mouth of all the saints," the Terrible and invincible kingdom all-Russian, Slavic — Gog Magog, before which all in awe people will be. " And all this, as sure as eggs is eggs, and certainly as God is holy, anciently predrekshy about him and his terrible dominion over the earth.

Prelate Theophan of Poltava, confessor of the royal family made a prophecy in the 30th year of the last century: "There will be something no one expects. Russia rise from the dead and the world will be surprised. Orthodoxy it will revive and will prevail. But of Orthodoxy, which used to be, will be gone. ..

 Paracelsus (1493-1541), in his book, "The Oracle":
"There is one nation that Herodotus calls the Hyperboreans. Current name of the people — Muscovy. You can not trust their terrible decline that would last for centuries. Hyperborea learn and a strong decline, and a huge flowering … In this country of the Hyperboreans, about which no one has ever thought as a country that would result in something great, humiliated and rejected over the Grand Cross will shine. "

Rano Nero (XIV century), in the book of his prophecies "Eternal book," predicted the emergence in Russia (in the northern country of the Hyperboreans) religion of Fire and Light: "The religion of fire and the Sun in the XXI century will know the march. Support it will find itself in the northern country of the Hyperboreans, which will be revealed in a new way. "

Of the predictions of the now famous Basil Nemchina (When the first Russian tsars): "All powers minutes, and Russia will remain an award for pain and suffering, for a split-show in Russia and the heathen will rule."

Of the prophecies monk Abel, who spent more than twenty years in the three fortresses and prisons for six prophecies about the death of the Russian monarchs …

— "Great then will Russia, throwing off the yoke of the godless, will return to the origins of the ancient life of their own, to the time St.Vladimir, the brains learn Conversations bloody. Smoke filled with incense and prayers and flourish Aki kreen heavenly. Great destined to her. Because and suffer it to clean, and kindle the light of revelation for … ".
— Russia — a country of limitless freedom of the spirit, wandering the country and seeking God's truth.

PA Florensky, eminent mathematician, philosopher, theologian, critic, writer, engineer, linguist, philosopher State (1882-1937) of the faith predicted: "This is not the old and lifeless religion, hungry cry Spirit."

Max Heindel, "Cosmogonic concept Rosicrucians" (published 1911), Volume 2, page 62.: With the entry of the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, the Russian people and the Slavic race as a whole to reach the degree of spiritual development that will promote a lot of them above their present condition. Music will be major factor in the implementation of this, for the wings of music harmonious soul can fly to the very throne of God, which ordinary intelligence can not achieve. Slavic civilization will be a great and joyous, because it is born out of a deep grief and untold suffering, and the law of compensation will in due time the opposite.

FM Dostoevsky wrote: "The Russian national idea, maybe there will be a synthesis of the ideas with such persistence with such courage in Europe develops its separate nationality '(PSS, t.18 p.37).

Edgar Cayce. "Memories": The mission of the Slavic peoples, is to change the nature of human relationships, to free them from selfishness and coarse material passions, restore on a new basis — on love, trust and wisdom. From Russia to the world comes hope — not the communists, not by the Bolsheviks, and of a free Russia! will be years before that happens, but that the religious development of Russia and give the world hope, "- wrote the great prophet of our time.

Jane Dixon writes: "The hope of the world, its revival will come from Russia and they have no connection with what is communism. It is in Russia there's a genuine and a great source of freedom …. It will be a totally different way of living based on the principles that will form the basis a new philosophy of life. "

Dennion Brinkley, Another American forecaster, said: "Watch out for the Soviet Union. What will happen with the Russian, the world expects. happening in Russia — the basis of what will happen to the economic freedom of the world."

Oswald Spengler"The Russian spirit marks him promise the coming culture" … even Spengler foresaw that the Russian people will give the world a new religion. This is a natural process of evolution.

Nostradamus, is the name that's really 400 years one of the most popular in the world. Such a phenomenal interest in the person of Michel Nostradamus called his famous prophecies, many of which, according to some scholars, come true so far.
The latest decoding Nostradamus say that in 2014, a runaway Russia's entry into the Golden Age.
That according to Nostradamus awaits Russia in the coming years?:

The word of God is given to the ground, the Great Slavs would tell It

Russia has come, "what will be, has never been so beautiful … the second century of Saturn — The Golden Age. Creator sees suffering of his people and between people and God will make peace.

Ahead of a new era. Before this will be a big disaster, but after the world reign of justice and goodness. "

Nostradamus speaks about the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the sign under which Russia and there, which in the biblical book says "the kingdom of God on earth."

Nostradamus is the key: the Golden Age of onset of conditions that will mature exactly 33 years — the time between the birth of Christ and the Resurrection

Live from the past breaks string
But the whole atmosphere of the Earth is not easy,
Great sadness the entire course of events,
But the happiness of the Covenant will come in this year.
Slavs dobreyut and know the results,
And many say life as Gods,
But there are still those who can not comprehend,
That who draw the sword will perish by.
The Word of God on earth is given,
Great Slavs would tell Ono.
What is hidden — will be put on trial,
Two Ladies — ally bring peace.
Devastation lived only to the West ', To
To the Slavs, almost half of the Message.
In its predictions of Nostradamus and praised Russia:
Another family will be in Russia,
Country for its freedom rises,
People, becoming one of grief Messiah
To the prosperity and glory of the whole kingdom is.
Foresee reform and honest friendship
Sword sheathed, not self-deception.
Fields and gardens will serve the cause of peace,
The law becomes a friend healed wounds.
(Nostradamus, ts.9, K. 26: 66).

Alice Anne Bailey once wrote a lot about our country and the future of Russia and the entire human mission. In particular, she said:

"Russia's Mission is born and nurtured (her) best idealists in any mode, and when fulfilled the terms will be revealed in all its strength and glory for the good of the world …

Spiritual motto of the Russian people, "I'm joining two paths." Objective of the Russian people is to create a link between East and West.

From Russia — a symbol of the world Arjuna in a very specific sense — come new magic religion. Mean occurrence of a great spiritual religion, which will justify the crucifixion of the great Russian people.

Globally, the Russian people is a student — he learns new consciousness, inner understanding of life. When Russia end its internal training, it will surpass other countries. It will give the esoteric achievements, other people in new ways, without the imposition and violence of the old century, mainly example of (his) life.

But Russia is not (yet) mature enough to say a big word. SPIRITUAL she was too young for a great mission. Adults, old nations little capable to manifest itself in the life of the new century, as their zakristallizovannost in the old does not allow to accept the new.

Russia near unprecedented shocks to the condition, as it were a new nation, which must re-create (own :) outlook, way of life, customs and way of relationships with other nations … Russia is growing rapidly and will soon consolidated and that could give the world a lot …

What a revelation of Russia will give the world? Keyword it — BROTHERHOOD. This great nation is a synthesis of East and West, must learn to manage without violence, without the suppression of free will of the individual.

Russian future will reveal all the good traits of spirituality — and then the world without imposing on her part will learn from her example. So RUSSIAN walking his hard way, enlighten yourself a light, which illumine the world. "

Predictions John of Jerusalem"When a person learns to give and share, bitter days of solitude will be numbered. Again he will believe in the spiritual. But all this happens after the wars and fires. All this arises from the ashes of the burned Babel towers. Man throughout his life, will be live more than one life … "

The vision of a golden age. "In millennium, following this millennium, people are finally opening their eyes. They will no longer be enslaved in their minds and in their cities, but they will be able to see from one end of the earth to the other and understand each other.
They will know that what brings suffering to one, hurts another. People form one huge creature, which one will be a tiny particle. Together they form the heart of this creature. Is the common language in which to speak all, and so, finally, there glorious humanity.
Goals, by following this millennium, will turn into the era of enlightenment: People will love each other, share everything, to dream, and dreams are realized. So people will get a revival. Spirituality will hold a mass of people who will be united in brotherhood. It will be a new era of the power of faith. Over the days of ignorance following days of jubilation: the man again finds the right path of humanity and the Earth again finds harmony ….
Will roads connecting one end of the earth and the sky to the other. Again become dense forests, desert again be irrigated and the water will be clean again. The earth will be like a garden: The person will take care of every living thing, and it will clear all that dirty. It will be understood that the entire earth — this is his house and he would be common sense to think about tomorrow.
People will know everything in the world and his own body. Diseases will be cured before they appeared and all will heal themselves and each other. After days of secrecy and greed of man will open your heart and your wallet to the poor and the new era will begin. "

In 1959, Vitali (Ustinov), Metropolitan Overseas Orthodoxy, told the vision of one old man, told him to them. This old man in a dream he saw the Lord, who said to him:
"See, I exalt the Orthodoxy in the Russian land, and from there it will shine on the whole world … The municipality will disappear and be driven away like dust in the wind. Allowed by it to be done in Russia are one people with one heart and one soul. Cleanse it with fire, I I will make it my people … So, I will stretch his right hand and Orthodoxy in Russia will shine on the whole world. There will come a time when the children will be there to carry on his shoulders the stones for the temples. My arm is strong and there is no power either in heaven or on land that would withstood it. "

Mavis, Italian fortune teller: "Russia — a very interesting country with an interesting future. Nothing wrong with Russia is not going to happen, but her whole life would be different. Russian — the most spiritual people on the origin and destination. names of Russian will initiate regeneration of the world. Will new doctrines and trends, and religion will play a role, no doubt.
But the process of degeneration of the world near invisible — just a few centuries, it becomes clear that it was, and our descendants will call him once and even marked the date of its occurrence. For now, just slowly start to change their attitude to life, the people themselves, and start it — with the Russian. Gradually, people will develop a different mentality, and, eventually, change the spiritual man that will cause many changes until the household …
However, the lag in the economy of Russia from Europe, America (almost all) still will be, but not for long. Radical restructuring of consciousness earthlings will affect all economic processes. Not to say that money is not play a big role … But the principles of economic change. No one realize how deep will change …

St. Petersburg is not flooded, but the city will be completely different. And the second capital, a kind of spiritual center of Russia (as the kings), to make him fail. And Moscow will become smaller and quieter. These changes are for the better. Become calmer life, fewer people will tend to the capital. Will revive the province. Grow a lot of new towns on the periphery. Russia no longer looks to America. Russians realize that they have a special way, and not worse.

(The staff … the prospects are not good … The political system is very shaky, worn out after so much time, and give it up they could not before-the-Olgo, and for this they have to pay). Of the current political figures, few remain in power … Although Russia is still a long way to prosperity, it reaches a level which is not a single state. This will happen in the XXI century, our children will catch it … Russia has nothing to look at other countries. She has a special future. Then for Russia are pulled.

Civilization on Earth until one knows the path of development, and because their existence for at least a thousand. There comes a turning point in the development, the old way is replaced by a new, yet unseen. Just change a person's world, and with it his life. THIS — is new step … In Russia will (normal for her!) Political unrest. But it would not be catastrophic … ".

Tamara Globa on Russia:
The whole world knows that the future — for Russia, that the light of Russia will go around the world. This is one of the reasons that over us and Russia erupted egregornaya battle — we all want to have our territory, minds, souls and destinies of our people. Important role for religion. Finally, attempts to return the implementation of universal brotherhood, again revive the slogans "Freedom — Equality — Fraternity." In this period — the period of critical mass — is laying the future events of the Earth. If humanity does not come to his senses and goes to throw out the aggression, anger, strife in space and on Earth, we are waiting for the total of spiritual and ideological crisis, a number of disasters and changing the face of the Earth … Active and passive parasites destroy the Earth …

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