Prophecy of St. Nilus the Myrrh-streaming of the latest fate of our world

The most important source, "Posthumous broadcast prep. Neil Myrrh-Streaming Athos. " This work has a wonderful background.

In autumn 1813 one Athonite monk Theophanes, who have fallen into sin, despairing of their salvation, and who decided to return home to Turkey for the life of this world, was a wonderful help. Picking dill in the forest, in order to sell and used the money to sail to Turkey, he met an old man, it seems, do the same. Struck up a conversation in which the old man asked him to stay and live in the woods in this hut them. Theophanes agreed and went to live in it. Elder also has come to him in a waking, the dream and always with the guidance. Theophanes gradually corrects and cures of mental illness, stuffed through sin.

This lasted for four years. Finally in 1817, was the main meeting. Theophane scored a bundle of firewood and went to his hut. Suddenly he found this old man and begins to expound his teachings as usual. His monologue lasted from noon until six o'clock in the morning. And only when the old man goodbye, Theophanes discovered that stood 18 hours with a bundle of wood on his shoulder.
Elder himself as a monk at farewell Neil, what is called the Myrrh-streaming.

This saint lived and lived on Mount Athos in the XVI century, lived in a cave above the sea. After the death, at his request was buried in a cave disciple that the body was hidden from worship. But in looking at God it could not be avoided: soon his body was flow fragrant myrrh and swollen stream to the sea. People began to come and swim in boats and recruit this ointment. Soon his disciples and other monks began to complain about the influx of pilgrims and tourists, and the world stopped.

Before leaving, after meeting in the forest prep. Neil ordered Theophanes write down his words in a book for the edification of many, and added that he was not chosen as the best, and as the most worthless vessel, that people thought, of good natural good happened.
Theophanes, himself illiterate, enlisted the assistance sympathized with him. Gerasimos, who knew how to write. Within a year, they recorded all the commandment and put into Athos library. But monastic superiors recognized book nonuseful abundance of exposures monasticism and kept her hidden for almost a century. Only in the early XX century Russian monk, digging in the library, accidentally came across the manuscript, read and was astonished. He barely talked to issue at least for the short Russian monasticism limited number of copies. In 1912 was published in the book of four hundred pages. The following are some of the places predicted in the book.

The prophetic description of the people before the end of the world

If held seventh and five years dating back to the mid-way of the eighth …
What to do then is theft? What muzhestrastie, adultery, incest, fornication will happen then? Up to which the decline will descend then, people, to what corruption fornication? Then it will be a great embarrassment strife (addiction to controversy) will constantly bicker and they will find neither a beginning nor an end. Then gather the Eighth Council to dismantle the dispute and to show good good and evil evil … will be excommunicated, separated the good from the evil, ie orthodoxy of heretics, and for a short time there will be people mirstvovat …

But then again turn the location (good) of their own, turn to evil an evil bane lost, so that they would not know that a brother and his sister, his father and mother, and that mother and son it will not recognize the marriage and the crown.
Will have only one death, one more fall to destruction, like Sodom and Gomorrah, that is not righteous and five there … and will take a sister, as a wife, mother of a son, a husband, a son would kill his father and commit adultery with her mother , and other evils of darkness will be included in the custom. Since the same people will be vaccinated evil deeds, so far will find them disaster …
The men, the more they will find God, the greater will cultivate evil, rather than to repent, will angry with God. Atrocities is that people will do to exceed the atrocities of modern flood of people. Everyone will talk only about the evil intentions of only evil, evil pleasure, sotovarischestvo just out of spite, just act all evil, universal evil theft, universal evil oppression, isolation of universal evil, evil universal separation. With all of this would be to think that the evil doer escapes … As will be multiplied by self-interest, in so far will be multiplied and distress in the world.

The prophecy about the reign of the Antichrist

Love of money is the forerunner of the Antichrist … The fact that the homebuilding and providentially prepares and prepares people to faith and following the Lord, is, was and will be the truth. On the contrary, all that prepares people to reject the law of God and Savior of them, is a lie, the lie homebuilding prepares the coming of Antichrist and the adoption of its human race … As the Baptist preached the baptism of truth and it drew people to the path of salvation, so (on the contrary) will be darkened mnogozabotlivost feelings of a person to make a man of salvation to his sensuous, that he on many carnal concerns could not feel saved.

People will not feel any desire eternal future life, or fear of eternal damnation … Hey, be upon salvation and not fuck the world, the opportunity to escape and fleeing abide by the end of the world. Her, and then it will be saved, but for whom it will be? For those who will not submit for antitype (forerunner of the Antichrist) … From the evil of the prodigal born antichrist. In this maiden lien debauchery, adultery she will treasure. All the evil of the world, all uncleanness, all embodied in her iniquity. In the conception of her secret lust, copulate together in the womb of sewage and the impoverishment of the world … quickened conceive the secret fruit of unnatural lust, which will be a repository of all evil …

This fruit is born into the world when the world is impoverished virtues … But what is poverty befall the world? …
First, the impoverished world with love and consensus, chastity.

Secondly, impoverished village and every town from their subjection, the rule of persons deleted from the city, village and county, so there would be no overarching entity or in the city or in the countryside or in the county.
The church also nearly impoverished by the rule of religious authorities … After this impoverishment, many love will grow cold (Matthew 24, 12), will be taken out of the holding (2 Thess. 2, 7), and from the womb to be born impure impurity.
Then it is impure birth will produce signs and wonders demonic dreams. The world will imagine that this Antichrist is meek and lowly in heart, and in fact it is the heart — the fox, the soul — a wolf. Confusion people will be his food. When the turn (to die), people will then be zhivopitatsya Antichrist.

Confusion as people shall this: condemnation, envy, rancor, hatred, enmity, greed, muzhestrastie, ignoring faith, adultery, fornication, boasting. This evil will be meat for the Antichrist. In contrast to the way of Christ brashno was fulfilled His Father's will, so brashno Antichrist will do the will of his father the devil. This will zhivopitatsya Antichrist.

And to make the head of the Antichrist over cities and villages of the districts of the village, after will have no chapter in the villages, towns and rural districts. Then he take over the world, will be the manager of the world, will also dominate over the sense of the person. People will believe what he will say, because it will act as an autocrat and edinoderzhets this evil to escape. People who already have become vessels of the devil have much influence extreme confidence in the Antichrist, will make its world edinoderzhtsem and autocrat, as it will be an instrument of the devil in a final attempt to destroy Christianity from the face of the earth. Being in death, people will think that he is the Christ the Savior, and that he will accomplish their salvation. Then Gospel Church will be neglected.

Afterwards, when death will great evil in the world, then, while still disasters occur terrible signs. There will come a terrible famine in the world is a great attack alchba (gluttony). Compared with how much a person eats at the present time, then it will eat seven times more and not be full.

Great calamity will come everywhere. Then the covetous man will open their avaricious barns (wealth abolished, the property on the basis of equality equalize all). Then gold will depreciate as dung on the road.
And then, at the time of the disaster foretold, the Antichrist will print its press people, allegedly in order to sign the sim to save them from disaster (for only having a seal, according to the Apocalypse 13, 17, will be sold bread).

Many will die on the roads. People will like birds of prey, catch carrion, will devour the dead body. But what people will eat the dead body? Those who sealed seal of Antichrist. Christians, although they will not have issued, or sold for lack of bread on themselves print will not eat corpses.

Captured, despite the availability of bread for them — will devour the dead. For when people engraved press made his heart even more insensitive, being unable to endure hunger, people will miss the corpses, and wherever he sat back from the road, eat them. The seal of the same will be written: "I am yours" — "Yes, you are my thou." — "Will I go, and not by force." — "And I will take your you, not by force." These are the four maxims, or text are shown to be in the middle of the cursed seal.

Oh, miserable one that engraved this seal! This cursed seal will bring great evil upon the world. World then so be depressed that people would move from place to place. The natives, seeing the strangers, and say, "O wretched people! How dare you leave your own, so gracious, place, and come to damn this place to us, who did not have any human feeling? "So they say in every place where people will move …

Then God, seeing the confusion of people, from which they are evil misery, moving out of her place and ordered him to accept the sea before his inherent goryachest, which it used to have, not to be passed to relocate people from place to place. And when the Antichrist will sit on the throne of his own, then the sea boil like boiling water in a boiler. When the water is boiling in the pot for a long time, it does not evaporate if it steam? So it will be with the sea. Boiling, it will evaporate and disappear like smoke from the face of the earth. Dry up the land plants. Trees of the wood, and all cedars, all the heat from the sea shall wither, veins water dry up, animals, birds and reptiles — all dead.
Day will run as an hour, a week as a day, a month like a week, a month and a year. For human wickedness did what had become strained and the elements, began to rush and even strain to quickly ended prorechennoe God for the eighth number of centuries.

When the damned thank see Enoch and Elijah, preaching and talking to people, not to take print antichrist, that will command grab them. The prophet will convince people not to print the Antichrist. They will say that the one who will manifest patience and engraved seal of Antichrist, he shall be saved, and God will take him to heaven, for the mere fact that he did not accept print.

And yes, each marked by a fair cross, do the signs at every hour, for the seal of the cross frees one from the torments of hell, as the antichrist seal can cause a hell of a meal. If hunger and require food, wait a little while, and God, seeing your patience, will send you help from above, and you made us alive together (literally zhivonasytites) by God Most High. If he refuses to be patient, this will print the seal of King unclean, it then be sorry for this.

People will talk to Enoch and Elijah, "Why thank Antichrist those who took the press?" Then tell Enoch and Elijah: "They are grateful, but who are grateful (who thanked their mouths)? Do not thank people, and printing itself only thanks, anger, vozgospodstvovav over people, their mouths expresses joy and happiness, for the time to destroy this people, as it happens with villains, triumph and rejoicing about the atrocities. And what is their gratitude? Their gratitude marks that Satan sat in them, imagine a sense of the person and the person is unaware of what was happening to him. He who pechatleetsya seal Antichrist becomes a demon, although claims that allegedly feels neither alchby or thirst, but hunger and wants even more, and not just more, but seven times against you.

Hold on just a little while. Did not see that one who accepts print Antichrist, will not live, he is dead and the spirit of eternal torment awaits him? Do you also want to die with a seal in eternal torment, there to be with those who documented it, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 25, 30)? "

And many other exhortations will preach to the people, Enoch and Elijah.
Antichrist will hear that preach two people who call him a flatterer, magician, liar and treacherous devil. Hearing this, angry and ordered him to grab them, and bring him with feigned words their questions: "What are you lost sheep, for they embodied the royal seal?" Then tell Enoch and Elijah: "Smoothie and a liar! demon! because of you so many souls lost in hell!
Preproklyata your printing with Your Glory! It's your damn print and preoskvernennaya fame relegated to the world of death, your death has brought the world to this state, died peace and an end to come … "

Antichrist will hear these words from Enoch and Elijah, saying to them: "How dare you talk like that in front of me, an autocrat and a king?" And Elijah answered, "Your kingdom is despised, and the glory of thy curse, along with print yours." Then angry Antichrist, hearing such contemptuous answers will be like a mad dog, and kill them with their own hands.
After killing as Enoch and Elijah release Antichrist vsezleishih her children, should give way to evil spirits, which he held back until then.

These offspring, or evil spirits, which are: adultery, fornication, sodomy, murder, embezzlement, theft, falsehood, buying and selling of people, buying boys and girls for bluzhdeniya them like dogs in the streets. And he led the antichrist spirits of evil, obedient to him, to bring people up to the fact that people do ten times more evil than before. Vsezleyshie perform these things commanded the children of his ruinous and beat upon the destruction of human nature manifold transgressions. Of tension and at the energy of his children die vsezleishih sensually and mentally human nature in people …

People become so crafty like, and the body will be diminished, will increase August 1 yard (1 yard = 71.12 cm), say five spans (1 inch = 17.78 cm) length of the human body (88 , 9 to 124.5 cm). Acts as a cunning, these people will be greater than the demons and one spirit demons.
Antichrist will see that human nature was crafty and vanity rather than his evil offspring, rather rejoice that the evil in mankind multiplied, the natural properties of the human loss, and people began slier demons …

And on the Antichrist, rejoicing at the sight of human evil, suddenly finds more than "two-edged sword", which he will be amazed, and shall deliver him from the evil spirit of his wretched body.

With the death of the Antichrist come to an end in the murder of men. Cain started the killing, as antitype (Antichrist) solelaet end, it is over.
What will happen to this and — says one God. We knows only one thing that matters, committed in the life of every person, will be analyzed in order to separate from the evil of the good things, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25, 32) 27.

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